Human Eggs for Credit Card Debt

Alexandra Saunders

Don’t say we didn’t warn you this was coming…

Now in news from the UK, we learn that a young woman has decided to sell her eggs in order to pay off her credit cards.

If this doesn’t speak volumes about the selling off of future generation(s)¬†for the immediate gratification of the hear and now, I don’t know what does.


  1. Shouldn’t pro-lifers be happy about this? Instead of letting her eggs potentially go to waste, this young women is helping a couple who is not able to conceive and allowing them to have a child and raise it as their own.

    Clearly anyone who’s willing to pay so much for the ability to have a child is going to be a great parent.

    This should be encouraged so that everyone who wants a child can have one.

  2. redcardphreek says

    I thought conservatives wanted the government out of people’s private business?

    guess not.

  3. Did I mention how incredibly dangerous this is for women?

  4. Do you really want to get into the business of selling off body parts to the highest bidder? The last time I checked, it was illegal to sell a kidney or lung. Imagine if we cut organs out of death row inmates before we put them to death and sold them to the highest bidder?

    Incidentally, I do recognize that human eggs, just like human sperm, is not a new and unique individual human being deserving of full protection under the law.

  5. I’m pro-life – I’m against the death penalty. Are you?

  6. One difference–the woman doesn’t need to “keep” the 5 eggs inside her body to survive.

  7. I sent two substantial comments to the linked article, describing the problems when a society commercializes fertility. Basically, we’ve turned the womb into a place of execution and harvesting.

    The next step? It will become a lab, prime for experimentation. Nothing in our current public ethos will prevent it.

  8. Forgot to say: they didn’t print either comment.

  9. cc burro,

    “Keeping” the eggs in her body depends on your definition of survival. Some would argue that these eggs are kept in her body to ensure the survival of the human species.

  10. redcardphreek says

    This woman made her choice. As long as she was fully informed of her possible risks, then as an adult it is her decision.

  11. And that certainly speaks to her ethics and the ethics of others who agree with her.

  12. However, the positive side is for the infertile woman who buys the egg so that she can fulfill her strong wish to give birth to a child. So this promotes survival of the species because these eggs aren’t going to waste. The vast majority of eggs go to waste.

    One bad joke–If this woman was stupid enough to get herself into such bad debt and has to work three jobs to pay off the debt, how would she have the financial resources and time to raise a kid?

  13. Both good points. I have no problem with her donating.

    But I would also make the argument that poor financial management skills don’t justify literally sacrificing another individual’s life (that is, if we are talking about a developing human being).

    All this makes me wonder how many missing-organ people would be walking around if one could sell their organs. I’m sure those in debt would take advantage of it and of course, those who would buy them would be the rich! I can hear the Democrats mantra already – “The righ keep getting more organs!”

  14. It IS horrible that people feel desperate enough that they would sell their organs.

    I would not be surprised if there already are people selling their kidneys somewhere in the world.

    Did you see the movie “Coma” based on Robin Cook’s book.

    Your comment re Democrats is ridiculous. I hope you’re kidding.

  15. I imagine there are some countries where organ selling occurs – China, North Korea, etc.

    Have not seen Coma but will check it out. Another good movie recommendation is Gattica – discrimination based on genetic inferiority.

    Yes, I was being ridiculous about Democrats decrying “organ inequity.”

  16. redcardphreek says

    Her ethics are not your ethics.

    The movie is actually spelled Gattaca, which was really good.

  17. Her ethics are not your ethics.

    Sounds like an argument for barbarism.

  18. redcardphreek says


    So anyone that does not match your view of ‘ethics’ is a barbarian?

    So much for Republican ‘small government’. Sounds like we need an ethics big brother watching all of us according to you.

  19. Just countering the idea that “anything goes” b/c someone else may have a different ethical perspective.

    Society doesn’t work like that, however. Hence the ‘barbarism’ reference.

    And some people don’t have ethical standards at all — doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want. Suppose I could create an ethical reason to promote cannibalism. Hmph. Or child labor, or indentured servitude, or animal porn.

    Back to the main point: our society has placed restrictions upon the selling of human organs and tissue for a reason. Egg sales are the anomaly, and fair game for a heavy dose of questioning. Regardless of individual ethical perspectives.

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