Huckabee also wins Louisiana

I really thought the Republican primary was over and that McCain had won. Now I am not so sure.

Governor Mike Huckabee is the projected winner of the Louisiana primary and is running a close second in Washington State. Huckabee is way behind in the delegate count but if McCain can’t get above 26% in Washington he is much weaker than I thought.

For all of the McCain haters out there this is it. Huckabee is the last alternative to having McCain as the Republican nominee.

Next up on Tuesday, February 12th is Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Virginia is winner-take-all 63 delegates and if McCain loses there he is in trouble.


  1. W Phx Activist says

    Amen, preach it brother.

    I thought it was over too, but . . . . .

  2. McCain is the last alternative to having Clinton or Obama as President. Which is our last alternative to avoid:

    1.Troop withdrawals and advancement of terrorist organizations.
    2. Tax increases
    3. Socialized Medicine

  3. Wall Street Journal:

    “On the Republican side, Mr. McCain hit a unsettling bump in the road to his near-certain nomination. The victories by Mr. Huckabee, a populist ordained Southern Baptist minister, raised questions about Mr. McCain’s ability to bring religious conservative voters to his side for the general election. Turnout was low among Republicans, and many of those who did show up were party-faithful religious conservatives. The wins give Mr. Huckabee renewed energy going into Tuesday’s primaries, which had been seen to favor Mr. McCain.”

  4. Huckabee isn’t out of it yet – and actually has a decent shot now that it’s down to only one on one, so that the most conservative constituencies aren’t split. However, I for one am not looking forward to another four years of presidency by miracles rather than math (or science).

  5. Nunya, do the math. McCain has the nomination within his grasp. Even Karl Rove knows it. He said on Face the Nation this morning that he has already written a check to McCain and pointed out that Huckabee would need to garner over 80% of the remaining delegates to win.

    It’s OVER on the GOP side!

  6. Don’t you get that Huckabee would be worse than McCain?

  7. Sameer,

    Please elaborate on how a former governor who has never wavered on supporting gun owners, on the defense of life, on the importance of traditional marriage could be worse than McCain?

  8. Gnat, its called foreign policy, taxes, spending, etc. Huckabee didn’t have a very good record on those at all. For all of his faults, McCain rocks on spending, entitlement reform, and foreign policy.

  9. Statistician says


    Huckabee needs 80% to win the nomination through the Primary system, however, Huckabee and Paul only need to win 60% to keep McCain from doing the same.

    Then it is a brokered convention where anything can happen. Not likely, but, based on this weekend, possible. Virginia and Maryland will give us an idea if this was just a one weekend blip or not. If Huckabee does very well there, watch out for Texas and some real fireworks.

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