How the Arizona Delegation Voted

Here is how the Arizona Congressional Delegation voted on the federal takeover of health care:


Source: Clerk of the House

Break out your checkbooks and write a check to your conservative congressional candidate!


  1. Indeed…pull out those checkbooks. Against Gabrielle “Pelosi’s Mini-Me” Giffords write those checks in support of Jesse Kelly.

  2. Hopefully people will finally realize the “Blue Dog Democrat” moniker for what it is, SPIN. Arizona’s Dogs were in no way conservative members of their caucus while in the Legislature. While people are looking for a “Blue Dog Democrat” they might keep an eye out for a Unicorn.

  3. What was Shadeggs role with the abortion amendment and whay was he the only Republican voting that way?

    Can you be “Conservative” and Pro-Abortion?

  4. James Davidson says


    May I disagree with your implication? One can be conservative and against laws prohibiting abortion. One cannot be conservative and support Roe v. Wade, because it was a pure invention of the judiciary and a federal invasion into an area of domestic law left by the Constitution to the states. I always have been opposed to abortion, except in cases in which the life of the mother, or a serious and real threat to her health, is in the balance. If I were in the Legislature, that would be my position. I would not read out of the conservative movement someone who held a differing view in the Legislature, if he or she were conservative on the majority of other issues. The traditional rule at common law was that abortion was not prohibited until quickening, that is when the baby first showed signs of movement. Though it is not mine, that probably remains the view subscribed to by a large majority of Americans, including many conservatives.

  5. James,

    To your credit – you are a good sheep in the big tent. However, I disagree with your philosophy. If one can be conservative and against prohibiting abortion… then one can be conservative and against laws prohibiting big government… and one can be conservative and against laws protecting the right to bear arms…. and so forth and so on…

    But since you prescribe/endorse a “Magic Point” philosophy on abortion AND “you would not read out of the conservative movement someone who held a differing view in the Legislature, if he or she were conservative on a majority of other issues.” What exactly is your “Majority Magic Point”??… Fifty-one percent??? So if a legislator is 1) pro-abortion, 2) anti-gun, 3) small government 4) pro-marriage between a man and a woman, 5) pro legal immigration…. 3 out’a 5 is a majority. So does that make a Legislator a Conservative on the majority of the issues “a 60% Conservative”… That’s Great! It’s like 60% honest – I love it!

  6. I’d like to personally thank Harry Mitchell for voting “yes” on the healthcare takeover.

    I was afraid that he would be allowed to vote against it so he pretend to be “conservative”.

    Now his opponents can hold up this vote to show what Harry is really like – a big government, liberal, Pelosi pony.

  7. James Davidson says


    Each voter makes up his or her own mind. How else would it be? Otherwise we devolve into an endless inquisition. May I illustrate the point?

    When Governor of California, President Reagan signed the most liberal abortion bill in the country. Did that void his conservative credentials?

    In 1977 then private-citizen Ronald Reagan and conservative columnist William F. Buckley Jr. opposed each other over the Panama Canal Treaty. Which one was not a conservative? George Will now opposes the war in Afghanistan and thinks we should pull out. Is he out of the conservative movement? Who is more conservative, the person for a balanced budget or the person supporting tax cuts? That is, President Reagan in 1981 or President Reagan in 1982?

    Ted Olsen, very conservative, who served under Reagan and Bush, supports gay marriage. Do we pick up his card?

    I’m not smart enough to answer all these questions, so I will leave it to you.

  8. James,

    You digress – but I’ll bite…

    You don’t have to be “smart” to know that a Buffalo is a Bison yet a Bison is not necessarily a Buffalo. You like to interchange “Conservative” with “Republican” but as we all know… most all Conservatives are Republican yet not all Republicans are Conservative.

    I’m sure you are at least 70% Conservative and 70%+ honest…. Yet you are 100% Republican… funny how that works. Just a little lesson in modifiers – if I only break one law today I can say I am a 90% law- abiding citizen… yet at the same time I am a 100% citizen…. funny how that works.

    Yet it still begs the question.. Am I a law-abiding citizen if I am law-abiding “a majority” of the time? (your words, not mine) I don’t know what your self prescribed “Magic Point” is on being Law-abiding, or Conservative, or Honest, or any other modifier… but I suggest you stick to the Noun being modified… (eg. citizen, Republican, person) that way you will be 100% correct 100% of the time as I would even agree that “you would not read out of the [Republican] movement someone who held a differing view in the Legislature, if he or she were [Republican] on a majority of other issues.” You and I can both agree that John Shadegg is 100% Republican because the only criteria is that he has to register that way…. And if Janet Napolitano went down to the Registrar and changed her party from Democrat to Republican that she too would be a Republican and we would have a beautiful big tent for her as well.

    What you are “smart” enough to recognize is that the “Noun” is self-designed and self-initiated. (eg. citizen, Republican) Yet the modifier is bestowed upon oneself by others. I agree with you – “let each voter make up their mind”…. Until then – John Shadegg, John McCain, and Arlen Specter are Republicans!

  9. Correction to last post….

    I’ve been told that one or more of the people listed on my last post is/are no longer Republican… I was also instructed to add (illegal alien) to the list of nouns and modifiers.

  10. James Davidson says

    Thanks Mike. And when you figure out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, let us know that as well.

  11. Sorry James – No can do… based on your tact here and on earlier post it appears that is your preoccupation – not mine.

    But – to extend an olive branch, some friends and I are working on making up some T-shirts that play of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a Redneck if”…. they will say “You might be a RINO if”… As you debate people that self proclaim their conservatism because others won’t – send me some of their jumbled arguments and rationalizations and we’ll put them on the T-shirt.

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