Huffman’s folly.

flashlight.jpg     I still don’t know why Steve Huffman sponsored a Democratic bill to rearrange Arizona tax law and siphon off money for downtown Tucson.

     Part of the ill-fated Rio Nuevo is a $350,000,000 bridge to nowhere. The Tucson Citizen has an excellent article highlighting the response of the neighborhoods affected.  

Here are some quotes.  

“We are not interested”

“It will be a hell of an eyesore”

“sort of thing that a provincial city tries”

“something that is silly”    

     There was talk of submitting Rio Nuevo to a public vote. I now understand why career politicians like Huffman did not want to go that route.


  1. Tuksen Tom says

    Based on the photo used in the post, I think it’s fair to say that Steve is keeping us in the dark.

  2. Did he miss that vote too? After that Citizen piece on him missing 30% of his votes and saying it was because had a couple funerals and a wedding, I’m going to work on a YouTube movie called “Two Funerals and a Wedding: Starring Steve Huffman.” It will chronicle two funerals and a wedding that each last nearly 3 years.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Good point. I was researching the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers rating for the 2004 Legislature. I noticed Huffman missed 9 out of the 41 votes that they tracked. That was back in 2004.

    Not only did the funerals and weddings last a long time but it also sounds like the rehearsal dinners went on forever.

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