I’m not a Liberal; I’m just protecting you from the Conservatives.

     Living in Southern Arizona and being a conservative Republican can sometimes be frustrating.  The Democrats don’t bother me.  They behave as I would expect; unlimited compassion with unlimited spending needs.

     The true distratction is the elected Republicans that try to mask their liberalism by claiming they are advocating for Southern Arizona’s fair share.  Their favorite phrase is “the State of Maricopa.”  By this they imply that the Legislature is controlled by members from the greater Phoenix area and if it were not for the Tucson caucus Phoenix would rob us blind in the middle of the night.

     All Demagogues have to have something to hate and Phoenix is that object for the left of center Republicans from Pima County.  The most skillful of these is Toni Hellon.  She has told the lie about protecting us from Phoenix for so long that I think she actually now believes her own deception.

     The truth is she is doing no such thing.  We don’t need protection from people who want to fix education by giving the less fortunate a chance to go to a better school, lower our taxes, protect unborn life by having reasonable restrictions on abortion, keep medical professionals from fleeing the state because of out of control trial lawyers, and any number of other common sense approaches to governing.  Even in the Wizard of Oz the truth finally comes out.  The brave person who pulled back the curtain and exposed the fraud in our version of the story is Al Melvin.  Al found out about Toni’s voting record and decided to do something about it.  He didn’t just talk or fuss he decided to run against the liberal from 26.  Some urged Al to run for the house where there was going to be an open seat and not to challenge the grande dame of the Senate.  Al was fearless and challenge her he has.

     Al’s campaign finds an electorate eager for change due to the conservative nature of the residents of District 26.  The march is slow because Al is opening up a new trail but behind him is an army waiting to take back their freedoms from the frauds of 26.  Besides the army behind him Al has good company in David Jorgenson, who is running for the house seat.  David is also cutting a new path.  His journey is made a little easier by the decades of connections he has made living in the area and a crowded four way race.

     No, Toni and uber liberal Pete are not protecting us from Phoenix.  The legislators from Maricopa and elsewhere are protecting us from higher taxes, bigger government, abortion on demand, failing schools, doctor shortages, and loosing our freedom to possess firearms.

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