How to Vote on Judges in Arizona for the 2018 General Election

Updated at 5:45 on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We get a lot of requests about how to vote for the judges up for retention here in Arizona. We try to collect that information but it does take time and research.

In the past, we have posted lists and sometimes the names on those lists carry over to the current election.

The 2018 General Election is extremely important when voting for judges. Some of these judges have histories and some of them have futures. We try to get that information to you.

As of Sunday, October 21st, here is what we currently know.

As we gather more information, we will update this list.

You may also visit Center for Arizona’s voting guide at to find information on judges and other candidates.


Vote to RETAIN both Clint Bolick and John Pelander.

The radical left has targeted both these men as an act of revenge for a decision on the Invest in Ed ballot measure that was removed from the ballot. WHILE A DECISION WAS ISSUED ON THE RULING, HOW EACH JUSTICE VOTED WAS NOT RELEASED; THEREFORE, NO ONE KNOWS HOW EITHER JUSTICE BOLICK OR JUSTICE PELANDER VOTED.




Vote YES to retain the following judges:

Philip Espinosa
Christopher Staring

Vote NO to retain the following judges:

Peter Swann
Peter Eckerstrom



Vote YES to retain the following judges:

Brad H. Astrowsky
Alison Bachus
Cynthia J Bailey
Roger E. Brodman
Gregory Como
Janice K. Crawford
Jennifer Green
Michael J. Herrod
Erin Otis
Susanna C. Pineda
Laura Reckart
Joan M. Sinclair
Howard Sukenic
Pamela Hearn Svoboda
Danielle J. Viola

Vote NO to retain the following judges:

Arthur T. Anderson
Janet E. Barton
Dawn Bergin
Mark H. Brain
Katherine “Kay” Cooper
David O. Cunanan
Sally Schneider Duncan
Dean M. Fink
George H. Foster
Warren J. Granville
Joseph C. Kreamer
Rosa Mroz
Sam J. Myers
Karen L. O’Connor
Jay M. Polk
John Christian Rea
Randall H. Warner
Joseph C. Welty


  1. Thanks for the list from an apparent right wing nut job site- I voted just the opposite!

  2. George Montiel says

    Hey guys where are the rest of the judges, it’s close to crunch time, please help.

  3. That was extremely helpful. Now I know I voted for the ‘right’ judges.

  4. Thank you for providing this service. I was going to go see what the democrats recommended and just do the opposite. Actually I was going judge by judge and then found your site. Thank you.

  5. Lona Henry says

    I have more judges on my ballot than those mentioned here. How do I know if others are conservative or not. This is very confusing.

  6. What’s your reasoning behind these decisions?…

  7. THANK YOU !! I have been working on this early ballot for 4 hours and came across your website that I never heard of.
    I have a lot of blanks due to not knowing if they were conservative or not. Now I can get this out in the mail today !!

  8. Jack McHawk says

    Thank you for providing me with a list of Democratic-leaning judges to vote for, and Republican-leaning judge to vote against! I simple inverted your suggestions, and it’s off to the races!

  9. Thank you for helping this extremist radical left voter on getting a starting point in the research process of examining these judges. Although having a list right in front of me is convenient, I must go and do a little more investigating so that I don’t blindly follow something that took no consideration for judges accept whether they responded to a few pointed questions on a survey.

    Once again, thanks for your list, and I know that you and your organization seek to educate voters from your very non-partisan centrist point of view.

  10. Mort Erickson says

    Thank you so much for compiling this list. The “radical left” simply has to read your post and vote opposite of your suggestions (as I did). A great time saver. Two thumbs up!

  11. Ashley Hernandez says

    Thank you for showing me exactly the opposite of who to vote for. When you say these people have history and futures, well so do Democrats who can fill their places and mandate laws allowing hard working minorities and our awesome teachers have more for our FUTURE. Don’t worry, my generation (1980’s) and my children’s will see to it that your conservative ways are taken out of this contry. This is a nation that was built on genocide and I as a white woman will vote your Repunlicans out every election!

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