How they choose a summer camp on Diversity Lane

Summer vacation is coming and parents are planning.  Lets see how they’re doing it on Diversity Lane …


  1. Of course!

    Changing the culture is the entire objective here!

    Obama worship will replace traditional church. And what could go wrong with that?

    For a bit of humor about getting some of our liberal friends to drop the Obama worship from their lives, there is a 12-step plan at:

  2. Here’s the subtext on this one:

    They family knows Diversity is closeted and full of self-loathing, so by picking a camp with gay counselors she’ll realize that it isn’t a big deal – and then maybe she’ll stop locking herself in the bathroom and crying?

    In this case, the dad represents the Log Cabin Republicans and Diversity represents closeted gay Republicans (like Larry Craig and Ted Haggard) and “summer camp” represents an ideal Republican Party.

    What’s with the mutton chop sideburns?

  3. LOL Klute on the Chops–I wondered that too? Is this cartoon from 1974? Do I see shag carpeting there??

  4. Oh, come on, all up-tight conservative nuts always wear their pants hiked up to their chest – it helps hold back those gay urges!

    This looks straight out of the 1950’s too funny.

    Maybe someone could photo shop in a brick size cell phone at least? Just to add some diversity 😉

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    I love your projection Klute. Childhood memories of Daddy Dearest?

  6. You’ve got to work on your pop culture, VV -a “Mommie Dearest” reference doesn’t work here, as there’s no ghastly Joan Crawford face paint, or anyone getting whipped with a wire hanger.

  7. NO




  8. Veritas Vincit says

    No Klute,I was talking of your Daddy fixation. Mommy Dearest is another topic.

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