Husband of GOP state chair candidate who lost attacks state chair

Well isn’t this interesting. Gordon James, the wife of Lisa James who ran for state chair last fall against Randy Pullen and lost, is attacking Randy Pullen. He isn’t even identified as such. The letter doesn’t say much except the tired old Nathan Sproul talking points which are already all over this blog. Attacking Pullen and the party does nothing but divide the Republican Party. When is Kyl going to stop the anti-Pullen former establishment from destroying the Party? The media is having a field day with it, the liberal reporters on Horizon last night were gleefully discussing how it’s hurting the Republican Party. A lot of the criticism is coming from party hacks who are no longer in control of the Party – they need to get over the fact that their candidate lost and now it’s time to work together.


  1. “When is Kyl going to stop the anti-Pullen former establishment from destroying the Party?”

    That’s a joke, right? It’s the pro-Pullen crowd that is ripping the party apart by attacking Kyl. And Pullen has shown no leadership – he has been an instigator.

    A real party chairman would not call a press conference to discuss how mad people are about an issue. Talk about stupid. How exactly does that help build the party?

  2. Thanks Preston, you are right on!

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Kyl is actually the one ripping the party apart by having run on a platform of securing the border and now supporting S.1348. The state GOP was basically an extension of the Kyl campaign in 2006. If the Kyl campaign can highjack the party to get re-elected why can’t the state delegates take back the party to promote Republican principles?

    If Kyl would take a break from licking the President’s boots on this one he would see how flawed this bill is. The proposed legislation is simply unworkable.

  4. PartyGuy says

    I’m disappointed in you Ann, your posts usually show more intellect. You are so sadly wrong on this that I don’t even know where to start.

  5. What a pile of you know what. Pullen is stating THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY’S POSITION as voted on by its members. If James doesn’t like the party’s position he can work to change it, but attacking the chairman for his defense of the party’s position is moronic.

    What a bunch of sad and sorry losers.

    Let’s remind folks that Ann was a James supporter as well, so its no surprise to see her back on the “bash Pullen” bandwagon.

  6. What I find appalling is that some of you are ready to give a pass to the elected Kings, even if it means imperiling our country’s future. Don’t you care more about your own families than you do about having McCain or Kyl give you a nod when you pay $250 to eat a bad chicken dinner in a room of other Kool-Ade drinkers?

  7. Sorry to disappoint you John. Sometimes les is more and in response to Preston, it seemed to apply. I have expressed myself quite often on this subject and did not feel the need to do so again.

    If we are in the “remind the folks” category, let us also recall that I do not like this bill all that much either. It is the manner in which this process has played out and the role of the party leadership that I have a problem with. So once again, let me try to make this point.

    The people have every right to their positions and should absolutely make that known to our elected representative. I have done that both in writing and in phone calls. The party leadership should be a conduit for the people to work thru….now this is where I differ from you John. Had Randy Pullen express the concerns of Arizona Republicans to Senator Kyl, shown him the faxes, phone calls, and responses. Work with not against, the possibility of changes that would be more palatable to the membership could have real life. If asked by the media, say very clearly that there is great concern among many in the party as to the overall effect of this bill and the ability to secure our borders as a priority. Recall to the minds of the voters thru the media that Sen. Kyl had a bill last year that was very strong on the points where this one seems weak, that it was not supported by the Dem majority, that support for the stronger measures would go far to assist Sen. Kyl in resurrecting the possibility of a stronger, more necessary changes to the existing bill.

    However, holding up the “finger” as an example of the way people are feeling, doing nothing about folks from party leadership among the crowd carrying signs with the image of Kyl and the finger, having a sign that says “deport McCain”, speaking about the rampant anger and actions of members in the press does not build our party or support the elected official. It was poorly handled by our party leadership. The motivation is up to speculation. Or it could just be that is his style, which is why I supported Lisa James.

  8. Rob Haney says

    Two points I haven’t seen made:
    1)This subject, as well as a multiple of others that have devided the Party this century because of anti-platform issues, stems from one person, Senator John McCain. Without his leadership, none of these devisive and polarizing issues would have been advanced. Think “Campaign Finance Reform”. The failure of our elected representatives to address his apostasies and rein him in has placed us in the greatest crisis ever for both our party and our country.
    2)How much better it would have been had Senator Kyl stood tall, kept his word, and rallied the country in opposition to this Amnesty plan. Instead, he follows McCain, Bush and Kennedy and parrots their trite and misleading talking points. SHAME!

  9. Except that Pullen DID meet with Kyl, before all of this even occured, and they all understood that Randy was going to have to defend the party’s position. Kyl was fine with that and he understood that he was going to take heat for standing with Ted Kennedy.

    As much as we admire Kyl, can any of us really think that Kyl did not know what was going to happen? Could any of us really believe he was that naive? I don’t.

  10. Ann,

    You conveniently keep forgetting that Randy Pullen is the Party Chairman and was elected to represent the State Committeemen who elected him. He is not a staff person of a Senator who is hired to represent the positions of the Senator.

    The State Committeemen UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution at the last two State Meetings and the Precinct Committeemen of Maricopa County, where a majority of the Precinct Committeemen in the state reside, unanimously passed similar resolutions in the last two meetings. If you remember in Mesa three years ago, the State Committeemen passed a similar resolution in direct opposition to the wishes of Chairman Fannin and Marty Shultz of APS.

    Senator Kyl’s staff support and defend the Senator as well they should. Randy supports and defends the Precinct and State Committeemen as well he should.

    It is also interesting that the Precinct and State Committeemen have taken a position that is consistent with an overwhelming majority of Arizonans – it is McCain, Kyl, Flake, Kennedy, etal who are at odds with the people of Arizona.

    If you watched Horizon last night, you heard them state unequivocably that the difference in the Senator’s position was that last year he was running for election and needed the support of the grass roots and this year, he is already elected and can ignore the same grass roots.

  11. When will the likes of Haney, Tuttle and Pullen learn that there is a difference between disagreeing with the policy and, as an elected party official, attacking one of our conservative elected officials (yes attacking – questioning integrity, calling him a liar, shouting “shame”, and making a general spectacle of our great party)?

    I have always believed that if I have a difference of opinion with an elected official (and I have a HUGE difference with Kyl on this bill with which I completely agree with John Boehner in his assessment of it) I write a letter or make a phone call to the office and voice my opinion. I might even call into a talk radio show or write a letter to the editor. But I don’t, ever, say that the Republican elected official is a “traitor” a “liar” or “shameful”.

    This should be particularly true of elected party officials.

    Look, we have no idea what this legislation is really going to look like until after it gets through the Senate and then the House. For all we know, the “deal” will fall apart and Kyl will vote against it. The circus that Pullen, Haney, Tuttle, et al have foisted on us has done lasting damage to the party. Do we really think that those who help fund the party with large checks are going to even think about giving right now? Yes, I’m sure a handful of folks who are thrilled to see attacks on McCain and Kyl will send in their $25, but that ain’t going to keep the lights on very long.

    Finally, here are two points to think about:
    Haney posts above that we are “devided” (sic) over anti-platform stances. I’m guessing he hasn’t read the platform lately, which clearly calls for a process to legalize (and then allow citizenship) for those here illegally. Here is the exact language: “This new program
    would allow workers who currently hold jobs to come out of the shadows and to
    participate legally in America’s economy. It would allow men and women who enter the
    program to apply for citizenship in the same manner as those who apply from outside the
    United States.” Here is the whole platform it is on page 79.

    Second point: Is a United States Senator obligated to his party first, or his state? I haven’t thought enough about it to answer it myself. He was nominated by Republicans in the primary, but elected by the state in the general. Interested to what others think of that.

  12. GOP PK,

    I do not forget anything nor have I indicated anything to the contrary; it is a perspective issue of which we disagree. My perspective is that the party chairman is to support the party, meaning all who make it up not just the state committeemen or those deemed significant. While managing such a volatile issue the overwhelming task should be to effectively be a conduit of communication for party and at the same time offer the electeds the support necessary to do what it is we have elected them to do. The point of contention is the actions serving a faction, no matter how loud or vocal that may or may not constitute the majority, while damaging the political capital of the elected, in this case Sen. Kyl.

  13. Hey guys…I’m off for now and wish you all the best in your round the clock discusisons. Costco and a great long weekend are calling my name. I’m sure afer some time at Costco fighting the aisles full of non-English speakers I will be ranting and raving again…but not calling anyone a liar, traitor, or displaying signs that I would be offened by if my granddaughter saw them.

  14. Preston,

    We all recognize the talking point of Nathan, however, the full text must be taken as a unit, not pulled out of context. If you’re going to quote the Party Platform, quote the full paragraph.

    The following was copied with permission from an e-mail colloquy that included Nathan.

    Please note that the paragraph where your two sentences were pulled out talks about what the President has proposed and the Party Platform does not take any position either in support or opposition of his proposal – merely states that the President has proposed something.

    The very next two sentences in the same paragraph state the Party position in regards to illegal immigration and Amnesty.

    These two sentences are instructive and applicable as only they state the position of the Party on the issue.

    2004 Party Platform – verbatim without breaks in text:

    “President Bush has proposed a new temporary worker program that applies when no Americans can be found to fill the jobs. This new program would allow workers who currently hold jobs to come out of the shadows and to participate legally in America’s economy. It would allow men and women who enter the program to apply for citizenship in the same manner as those who apply from outside the United States. There must be strong workplace enforcement with tough penalties against employees and employers who violate immigration laws. We oppose amnesty because it would have the effect of encouraging illegal immigration and would give an unfair advantage to those who have broken our laws.”

    We are in complete harmony with the Party position AND the Party Platform does NOT state that it supports the President’s proposal, it merely refers to the fact that he has one.

    We agree with the Platform that the President has a proposal and we agree with the Platform position in that we oppose amnesty. We also agree that this bill as currently written would have the effect of encouraging illegal immigration and would give an unfair advantage to those who have broken our laws.

    Opposition to the President’s proposal is NOT in conflict with the Party Platform. Any elected official is responsible to those who elected them, those who voted against him/her often want to dictate his actions, but that would be lunacy.

    As to your second point: In this case, the majority of Americans, the majority of Arizonans, the majority of the State Committeemen in the Republican Party, the majority of registered Republicans in Arizona and the 70-82% of everyone who voted in the election where Senator Kyl was reelected are ALL in agreement. It is the elected officials who are out of step.

  15. Ann,

    The elected are to serve the electorate, not the opposite. It is a fundamental precept of out form of government. The opposite is the divine right of the ruler and is why our founding fathers fought the Revolutionary War.

  16. I apologize in advance for my incivility (“Civility is Nathan Sproul’s new favorite word), however it is my hope that “Ann” stays in Costco. I need a rest from her left-leaning pomposity. She is more upset with a picture of a raised middle finger than she is with the real thing being given to us all by our esteemed senators.

  17. Preston, your attempts to link Pullen with anyone else who may have gone after Kyl by name is pathetic. SHOW US where he has gone after Kyl by name or zip it. Everything we have seen, read, or had posted, has been critical of the bill, NOT the Senator, and never by name.

    Lies repeated and left unchallenged have a habit of become believed, so I have no intention of allowing you or anyone else to successful smear Pullen by repeating the same lie over and over again.

    Have a nice weekend Ann!

  18. Fooled Twice says

    If your buddies Kyl and McCain get their way, your granddaughter will, unfortunately, have more to deal with than the sign that has occupied your attention on blog site after blog site. She will be forced to speak Spanish as she raises her children in a third world nation, with a mainly uneducated, low-skilled work force. We are already exporting many of the technology jobs, so factor that into the equation, also. America cannot sustain the economic burdens this amnesty bill will foist upon us all. Social Security and Medicare are buckling now. Imagine how the infusion of 20 million additional people in the system will impact. (The 12 million figure has been used for many years and is no longer accurate. Recent calculations put the number at closer to 20+ million).

    Our medical facilities, schools and criminal justice system are already stressed beyond realistic expectations. And with no one here illegally, do you really think there will be a deterrent for any additional immigrants–whether from Mexico or the Mid-East? We’ve got our collective heads in the sand and need to wise up. There are those who wish to destroy our way of life and all of western civilization, Ann. Spanish speakers in Costco are the least of the problem.

    This video clip might bring you to your senses:

  19. Have you all forgotten that Pullen won only by a hair. This is not sour grapes because Lisa lost, but Pullen needs to remember there are others out here that he is to serve wheter or not we voted for him. Bottom line is if you disagree with the policy go the proper channels to fix it, the proper channels are not to publicize a fictional picture on tv, newpapers, blogs or signs being carried on the street. Pullen should be calling for a stop to that tactic and not adding to it. I also cannot believe the personal attacks that come over these blogs, I am new into politics and a new PC, maybe I should go back to what I was doing. Of course the back biting amoung you all might help me shed those 20 lbs I’ve been trying to lose.

  20. If the election were held again today, Pullen would win in a rout, because the delegation has lost so much support among the activists in the party that it is scary.

    It is also worth mentioning that the Party’s position on this issue is the result of several resolutions passed by the party’s members. That wasn’t Randy Pullen’s personal position he was representing, it was the official position of the Arizona Republican Party.

    The fact that McCain and Kyl disagree with the Arizona Republican Party isn’t the party’s fault. The idea was that they worked for us. It just seems like they forgot that right after the election.

    If the folks who did the real work in the election feel taken advantage of, they have a legitimate reason to. Like the new bride who fell for the sweet nothings whispered into her ear by a groom only interested in the wedding night, we are now awake the next day and it is quite clear that the honeymoon is over.

    Lynn would blame the bride and tell her to keep her mouth shut.

  21. John Q. Public says

    A win is a win is a win. Pullen was elected–fair and square! Are you also arguing the Al Gore should be president?

    Welcome to the political landscape. As a new PC you’ll see this and a lot more. We are glad to have you aboard. As a longtime PC, I have, at times, grown weary of the machinations. But the good far outweighs any negatives. My political involvement has enhanced my life, making me a more informed voter and better citizen. I hope you will find the same.

    Remember, debate and yes. even the incivility you are witnessing, is not new. Read what happened during the Revolutionary times in this country’s history, or before that, in England. Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and others were the subject of gossip and backbiting that makes this all appear trivial. Benjamin Franklin published Poor Richard’s Almanac under the pseudonym, Richard Saunders. It was not merely weather and astrological predictions, with adages and poems. The Almanac also dealt in political cynicism often taking on the cultural and economic policies of the day.

  22. We will have to disagree on RP winning if the election were to happen again now. There is and was a lot that would go into that.

    John: bad analogy about the bride, I don’t expect anyone to keep their mouth shut, just to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Again as pointed out over and over it is not the policy we are disagreeing about, I don’t care for the bill either, it is the way elected officals have conducted themselves. Randy Pullen MUST disagree with Senator Kyl in a respectful manner and that does not include showing pictures of Senator Kyl “flipping off the public” That to me shows a man of little character.

    And because of the history of back biting we are supposed to accept it as the norm? I believe we as a party and nation should rise above that and learn to show some respect for each other regardless if we disagree on the issue.
    The bloggers on all these sites should stick to the issue and quit slamming each other.

    And no I did not say Al Gore should have won, but I think President Bush now presides over the entire country not just those that voted him into office. RP has the same responsiblity, many of us are offended by his actions this past week. And what is with RP sending out an email quoting Trent Franks? Did he realize that letter was written in regard to his actions?

  23. Alright Lynn, both you and Ann have insisted that Randy Pullen has held up a photograph of Jon Kyl flipping off the public.

    That is a lie.

    Show us the picture. Link to it, post it, show us which website has it, or quit lying about it.

    The finger that Pullen held up was just a crude drawing of a hand. It didn’t have Kyl’s face, name or anything on it. It was just a finger, received by the State GOP, not drawn by the State GOP.

    This lie continues to be repeated by folks who want to damage Pullen because they know that most folks don’t have the time to check their facts. These spinmeisters are doing to us what they try to do to voters during an election, and we’re not buying it!

    Let me repeat it for you Lynn, IT NEVER HAPPENED!

    So now, given that it never happened, are you prepared to apologize for calling Randy Pullen a man “of little character”? Or do you play the game of character assassination yourself?

    Lastly, you are also wrong about Trent Frank’s letter being written in response to Randy’s actions. It was not. It was written in response to a series of emails and a couple of demostrations outside of Kyl’s office. Claiming Trent was responding to Pullen is again both false and alarmingly casual with the truth for the sake of advancing an argument.

  24. Lynn,

    Even if Lisa James had been elected, do you believe she should ignore the people elected to represent Republicans in this state? Please remember that Randy only took the action demanded by the UNANIMOUS resolution passed by the State Committeemen in conjunction with the UNANIMOUS passage of the Precinct Committeemen at the Maricopa County Meeting, and the supporting similar resolutions that have been passed for several years by the very people who elect the Party’s officers.

    The problem has been that in the past, once the Party leaders were elected, they only listened to the Congressional Delegation. My guess is that this occurred because they have seen in the past that when elected officials say one thing in their districts and then vote just the opposite in DC. Some people call that betrayal or, in nicer words, political expediency.

    I am pleased that Randy has determined that he has a moral obligation to listen to the people and that he has the integrity to do what he believes right without bowing at the shrine of the Congressional delegation in opposition to the grass roots.

    Our Constitution states the power resides with the states and the people, not the federal elected officials. Stick with that concept – it is a good barometer for proper action.

  25. John,

    Isn’t it obvious to you what this is all about? Sproul, James, and others are telling a pack of lies about what Pullen did in order to come up with anything they can to undermine Randy Pullen. It is all politics and these dirty tricksters are so dead set on trying to take Pullen down and trying to take the National Committeman slot that they’ll do ANYTHING, including doing immeasurable damage to the party, to accomplish their agenda.

  26. nightcrawler says

    Look folks this isn’t rocket science.

    I voted for and support Jon Kyl as a Senator, as a man and on this bill. Having said that I completely understand why people are as mad as hornets. If you are told one thing and you believe it and you work hard to help someone get elected and they turn around and do something else, well guess what, you might have an axe to grind. Kyl is a gentleman, and as such he doesn’t tend to tick people off very often. He is not used to this type of backlash.

    Randy has a job to do and had an obligation to represent the grass roots. You can’t fault him for that. As I mentioned before, it was the presentation not the message that riled people up. He should have thought it through.

    Now enter Sproul & Co. who are running to the rescue of their man Kyl. Again, no surprise. It is to be expected.

    The problem we all have now is that this situation is totally out of control. It is absolutely ridiculous to waste our precious time and energy picking sides within the AZGOP to satiate egos from either side.

    So someone got their feelings hurt, Big Deal. Cowboy up and move on. Let’s talk about the bill itself and stop acting like big hat ladies in a small town sewing circle.

  27. Observer says


    In regards to the bill. Fellow conservative and Kyl ally Senator David Vitter perhaps put it best about the bill when he correctly said it is “Pure unadulterated amnesty.”

  28. John Q. Public says

    You got it right! Kyl told us one thing and after he was elected–with our help!–he turned around and did exactly the opposite of what he pledged. I am more than simply disappointed. I have been played for a sucker–which infuriates me. I could say that I’m an elephant and won’t forget, but what good is that? Kyl has six years before having to face the voters again. By that time, he’ll be 71. If he ran again, he’d be pushing 80 by the end of his term.

    In simple language, we’ve been had, and there is not a damn thing we can do to rectify it. I don’t recall ever being this angry at a Republican elected official.. I was saddened when Gov. Fife Symington had to step down and when Gov. Mecham was shown the door. But even then, I didn’t feel sickened as I do now. This has been a learning experience for me and one that will make me wary of all politicians. Kyl duped me and I am quite resentful.

  29. Rob Haney says

    I don’t believe it matters to win the war in Iraq, if we lose the war against the invasion from Mexico. Even a victory in Iraq will have been in vain, for we will have lost our Constitutional, law abiding form of government, as well as the ability to protect ourselves from terrorists obtaining access through our southern border.

    Kyl’s bill takes a giant step toward the demise of our country….And we should approach this betrayal of his word with civility? May those who died to preserve this country be protected from knowing about our meek response at defending what their sacrifice has bequeathed to us.

  30. Rob,

    First, let me say that I am a big fan of what you’ve been able to do in your district. The Party is stronger for it and for you.

    That said, the average person has no obligation to be civil in this matter. None whatsoever.

    But elected party officials serve two distinct and often problematic masters. First are the values of the party, and the second is the party itself. You are tasked with strengthening the party while defending its values.

    Those two situations come into a conflict at times like these, but as an elected party official, you are expected to walk that fine line.

    That is why Randy Pullen’s ability to bash the bill without bashing the Senator is so impressive. Sure, there are a few folks who are trying to make it seem like he is attacking Sen. Kyl, but their motives are unpure and they are simply lying.

    I believe that you can be at your most effective by rallying the folks in your district against the legislation. After all, that is what must be stopped. Be a leader who is defending the party’s values.

    But if you feel compelled to personally go after the Senator as well (thereby weakening the party itself), you would be better served to return to your role as a private citizen and do so from there.

  31. The day that people like Rob Haney leave their positions of leadership and allow the elected officials to have absolute sway as the voice of the Party is the day that the Republican Party is in peril of extinction.

    Every period of growth has occurred when those outside the establishment have risen up and demanded accountability. The upset victories of 1994 did not occur under the guidance of the establishment in Washington, it occurred with the efforts of Newt and his band of bomb throwers that stood up, spoke up and elected people like JD, John Shadegg, Matt Salmon, etc.

    Unforutnately, some of those in the class of 1994 across America forgot how and why they got elected and have started acting like the very people they fought against.

    Note that many of our Republican leaders were members of that class, and now they are acting just like the hated Democrats they replaced, and some of them are being replaced in kind because they forgot who elected them and who they serve.

  32. GOP PK, I don’t want to be misunderstood here. I’m definitely NOT in favor of Rob going anywhere. In fact, we need more like him.

    I just want him to focus on beating the bill for now. Kyl hasn’t voted FOR anything yet and as the bill changes and Kyl hears from us, there remains the possibility that he votes against it.

    I like our Party officials defending our principles and positions, to the death, or something like it…

    But I don’t like the idea of Party officials going after the elected Repubicans themselves. At least not until the bill itself passes. It seems to me like a conflict between the job they swore to do and that their conscience demands of them.

  33. John,

    The problem is not that simple. Having observed both Congress and our legislature, there are hundreds of examples where a member has worked for a particular bill right up to the final vote and then voted against the same bill in order to have cover from their constituents. Kyl has to do more than just vote against the final bill. All of the major media have labeled this bill the Kyl-Kennedy or the Kennedy-Kyl bill. If this bill had been put together by Kennedy-Reid, almost all of the people posting on this site would be against it, however because it is a Kyl-Kennedy bill, a large percentage support it. This roll-over support is the reason the President asked Kyl to be his water carrier on this bill. He knows that Kyl’s name and stature on the bill will mean more votes for the garbage.

    The role of the Party officials and other grass roots activists is to dissuade an elected official of supporting something that is anathema to the very survival of our country as we have known it. To do otherwise would be an abrogation of their duty to represent the Precinct Committeemen and State Committeemen who elected them to leadership positions.

    Something else that has been missing from the dialogue is the fact that Randy Pullen, Lyle Tuttle, Rob Haney, etc. all have had face to face meetings with Kyl prior to and immediately after this junk was announced.

    The Arizona Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, dozens of Republican legislators, and hundreds of other Party Leaders and Arizonans sent a letter to Senator Kyl prior to the official press announcement of the deal asking him to distance himself from any bill that contained provisions as they are in this bill. They included the facts of the percentage of Arizonans who opposed such action at the ballot box last November with the passage of all the immigration Props .

    It is obvious that the request fell on deaf ears. SO where does the fault lie that it is now a public issue. I think it rests with the Senator himself.

  34. I don’t disagree friend… I just fear that we’re going to need every “No” vote we can find, and I don’t want folks to have taken their pitchforks to the Senator so hard and so early that he decides he doesn’t have a party to come back to.

    The fact is, Kyl is not running for re-election, so I’m not sure that he ever has to care about us again. We’ve likely been used, for the last time at least when it comes to this politician.

    So keeping the party strong and beating the bill become paramount. If we’re seen as attacking the Senator instead of the bill, Republicans out there who aren’t reading blogs or doing their homework may simply be turned off by all the bloodletting and they may decide that they don’t want to be Republicans anymore.

    On the other hand, if they see arguments and discourse about the legislation itself, we look a lot brighter and more appealing to the protesters with their misspelled signs calling it all “Treeson” and the rest…

    Seriously, none of us want to see another “Secure the Boarders” sign, do we? lol…

  35. I agree with your general premise. However the average citizen who thinks we are beating up on Kyl does so because of the intentional misrepresentations of the Nathan Sproul group. Almost every complaint they make in this area is ill-founded at best and outright lies at worst.

    The media wants to hurt conservative Republicans and is complicit in giving Nathan air and print space. You can’t give up telling the truth because some spinmaster is going to twist it into a lie.

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