How NOT to use your Facebook

When your own “wall” on Facebook isn’t filled with enough good stuff, you can wander over to your friends’ walls and see what is going on in their world.  One of my friends is apparently good friends with a number of the Deakin family.  Jim Deakin is running against John McCain for U.S. Senate, and Adonia Deakin is his wife. Well, it seems they have been traveling the state, probably to collect signatures and campaign in general, which led to this post from Adonia Deakin:

We Are Back!!! Wonderful sucessful trip to Navajo County. Wanna talk about some great vocal Americans. All the PC’S here in Maricopa should visit and see how to not be SHEEP!

Now I figure that with the bulk of the state’s population, Maricopa County also is likely to have the bulk of the Precinct Committeemen (PCs).  All of a sudden, I think Deakin might win Navajo County, but he appears willing to trade Maricopa County for it.  I’m guessing McCain would be alright with that.


  1. Sheeple!

  2. Glad to see people are reading what I write. Now then the ONLY QUESTION a certain district meeting had for Jim while they signed McCains petitions this week was Is he a Precinct Committeeman. Nothing AT ALL about ANYTHING that has ALL of US upset. answer no our precinct is one of the few filled. In Navajo County they asked ALL KINDS of Questions from Jim,s take on SOTOMAYOR to HEALTHCARE for his response you will need to visit his website on 06/22/09. There are a few exceptions but THEY know who they are in Maricopa and KNOW that JIm is the ONLY CONSERVATIVE CHOICE for AZ.

  3. Now then anyone who wants to make a difference in THEIR district there is 4k seats open around the state. Your district senators and congress persons go to these meetings. We have the forms so you can become a precint commiteeperson send us a line at Also it IS an Elected position. Simple and easy.

  4. “precint commiteeperson” – Hmmm, spellcheck much?

  5. McCain Fan says

    Adornia, please keep writing on your facebook and these blogs. You’re doing a wonderful job running your husband’s campaign. Keep it up. Do not give up, do not quit, never surrender, stand up, stand up with your husband and fight! You’re professional, and you’ll never give up– they will.

  6. McCain Fan says

    PS- I’m being sarcastic, in case you didn’t get it. But I do hope you keep writing and posting everywhere. You guys are hysterical.

  7. Sarcasm? Whatever! You wouldn’t know funny if it bit you on the butt.
    You must be correct about me doing a good job.
    I got your attention.
    By the way, the last person to beat McCain wasn’t a precinct committeeman, he was a community organizer.
    Spell check feedback, on the internet, really? This is a blog post not a Thesis. Good thing for you too, since you cannot compose a complete sentance. (missplelled on porpoise.) Now that is funny.

  8. Adonia, you are right. You’re husband is completely comparable to Barack Obama. Your husband went to Harvard Law, has served in the U.S. Senate for four years, and served eight years in elective office before that. I must have missed that part of his resume, please forgive me for the oversight.

    Do you really think Barack Obama, in November of 2008, was nothing more than a P.C.? You’re a genius. I can’t express how grateful I am for you to show me the light. You keep on truckin’, Adonia. You’re brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant.

  9. Unbelievable. I cannot believe that a candidate’s wife behaves so poorly. How does it help you husband to insult people? You are thin-skinned and rude. By the way, your writing skills are deplorable. I am appalled by your reponses.

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