Hurting government workers should thank the media for electing Napolitano

There is a bit of irony reading the media’s eagerly reported daily updates of government employee layoffs and furloughs. After all, Napolitano would never have gotten elected if it hadn’t been for the constant cheerleading she was given in the Arizona Republic, East Valley Tribune, and other local left-leaning news media. During both gubernatorial elections, as well as year round, they essentially acted like a wing of her campaign. Napolitano was responsible for presiding over the biggest deficit in Arizona’s history, using strong-armed tactics to keep pork and payoffs in each year’s budget. Now we have unnecessary programs like all-day kindergarten (which has no visible effect on children by grade 5 according to a Goldwater Institute report) and 21st Century Fund, which Rep. Sam Crump has been in the news for the last couple of days trying to take it out of the budget as corporate welfare. If Napolitano had made reasonable compromises with the Republican-controlled legislature to keep spending down to the levels brought in by tax revenues – not used gimmicks to borrow from future revenues – the state, county, and local governments would not be laying off workers. New government jobs would never have been created, and those employees facing layoffs would currently be working in the private sector. Thanks, so-called mainstream media. Hope you enjoy reporting on the layoffs.


  1. Spot on, Chewie!

  2. paisistratus says

    No, if Matt Salmon were governor we’d have still arrived where we are, just on a more stable, continual downward trajectory.The landing would be softer but nothing would in the end be different.

    Arizona is headed for the bottom, whether fast or slow. Our whole economy has been based on housing and the idea that people will continue to move here (translation: buy houses, ergo build houses) for at least the past two decades. So with housing in the toilet (and it will be for the foreseeable future) we were stupid (frankly going all the way back into the 1970’s) to not back it up with anything else.

    A good example of what we should have done is the team that beat Arizona in the SuperBowl last week, Pittsburgh. The economy there was one-dimensional for a long time too, but by the time the last steel mill closed about fifteen years ago, the city had diversified into everything from being a regional financial center to high tech research. So Pittsburgh is taking its lumps in this recession like everyplace else, but they are a lot smaller lumps than we are taking.

  3. kralmajales says


    I agree with you. However, what that takes is society sacrificing a bit of its taxes to build the necessary infrastructure, education system, and quality of life that draws banks, tech firms, and the like. Don’t take my word for it…ask the experts…ask the Chamber of Commerce or other regional economic development groups.

    You can’t just attract companies with cheap land and no taxes. You need a qualified and educated work force and a place worth working…not just retiring.

  4. kralmajales says


    Napolitano restored many cuts that were made by previous GOP legislators that had harmed the state. Strange, but you want growth but are not willing to pay for it. When the states population grows, guess what, you have more children, need more schools, need more parks, need better roads and transportation.

    Did the GOP really think it could grow the state and then run the state on 1980 budget figures?

  5. As a voter, I swing both ways, and I think it was actually Matt Salmon and Len Munsil who helped elect Ms. Napolitano.

  6. Actually Matt Salmon won Maricopa County. GOP thought all you needed to win the Dome was a few rural votes and Maricopa County. There was a scheduled debate in South Tucson during that election cycle. Because of GOP hubris, Salmon blew off the debate and stayed home. When the votes came in that night Salmon was winning until the votes came in from Tucson. Napolitano only won by 11,819 votes or .73%. Don’t blame the ‘liberal, left-wing’ for the loss.

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