If I Could Rough Draft A Speech For McCain…

“At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?– Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!–All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.”

-The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions:
Address Before the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois
January 27, 1838

On first read of this quote from one this nation’s greatest minds and leaders, one puts the words in context of our times. With that, one may mistake Lincoln’s intent. This excerpt from an early speech, takes a snapshot of time, and discusses the incident of mob rule, lynchings, and the pending Civil War. Later on, Lincoln would talk of how a house divided will fall, and as often he did, Abraham Lincoln evoked the Biblical prophets while precisely building his case for Republicanism and preserved Union.

Abraham Lincoln did not want ideologies of states rights v. civil rights bringing down a Union so carefully constructed. He was a Constitutionalist, believing that the laws of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were timeless. Lincoln was about freedom for Mankind–all men, home and abroad, with hopes for a permeating truth of the Declaration of Independence he loved so.

If I could write a speech for John McCain, I’d lean on liberty and evoke President Lincoln in as the message should be of our vernacular, but to the point and tightly played. I truly see a state of consciousness, the maverick personna, slightly grating demeanor, stranger in a strange land presence in John McCain paralleling the ilk noted of Lincoln. The intrepid geekdom of the real Abraham Lincoln could not dull his words nor sully his conviction. I’d also say that brevity is the hardest part of a great speaker. Strive for less and give us more.

My Speech in Rough Form:

Friends, I’m honored in your presence here today with a great mission. I am asking for your vote as your Advocate. As Commander-in-Chief, I will take charge of defending liberty against all attacks foreign and domestic. Liberty seems like a flag blowing about carried in the wind, but all too often lately, it’s become a doormat stomped upon and muddied. The message of Freedom is being misconstrued with feeling free. Free implies no cost, and that just isn’t true.

My Friends of Liberty, please don’t believe the fancy speech where government spending will solve your problems. When you realize that you work nearly half of the year just to pay taxes, you know that government is expensive and benefits are not free. It’s also easy to blame private business and dress up fiscal expenditures as Robin Hood Redistribution. Take from the rich as they don’t deserve it and give it all to the victim souls all waiting around for Robin to save the day. Friends, don’t lie in wait to be saved by a false prophet.

I am not asking to be your President because I want or need to save you. You see, I do not feel you are a victim at all. Each one of you is a smart and caring individual striving to achieve, earn, and advance society. I do not feel the United States Government needs to take more of your hard earned income to then redistribute it all as I see fit. No one in Washington is smarter than you.

As President, I am your consumer advocate, shouting down the Congressional tax and spenders if needbe, to keep cutting spending and cutting new taxes. Gasoline surcharges for state and federal taxes are ridiculous and I will suspend this tax as soon as possible. Oil independence is an absolute necessity and without our freedom at the pump, all other desires are pointless . Stepped up research and development of alternative fuel is just talk when economic growth stands still or worse yet, slumps, shifting into a freefall slide.

As President I will tirelessly advocate for your security. Thie United States is the greatest nation on the planet; I have never doubted this in any trial or debate. I did not abandon her in Hanoi nor will I ever at any diplomatic table; I will not sell out American Foreign Policy because of a personal need to prove something. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I am running to advocate for you because I choose to do so. I feel a sense of purpose. My commitment to my country has never waivered and no foreign potentate with delusions of grandeur will sway me, EVER.

Freedom is a philisophical point of view in many ways, but to Americans it is a palpable, tangible part of each one of us. Once you send your spouse or child off to war, once you see foreign attacks on our soil, and once you feel your dollars slip out of your hands, you know your freedom is a very costly part of who you are. I will ensure all of our soldiers fighting abroad are on task and purposefully helping democracy begin and flourish in Afganistan and the Middle East. I will defend our allies and support all diplomatic solutions within the framework we determine as the greatest nation. Israel is a central ally and I will never forget our Judeo-Christian roots spiritually and politically.

Finally, Abraham Lincoln could not fathom enemy attacks of the like we have seen on our soil. I see terrorism and Islamic Extremism as the Evil it is. I know and you know the difference between moderate, loving members of a faith and extremists who want us dead. Lincoln felt defense of liberty, of giving one’s life if necessary was paramount. I am not confused as to the gravity of the situation we are in today, my friends. Freedom costs dearly and pays back tenfold. With absolute love and affection for this great land, I stand here ready to step up as the United States President, the Advocate of Liberty, in this our precious moment in time.

– Gayle Plato-Besley


  1. Great piece. He has said those things, just not at once and certainly without the impact. Senator McCain must battle perception versus reality.

    Unfortunately, I am presently in a hotel that has limited cable, CNN is the only cable news network. Since I rarely watch CNN, I am now amazed at the Obamamania, both Barack and Michelle! While reading your speech, I found myself imagining how the talking heads would evaluate it and twist it to influence perception and therefore behavior.

    We have more than enough work ahead of us. And just in case you are yet a believer in the differences of Obama and McCain…when the Islamic terrorists have greater rights than you or me, thank those liberal SCOTUS justices. How many appointments will the next POTUS make?

  2. “Gasoline surcharges for state and federal taxes are ridiculous and I will suspend this tax as soon as possible.”

    So now U.S. citizens will get no benefit and all the money will go to the dictatorial regimes in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Libya, etc.

    Brilliant. With this kind of thinking, McCain won’t even carry Houston.

  3. How could I forget Iran?

    Also, eliminating taxes on gasoline will boost demand even more. Supply can’t grow — in economics terms it is known as being inelastic — so prices would just go back up.

    Meanwhile, the oil and gas companies — which already have been tallying massive profits thanks to higher gas prices — could see another boon to their bottom line if prices rise and they don’t have to deduct any tax from their prices. Their profits have been pretty large lately with the current taxes, so they don’t seem in need of the extra revenue.

    But that revenue, in taxes, would be used as it is now, for government funding for highway and transportation needs. Um, that is what taxes are for.

    Or don’t you think the government should bother with building and maintaining roads that people want to drive on safely and efficiently?

  4. Reflection, distorted says

    Lincoln loved the Declaration, and the Union, but not the Constitution. Jefferson loved the Declaration, and neither the Union nor the Constitution.

    McCain, um, well let’s just say he loves our country.

  5. Gayle,
    No amount of speechifying is going to placate the righteously angry right wing of this party. McCain is a RINO and we’d ratrher scratch out our own eyes than vote for him. We’ve had enough disasterous rule by moderate Republicans, just witness the rampant spending by Bush and Congressional Republicans. Claiming that McCain will appoint conservative juges is just hogwash. Even the Republican Study Committee doesn’t “get it” when it comes to the meaning of conservatives staying home during the `06 elections, just take a look at their ideas for “rebranding” the Republican party. We need to throw out nearly everyone in Congress and the White House and start all over again.

    As for Richard…I’m with you on expanding oil supplies. The leftists and RINOs have opposed exploration in ANWR and off the coast (meanwhile, China siphons off oil in our territory thanks to leases from Cuba). McCain is just one of those RINOs. Oil execs recently BLASTED Congress for failing to increase supply, and Rep. Maxine Waters threatened to nationalize the oil companies. You can’t get more bltantly red communist than Waters’ statement. Those who oppose increasing supply all need to be thrown out of office by the voters, but the voters are most likely too dumb to do so.

    And you’re right about eliminating gas taxes while keeping supply static will increase demand. However, I’d MUCH rather see that money go to the oil companies than to Congress. Those politicians will just waste our money as they’ve done for the last 7 Congresses.

    Additionally, you treat buying oil as a zero sum game. It’s not. We exchange our dollars for oil because we value oil more highly than we do our dollars. That’s basic economics. And in the exchange BOTH sides are made wealthier. We don’t lose wealth to oil exporters because we buy oil. We actually increase our wealth because we’re acquiring something we did not have before the exchange that we desire highly.

    In addition to increasing supply, we need to end the subsidization of the oil industry (ever wonder WHY their profits are so high?), deregulate the industry (allowing the building of new refineries), and eliminate gas taxes.

    Now, you’re right that our infrastructure needs maintenace (at the least), but if Congress’ supply of funds is never tightened, they’ll never cut spending either. Time and again, Republicans have tried to “starve the beast,” but it never works because no one has the cajones to actually CUT spending. Again, the answer is to throw the bums out at the polls and vote for people who truly HATE government and will cut both taxes AND spending AND will remove the imediments to less expensive energy.

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