How Bad Is It?

There has been quite a bit of discussion taking place amongst political insiders lately as Governor Brewer floats the idea of raising taxes. This is especially disheartening and disturbing to conservatives who have long trusted Governor Brewer to uphold her pledge not to raise taxes.

So many are asking what exactly is going on?

Is the economy REALLY that bad to warrant a temporary increase in taxes? Is there something Arizonans are not being told? Why did the Governor use the word “catastrophe” when discussing Arizona’s current economic status?

Many state legislators are standing firm against any form of a tax increase including calling a special election in which the voters would decide to self-tax.

Is Governor Brewer attempting to punt on the issue of raising taxes or is the State of Arizona really in desperate economic straits?

Many of us will be watching when the Governor addresses a joint session of the House and Senate this afternoon.


  1. Antifederalist says

    Disheartening to say the least. NO ONE has the political cajones to slash the budget? The answer ALWAYS has to be raise taxes, eh? Are we all damned socialists? If Republicans can’t provide an alternative, the unwitting masses will just vote for the Dims. Might as well give up the ship now and let it slip into a socialist hell. If total Republican control of the House, Senate, and 9th floor doesn’t result in serious budget cutting, debt reduction, and at least holding the line on taxes, then the party, the state, and the nation as a whole aren’t worth saving anymore. Further proof that the Republicans just haven’t learned the lessons of `06 and `08.

  2. Antifederalist,
    Where do you cut $3 Billion from? If cuts are the ONLY option, what do you cut?

  3. That’s when cuts become “eliminations.”

  4. Ways and Means says

    Sounds like Brewer’s a lot like J Nap: she wants to raise our taxes.

    Somebody get Andy Thomas or JD Hayworth on the phone and tell them to run for governor!

  5. Doug E. Fresh says

    From Randy Pullen on Feb. 26:

    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and treasurer of the Republican National Committee, voiced his concerns over President Obama’s $3.55 trillion budget proposal.

    “No nation has ever taxed and spent its way into prosperity,” Pullen said. “It’s a slap in the face to those Americans who are struggling to find work and to put food on the table that the President has the audacity to propose raising job killing taxes in the middle of a recession. Herbert Hoover tried raising taxes in the middle of a recession and it led to the worst depression in American history.”

  6. It is a basic principle of morality that if you cannot afford something, you don’t buy it. Taking it without paying for it is stealing.

    Our state government is immoral to have services in place that they cannot afford to pay for and until Governor Brewer and other tax-n-spend folks figure that out we are going to continue to pay and pay and pay. She pitched it as a temporary tax and talked about her 27 year record of anti-taxes.

    Well, 27 years of fiscal fidelity went out the window the day she decided to take the helm and recommend that we continue to support government services by taxing us all the more. Aren’t we already paying enough taxes?

  7. Conservative 2 the Core says

    Was just driving home and listening to J.D. Hayworth, and he has it absolutely right, Brewer’s plan for $1 billion in new taxes is cowardly. As JD says “Taxhike Jan” should help the Republican party and not seek election, and let real conservatives like Hayworth take the lead.

    If Brewer had any gumption she would immediately fire her consultants and advisors as clearly they are either fools, or have spent their careers raising taxes on all of us and simply don’t care.

    Then she would retract her plan to raise taxes during this depression.

    Sadly I doubt she will, and that’s why we need somebody like JD Hayworth to take her on.

    Keep up the great job JD we are counting on you more than ever to return to public service and stop this insanity.

    Please visit JD’s site and ask him to run we need him!!!!

  8. As a Democrat, I heartily agree. J.D. Hayworth would be, by far, the Republican party’s most effective candidate for Governor in 2012. We Democrats would not stand a chance against him!

  9. For the record…Governor Brewer has cut the budget more than any other Governor in the history of Arizona.

  10. I wouldn’t say that JD Hayworth would be a better candidate for Governor than Brewer. How much commitment has Hayworth evidenced in his past elected history? Rather little.

    I have yet to hear of a suggestion for a Republican candidate for Governor who has a commitment to limited spending that will last more than a month.

    Senator Ron Gould would be my suggestion.

  11. Basil St. John says

    Ron or J.D. would be great! As an Independent, I’d vote for either one in a GOP primary.

  12. She’s cut the budget?!?

    Let her cut it more. Why is this so hard?

  13. Kevin–
    Perhaps it’s because she is aware of the negative impact of cutting almost one-third of the state’s general fund budget. What third of the government would you cut?

  14. Antifederalist says

    You asked what should be cut. How about starting with EVERYTHING. No department, agency, program or expenditure should be free from budget reductions. Eliminate programs until liberals cry…that’s a good indication that you’re doing the right thing. Make the more fascist conservatives cry by cutting law enforcement budgets too. Make the thugs with badges CHOOSE which crimes they MUST enforce and which “crimes” are a ridiculous waste of state time and resources. Cut education too. NOTHING can be sacred. In fact, the state would be wise to force administrators to tighten their belts…HARD, while the classrooms get as much as we can give them. Start building cases against lazy state workers so you can fire them, institute hiring freezes. There’s TONS of things that can be done to reduce the budget. Goldwater Institute just put out some recommendations too. Cut it all, keep cutting, and refuse to borrow until the budget meets CONSERVATIVE revenue projections.

    And, Roger, when has slashing budgets EVER been the answer our politicians have given us? Cutting the budget IS change. I thought that’s what all the lemmings voted for this time around?

  15. ccburro,

    I am more than confident that 1/3 of the general fund could be cut due to cutting out inefficiency at the very least. Just selling half the downtown property the state utilizes, force the paperwork mountain down, and work to be conducted from home via telecommute would likely get close to the number we’re looking for.

    I’m guessing too that a lot of money was spent putting up all those ridiculous Constitutional violations in the form of speed cameras.

  16. As I said on another post, shutting down the needless state universities, community colleges and public libraries would go a long way to eliminating waste.

    I know Kevin and Antifederalist agree with me.

    Write your legislators today!

  17. Veritas Vincit says

    Cut “everything?” How many neighbors of yours work for the State of Arizona? How many correctional inmates do you want unloaded on your street? How long have you stood in line at DES?

    Get real.

    1. Cut where possible
    2. Open the “sacred” voter approved programs to being cut (see Dean Martin and he’ll tell you how much they increase annually through no action of the legislature or governor)
    3. Ask the voters to consider the issue of higher taxes (share the responsibility with those most impacted by the decision).

  18. How about starting the cuts with not paying lazy, drug addicts to not work. They qualify for grants for rent, food, electricity, etc etc while the people who work can’t get help. Drug testing for welfare would save the state loads of money. A simple thing like checking to see how many welfare people live at the same address would be eye opening. Several people live together, all get benefits and make out like bandits.
    Also, what about the tax credits for students who travel, after school clubs, etc. When times are tough, put the money in the classroom and let kids pay for their own trips. I do not have a college education, but I am a mom who could find ways to save money and still help those who truly need help.

  19. VV.

    Do me a favor and tell someone else to get real.

    The reality is that the state doesn’t have the money to spend so we shouldn’t spend it.

    Taxes aren’t going to help that problem one bit – because taxes only bolster what is an artificially propped up economic system in the first place. It will only lay the groundwork for more expenses and more taxes to cover those bigger expenses.

    But, I don’t believe you’ve established by argument anyway that radical cuts in the budget will result in chaos. I have yet to see that done in these comment threads today. By all means, I hope you will try because I would love to see the burden of proof on these issues exactly where they belong – with the people who are trying to take money out of my pocket.

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