Huckabee moves up 12 points in 2 days

Mike Huckabee had about 25% support in Virginia on Thursday and Friday of last week. In the latest poll taken on Saturday and Sunday his support move up to 37%. If that trend continues through tomorrow then Virginia could be very close race on the Republican side.

Virginia is similar to Michigan in that you do not choose a party when you register but rather when you vote in a primary you choose a ballot from one party or the other. The question is will the independents vote for the Democrat ballot in order to vote for Obama, especially since the race is already over on the Republican side. Tuesday’s results should be interesting.

Virginia is winner take all with 63 delegates.


  1. Well, if he keeps “movering up” at that rate, he could make a contest of it.

    Any word if he is enjoying the same kind of “moverment” in other states?

  2. I think that if he wins any state today (incuding DC)…it is big deal. Not in the sense that it changes the eventual nominee, but as you surmise very well Huckabee can catch momentum, it can divide conservatives from McCain backers, and it could lead to a fight at the convention.

    Another bizarre, but unlikely scenario, is what happens to Romney’s delegates? Doesnt he have about 300? Even though it would be difficult to catch McCain, if he keeps it close and there is division, it gives Romney the ability to do some heavy lifting on negotiations.

    Imagine if Huck is only 250 delegates away from McCain? Those 300 Romney delegates could go the way of…be my guest…and the superdelegates could shift too.

  3. I wouldn’t put money on a Huckabee-Romney alliance. Huckabee seemed to offend many of Mitt’s supporters.

  4. John,

    Virginia is the big prize today with 63 delegates. D.C is winner take all but only 19 delegates. Maryland is 37 delegates but not winner take all. At this time McCain looks strong in D.C. and Maryland.

  5. Thinkright,

    As does McCain.

    I suspect that McCain will win all three today. If he doesn’t, I will be back to read the comments.

  6. McCain is the man.
    Romney did the right thing and stepped aside so as not to help Hillary or Barak.
    Hucka-Not-Bee should do the same.

  7. Let it go Hucks a no says

    McCain is the man.
    Romney did the right thing and stepped aside so as not to help Hillary or Barak.
    Hucka-Not-Bee should do the same.

  8. Can You Say SWEEP! Time to drop out Gov. Huckabee!

  9. woohoo. When does your man open the path to 15 million more democrats?

  10. kralmajales says

    Signed, sealed, delivered….

  11. Where’s the John McCain Sweeps VA, MD, DC Primaries Blog?

  12. Lynn, I don’t think this site is celebrating the ride into open borders and socialism.

  13. You are if you let Hillary or Obama in, and all this negativity towards McCain is only helping their cause.

  14. Apparently expecting this site to be anything but an anti-McCain echo chamber is rubbing their noses in it and may very well alienate them into not voting for McCain.

    Now that makes a lot of sense. Elect the most liberal of all Senators, a close runner-up, OR the candidate endorsed by many conservatives and with a conservative rating equal to Rick Santorum, who a majority of Americans voting in Republican primaries and caucuses agrees is the man for the job. Just not their man.

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