Identifying with Governor Palin

I was pleased to find out more about Governor Sarah Palin’s faith as her profile rapidly increases. According to several sources, Sarah Palin and her family fellowship at two churches. Palin and her family call Church on the Rock in Wasilla, their home church but also attend Juneau Christian Center on a regular basis when away from Wasilla. 

An interesting article in the National Catholic Reporter describes the Palin family background as follows:

Palin was briefly touted as the first Pentecostal to run on a major party ticket. A spokesperson, however, told the Associated Press yesterday that although the 44-year-old mother of five grew up in the Assemblies of God, the largest organized Pentecostal denomination in the world with an estimated 57 million members, she does not consider herself a “Pentecostal.”

Her primary place of worship in Juneau, Alaska’s capital, is said to be the “Church on the Rock,” an independent congregational founded in January 2000. Palin’s spokeperson, however, said the governor also attends different churches.

The initial confusion surrounding Palin’s denominational identity, therefore, has a simple explanation: She doesn’t have one.

Instead, Palin appears to be part of that rapidly expanding galaxy of “post-denominational” Christianity, where elements of Evangelical and Pentecostal styles of faith and worship fuse into a myriad of unique local combinations, and where old denominational loyalties are essentially dead.

For Evangelicals like myself, it is refreshing to finally see someone with a very similar faith background being selected to serve in the 2nd highest post in the executive branch. After several years of feeling beat up by the liberal media and told to move to the “back of the bus” by party officials, Evangelical Christians are excited about the VP selection. 

For many of us, we can identify with Palin’s faith and family background. She is one of us. 

While the recent forum at Saddleback Church recaptured the attention of Evangelicals, McCain’s decision to pick Palin rekindled and renewed the spirit of Evangelicals who have been disgusted with the political process over the last few years. The spiritual dynamics of this race have dramatically changed as many of us no longer find ourselves “voting against a candidate” but rather, voting for someone we can identify with on more than just a political level.


  1. Sorry, I used “Dem’s” because the Republican’s are being called hypocrites right now because of Palin’s daughter.

    Don’t get me wrong, Klute, I kind of like you…. did your Catholic parents really teach you to use condoms?!

    Yes, kids are still having sex “even in the most Bible-believing of homes.” And, yes, kids are still NOT using condoms even in the most condom supplying of homes. My point is that kids are going to make their own decisions and mistakes no matter what you teach them. Still, I will teach them!

    Incidentally, I would much rather be in Palin’s shoes than hear that my grandbaby was aborted! Abstinence is still awesome, mistakes can be handled with God’s Grace and turned into blessings!

  2. oh, and if “used properly”,abstinence is 100% effective for preventing everything! If only it was all “used properly”!

  3. “Don’t get me wrong, Klute, I kind of like you…. did your Catholic parents really teach you to use condoms?!”

    Actually, it was my Catholic school (Cardinal Newman High in West Palm Beach for the record). I wish I could remember the teacher’s name – she was a science teacher and part of the “Teacher in Space” program with Christa MacAullife. Without getting into too much detail, my father advised me that I should wait, but if I was going to, he gave me my options.

    ” My point is that kids are going to make their own decisions and mistakes no matter what you teach them. Still, I will teach them!”

    As you should. And no one’s trying to stop you from doing that – at home, in your church, in your car. I know conservatives believe liberals want to hand out condoms and ecstasy pills to kindergarteners, but we’re all about parents taking the responsibility of educating kids in the religious and moral beliefs, and schools teaching the facts (and before anyone comments on “hypocrisy” of me going to a private school which enforces its beliefs – my father sent me there because he felt I needed the discipline – it was either that or military school).

    “Incidentally, I would much rather be in Palin’s shoes than hear that my grandbaby was aborted!”

    As am I – I’m for keeping abortion legal in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger. But I’m also opposed to enforcing my religious beliefs on someone. If the GOP would moderate their stance (and also started caring about the health of children once they exit the womb), I’d be more amenable to voting for Republicans.

  4. Oh, and I kinda like you too, Annie. 🙂

  5. Ugh.

    I may have spoke too soon about the whole “good mother” part (I won’t link because whenever I do, SA moderates my posts):

    “Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin attempted to quietly have her daughter Bristol get married before news of her pregnancy leaked out, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is reporting exclusively in its new issue.

    Palin planned for the wedding to take place right after the Republican National Convention and then she was going to announce the pregnancy.

    But Bristol, 17, refused to go along with the plan and that sparked a mother-daughter showdown over the failed coverup.”

    Granted, it’s the Enquirer, but they’ve been right about alot of stuff lately.

  6. So what? The father’s mother says they had planned to get married before she was found to be pregnant. When my daughter got pregnant I looked for answers, too. We took responsibility and went forward. Yes, we…I cannot say as the mother I do not share the responsibility. Like I said, that being human is hard work…for mother and daughter.

  7. Ann,

    Replace the names “Palin” with “Clinton”, and “Bristol” with “Chelsea”. You’d be up in arms about how craven a politcal move this was, and how Clinton attempted to cover it up and attempted to use her daughter as a political pawn.

  8. I understand that it may be exciting to see a fellow fundamentalist advance, but the VP role requires quite a bit more skill and knowledge than Sarah Palin has. That evangelicals would flock to this woman is really peculiar. As one post said, “It’s like chickens supporting Col Sanders.”

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