House Speaker Andy Tobin Praises Ruling Protecting Life

CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

Arizona Court of Appeals upholds Abortion Consent Act

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (AUGUST 11, 2011) – House Speaker Andy Tobin released the following statement today in response to the Arizona Court of Appeals upholding the Abortion Consent Act.

“Today’s decision by the Arizona Court of Appeals is a tremendous victory for life in Arizona. The Abortion Consent Act protects the health and safety of Arizona women as well as the preborn. While I wish we had been able to implement this important legislation two years ago, this is a significant step forward in our efforts to protect and defend life at all stages. I want to congratulate my legislative colleagues on both sides of the aisle who supported this legislation and Governor Brewer for signing it. I’m also very grateful to Attorney General Horne and his legal team for providing a strong legal defense of this litigation as well as David Cantelme for legally representing my office in the case.”

Under the Abortion Consent Act, passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Brewer in 2009:

  • The state will require a notarized parental signature before an abortion can be performed on a minor child.
  • Women will be provided with full and accurate information by a doctor in person at least 24 hours before an abortion.
  • Medical professionals cannot be forced to perform abortions if it contradicts their sincerely held religious or moral beliefs.
  • Non-doctors will not be permitted by law to perform surgical abortions.

Here’s a link to the Court’s ruling:



  1. I would like to see Andy Tobin run for Congress against the huge disappointment that is Paul Gosar. Gosar is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Repubican Leadership. Gosar was the only Republican to vote “yes” on raising the debt ceiling. Tobin is the kind of person we need representing CD-1 in Washington, D.C.

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