I couldn’t help but visit one of the other political blogs tonight to see what they had going on as far as posts. As I was running through their topics I noticed a link on their blog roll to another blog called “Some Moron Alliance.”

“That’s real cute,” I told myself as I followed it back to Sonoran Alliance.

But I also had to ask myself, “Self, what’s the reason for so much animosity toward Sonoran Alliance? After all, Sonoran Alliance hasn’t really gone after Politico Mafioso. Hmmm…”

Just so I could put things in perspective, I went over to to see where we (SA) lined up against Politico Mafioso. Now keep in mind that Alexa measures traffic for the big boys out there like Drudge, The New York Times and MSNBC. So what you see below is a snapshot of our little sphere of the Arizona political blogosphere measured as a big fish in a giant ocean.  Here’s the graph that Alexa generated. The blue spikes you see are the number of page views for Sonoran Alliance while the red spikes, well, I can’t seem to find any on the graph, belong to Politico Mafioso. (Click on the graph to see a bigger image of it.)

Alexa Rankings

So I’m going to have to follow some advice my grandmother used to tell me. And that is, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone, than don’t say anything at all.”

Nevertheless, just to be nice to our “friend” over at Politico Mafioso, I’m going to put a link on our blogroll to his.

Have a great day Jeff!


  1. I agree with your grandmother. There is nothing nice to say about Jeffy, so you should not say anything. However, to potentially refer some unsuspecting person to his blog site would be cruel and unusual punishment to the innocent.

    Please, for the sake of those who may not be able to handle Jeffy, take off the link.

  2. Somehow, I have a feeling his reasons for the derogatory link have little to do web traffic. Sonoran Alliance probably gets twice if not three times the traffic I get.

    The astute can imagine my concern.

    The GOP is fragmenting, and I suspect SA and Mafioso are in different camps.

    Your party gets harder to understand everyday.

  3. It is pretty easy. The D’s are forced to march in virtual lockstep see: Gov. Casey. The D’s who disagree with their Platform keep silent and a lot of them vote Republican

    The R’s are having a battle for the heart and soul of the Party and whether their Party Platform values are to be followed. If the Political Mafioso, Giuliani, Pro-abortion, bigger government group wins the internal battle, the American people will no longer have a choice in the General Election. That is the crux of it – not hard at all to figure out.

  4. PK,

    Thanks for responding. I appreciate it. If you are willing, help me understand where the White House is? Talk about bigger government, more spending, pork, and corruption.

    Dick Cheney is on record saying, “Deficits don’t matter.”

    I tell the truth when I say I’m Independent, and I am furious with both parties, but more furious with the GOP, or more accurately, certain parts of the GOP, the ones driving the bus from 2000-2006.

    Deficits don’t matter?!!!!! Foley? Vitter? Craig?

    I won’t try to defend the D’s, but your party’s got brain tumors. Never in my life did I think I would see the day when a REPUBLICAN declares, “Deficits don’t matter.”

    I agree you guys have a fight on your hands. I liked Newt’s article and agree with a lot of it. Fiscal responsibility and integrity is one of the cornerstones of successful governance. We have neither.

  5. x4mr,

    I’d be happy if the GOP would stand up for our unalienable rights: life, liberty and property but the party is split. The way things are going we are morphing into a coalition-based Democratic Republic with various forms of conservatives aligned on one side against liberal interest groups on the other.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says


    re: White House. Please see story by Peggy Noonan. This from an archconservative and former speechwriter to Reagan.

    re: Deficits. It depends. If the deficits are being spent on tax cuts to stimulate the economy enough to make up for or exceed the lost revenue they are OK. If they are being spent on a prescription drug benefits for seniors and overseas wars they matter.

    re: Foley is suspected of preying on minors and that is bad. It appears that the leadership looked the other way and that is worse. Not a good day for the GOP but since Hastert is on his way out and Foley is gone what is your point? The libertarian wing of the party would point out that Vitter was engaging in consensual sexual acts between adults. Craig’s crime was not getting a room. Sex between two adult males in private is perfectly legal, unless you want to do to them what England did to Oscar Wilde.

    I understand you are an independent but what exactly do you suggest that social conservatives, especially pro-lifers do? Surely you do not think there is some home for us within the Democratic Party. Is Hillary suppose to sooth our concerns by keeping abortions, including partial birth infanticide, legal but safe? Are we to just sit home and give up? What if we happen to also support the 2nd amendment? Should we trust the party of Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer?

    There have been easier times to be a Republican but some of us have few options if we want to stay engaged. This blog has hardly been a blind cheerleader for what ills the party.

    BTW Cheney and Bush are not running for office again so why keep bringing up their records. I could stipulate to everything you want to claim about the administration and it would be meaningless because they are not one of the options for 2008. The country should debate the direction we want to take with our next president and congress and that is what we try to do on this blog.

  7. OVD,
    We’re so far apart on Bush/Cheney that I’ll just let that one lie.

    Of course pro-lifers have little place on the left. We also disagree here, but I have remarks. Web 2.0 omnivores (tech savvy Facebook types) are now reaching high school and college. Abortion rates are plummeting, and less than 1 in 100 occur after 21 weeks (about midterm). The dreaded partial birth procedure, which everyone abhors, is almost never performed, occurring almost exclusively in medical emergencies.

    The morning after pill is radically dropping rates further. You can get excited if you want about that pill, but calling it “infanticide” is a huge philosophical stretch.

    So you’re okay with homosexuality? Here I am libertarian as well. Who cares what happens between two consenting adults? Craig is married, and I have a thing about betrayal and infidelity, but that’s another subject, and his hypocrisy is contemptible. At least Kolbe had integrity in the matter.

    I confess confusion, but I see the GOP splitting, at least ideologically. Oversimplifying, it seems that this blog represents “social conservatives” and a certain set of values. Another group of “moderate” GOP members seem to follow a different drum. Then there is the group I despise, embodied by Cheney, corrupt corporate snakes serving the ultra-rich, the ones who say “deficits don’t matter” and earmark millions to their friends.

    I would think conservatives would despise these snakes as much as I do. After working with them, a religious conservative wrote “Tempting Faith” asserting that the snakes exploit the religious right for their own greedy agenda.

  8. x4mr

    I have a slightly different take of the “splitting” of the GOP.

    My take is that the GOP became the majority party in this state and, generally speaking, across Ameica outside of the urban cores. As a result, many people who did not believe in the Republican Party principles, joined the Party for their personal electability reasons. They never believed in the Party Platform and have always been against the planks in it.

    Now there are enough of these self seeking intividuals who have infiltrated the Party to make it look like a split, when there was never any concurrance from these opportunists.

    To add gasoline to the fire, the media highlights any differences in the GOP while hiding any and all differences in the D’s. This is done on purpose and it is something that we should all be aware of.

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