House Stimulus Package Online

Thanks to the Drudge Report, the House version of the “Economic Stimulus Package” is online.

Just a quick word search reveals that Democrats want to spend:

  • $100,000,000 to fix the National Mall after it was trashed on inauguration day (page 113)
  • $50,000,000 to the arts (page 122)
  • $335,000,000 on sexually transmitted diseases (page 147)

If you have not yet signed the petition to stop this taxpayer-funded nonsense, please go to and make your voice heard.

Update: Arizona’s Congressman Jeff Flake (CD-6) has added an amendment to the bill to prevent your tax dollars from being spent on: “duck ponds, museums, skate parks, equestrian centers, dog parks, ski hills, historic homes, ice rinks, splash playgrounds, and speaker systems.”

Flake’s proposal to head off any efforts by the U.S. Conference of Mayors to spend your money on their wish list of pork projects.

(Read Jeff Flake’s statement here.)


  1. Yeah, wouldn’t want to stop sexually transmitted diseases – that’s total pork to the Big Penicillin.

  2. STD prevention is NOT economic stimulus!

  3. It is if it goes to medical companies, pharmecutical concerns, and health agencies, all of which were last employed by American humans, and not sentient robots or patchwork golems.

    The point of the stimulus is to put money in poeple’s pockets, which they will ultimately spend.

    Somehow I doubt if STD prevention had been phrased “Absintence-only” education it would have made your bullet point hackles list.

  4. The stimulus package is also designed to pick up things states are likely to drop in their budget crisis. Things like STD prevention are an easy thing politically to cut by states but wind up having a huge cost down the road. STDs are just like any other communicable disease and they are a public health issue – I think the country is tired of the failed policies of trying to deal with health as a moral crusade.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    but Todd, there *is* a moral dimension to the STD public health issue.

    Besides, why should some have to pay for others to play?

    STD’s are *not* a form of economic stimulus.

  6. Veritas Vincit says

    Here’s one…

    Speaker Pelosi is from San Francisco,
    that city is also HQ for a major tuna company who makes major contributions to Speaker Pelosi…

    Turns out, when the federal minimum wage was increased to $7something per hour, they forgot a place called American Samoa (where the federal minimum wage is extremely low).

    Pago Pago also happens to be home to the Pacific tuna fleet and the largest tuna cannery in the world. This facility employs thousands of Samoans who are paid about $2 an hour less than the federal minimum wage. Hat’s off to the Pelosi and her corporate sponsors!

    Solution? The “stimulus” package contains $33 million dollars for American Samoa. Keep in mind this is a 56 square mile rock with a population of about 65,000.

    That’s about $507 to every man, woman and child Samoan … meanwhile, that major tuna cannery can continue to pay less than the minimum wage.

    Now that’s what I call, A Load of Pelosi!

  7. Chuck Hines says

    I have a great idea for the Detroit auto makers. Obama wants to let states set their own emission regulations. Around 10 states, all liberal, would have much higher standards then the rest of the country causing the automakers to make a decision. Do we make cars that will pass the toughest states? This is my idea. Produce cars that will pass the other 40 states emissions and only deliver these cars to these states. Residents of California for instance would have to travel to one of these states to purchase a car, which in turn would require them to pay that states sales tax. The auto makers will sell devices that could be attached to the vehicles engine that would allow it to pass the states emission, which will come to a cost between $5,000 to $10,000, which will include parts and labor. This is a win win situation for everyone. Residents of approximately 40 states don’t have to pay the increase cost because of 10 states, these 40 states receive additional income by means of sales tax, which stimulates their economy, and reduction of traffic and greenhouse gasses in these 10 states, which in the end is exactly what they want.

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