Huffman tries to make hay.

     Steve Huffman has been quoted in the Tucson Citizen as saying he’d be “mad as heck” if his kid was volunteering for Randy Graf.  (What a brave policy statement.)  Maybe Steve should focus on the number of primary voters that will be mad as heck that he voted to continue taxpayer funded abortions (SB1325) and for unborn babies to suffer during the abortion procedure (HB2254.)

     Huffman did a good job of avoiding taking a stand on the other life issues by not voting on SB1052 (4-13-05), HB2776 (3-7-06), and HB2666 (4-12-06.)  Steve are you planning on missing that many votes if you go to Washington? 


  1. Conservative Dad says

    Does Steve even have children old enough to volunteer in a political campaign? Why he would even make such a crazy statement befuddles me.

  2. The full context of the sentence, which was conveinently left out, stated that if Steve’s child was working on the campaign and they hadn’t been informed about Steve Aiken’s (Graf’s former campaign manager) past conviction of sex with minors, Steve would be “mad as heck.”

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