How the Waxman-Markey Climate Change bill got pushed through Committee

HERE’S HOW SERIOUSLY YOUR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TAKES THEIR JOB, (they hired a speed reader to legally fulfill their obligation to read the legislation into the record)… watch this travisty of governance.

When Republicans wanted amendments read aloud, committee chairman Henry Waxman (D-California) hired an oral speed reader, whose pace–far too fast for anyone to follow thoughtfully–would have reduced reading time to about nine hours.  In the face of that threat, Republican committee members backed off. As a result, much of the 946-page bill hadn’t been read by most committee members before they voted on it.

Phone Kirtpatrick, Giffords, Mitchel, Grajalva or Pastor’s office and ask if they’ve read one tenth of this new legislation?

Within those 946 pages however, are the stuff that will increase your monthly utility bill dramatically.  One public utility official pegged the increase to Arizona electric rates on the order of better than 60% before the dust settles.

Its all about *CHANGE*


  1. No, it’s all about how these legislators need to be up on the bill and it’s topic matter before it reaches this point. If they arn’t up to “speed” on it, then they have a crappy staff. I think the speed reader makes an excellent point that our government is failing us if we continue to elect the people who don’t want to be accountable for the job they were “hired” to do.

  2. We should be calling the Republican representives and ask them if they read any of the legislation as well. :rollseyes:

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