Howie Fischer Whines

Here’s a headline and article in today’s East Valley Tribune pulled from Capitol Media Services’s Howie Fischer.

Does this sound like whining?

GOP wants transparency, but evicts reporters

For the first time in nearly 50 years, reporters will not have work space in the state Capitol after July 1.

Senate President Bob Burns said Monday he is not interested in finding new space for reporters after Republicans take over the current press room in the Senate on that date. Burns wants that room for Republicans to have their caucuses, meetings of party members to discuss policy and pending legislation.

And Burns said he is not interested in providing space for reporters in any of the other rooms that will be opened up once the caucus room moves from its current second floor location. He also said he is not interested in trying to provide space for reporters who cover the House and Senate in the adjacent Old Capitol building.

“We have needs for the space,” he said.


  1. No, it’s not whining. It sounds like typical Republican entrenchment. This is what you do when you can’t justify your actions – hide in the dark with no transparency.

  2. What comes around goes around. Kick the liberal media out of the building and show them it’s not an ENTITLEMENT. Tell them to find their own damn workspace and stop complaining

  3. The media has no gripe here. They don’t work at the capitol. They only report on it. I wouldn’t mind an office at the legislature either but I won’t be sniveling because I don’t get one. Man up! Bring your lap-top, cell phone and take a seat in the gallery with the peasants. We’re not fond of supporting private enterprize at taxpayer expense. Or, has the media stopped charging for their product?

  4. Tortoise if you take a second and read the article you will see that they pay the equivalent of Class A office space so no freebies there.

    SarahGop if you knew Howie, you would know he is a Republican through and through.

  5. Roger, at $77 a square foot it is basicly a freebie. If the space were leased to the highest bidder, there would be a line of lobbyists willing to pay more than that.

  6. George of the Desert says

    In a sadly misspent (and underpaid) youth I was actually a reporter who covered the legislature. This was many years ago, and all of the names have been changed to protect the innocent….Uh, I mean term limits kicked in.

    Anyhoo… I “enjoyed” the perk of sitting at a crummy desk in a dank and fetid room where I would be forced to listen to the great Bob Scott kvetch with Bill Gruver over the latest injustice. Those were the days…

    My employer did, in fact, pay rent. The accommodations did, in fact, allow us great access to the great minds of the legislature of that day — all three of them. (I kid, but only a little).

    Things are different now. TV stations almost never go to the legislature unless there’s some video-friendly protest. KFYI and KTAR long ago gave up space there. The newspapers are dying while the AP soldiers on. Howie, for all the grief he gives (and gets back), is usually pretty fair in his reporting. Really.

    So how should a balance be struck between the public’s right to know what their lawmakers are up to and the legislature’s right to control their own meeting space?

    Well, it’s the golden rule: He who has the gold, rules. And, right now, the goldmeister is Bob Burns.

    So… dear former colleagues, much as it pains me to say it, the time has come to find a new home.

    At Washington St., just east of 15th Av., the old print shop that has stood for decades is available. It’s an old decrepit building 3 minutes from the capitol by foot. In other words, it’s perfect.

    Maybe it could be rented to the media. Yeah, they’d have to walk through Bolin Plaza, past the USS Arizona mast, past the 9-11 memorial, past the 10 commandments, past the statue of Father Kino, past the US and Arizona flags in the Mall. Hmmm, this sounds better by the minute.

    I won’t even charge a finders fee.

  7. Howie Fischer is Chewie Shofir.

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