House Democrats purge state representative Phil Lopes for not being extreme enough

Anyone looking for further evidence that the Democrat Party in Arizona has been hijacked by the extreme left need look no further then the recent vote to elect Democrat leadership in the State House of Representatives. The party was led in the House the last two years by Phil Lopes of Tucson.

Now, you may think that Phil Lopes is plenty liberal, and you’d be right. He voted against the ban on partial birth abortion, opposes the right to self-defense, and voted against denying bail to illegal immigrants accused of serious felonies, which passed with 78% of the vote when it was put on the ballot.

This is just a sampling of his far left-wing voting record. However, Phil Lopes is apparently not extreme enough for the Democrat caucus in the House. He and Assistant Minority Leader Jack Brown were replaced by the duo of David Lujan and Kyrsten Sinema, both ultra left-wing Democrats. Sinema is so extreme that when she ran as an independent in 2002, even the Democrat Party labeled her an extremist.

Democrats are always trying to convince the public that they have turned the page on their liberal past. That’s why we hear about “New Democrats” and “Blue Dog Democrats” and things like that. All that is just window dressing. The Democrat party remains the party of the extreme left.

The following campaign flyer came from a Democrat candidate who ran against Sinema (click to enlarge).


  1. That’s scary. The Democrat party is now run by a bunch of angry white people.

    Now the Republic will have to report on Sinema and Lujan’s rantings. The press typically ignores their bigoted rantings, but now that they are the leaders of the Dem party, the media has to cover Sinema-Lujan’s nastiness.

  2. Basil St. John says

    Lujan is white and Lopes isn’t?

  3. Arbitrary observer says

    Lopes is Portugese, which is considered Latino by most, but not Hispanic. The Portugese settled Brazil and they spoke Portugese, not Spanish, hence Brazilians and Portugese are not HiSPANic. I think Portugese is considered white, although it’s really silly when you consider the Portugese are partially descended from the Moors (Arabs) do overall are darker-skinned than the Spaniards, then they intermarried with the same dark-skinned natives the Spaniards did in Southern America.

    Lopes has come under criticism in the legislature by the left wing Hispanics for not being “Hispanic” so he can’t represent them as well as a “Hispanic” legislator might. More of that Democrat groupthink – we all think alike based on the color of our skin.

  4. You people are funny. You think the Dems are extreme left? In most countries they would be considered center-right. This shows how completely politically insulated the author is.

  5. Lujan and Sinema are center right? Well, maybe in North Korea or Zimbabwe.

  6. It’s convenient to lump people together, but what evidence does anyone have of David Lujan engaging in “nastiness”? He’s one of the most low-key guys at the Capitol, from what I’ve seen.

  7. Glendale GOP says

    Sinema didn’t run as an Independent in 2002, she ran as a Green.

    The Dems did say she was too extreme, but the piece you are showing was from a liberal Republican who was running against her, Tara Roesler. Almost a Dem, but technically very much a Republican.

    Of course, Obama said Hillary had no meaningful foreign policy experience and then a year later made her Secretary of State, so I guess what is said in campaigns doesn’t count when it comes to governing.

  8. No Nick, the Democratic Party as a whole is center-right. Some individuals in the party may go one way or the other but none I can think of would be described as extreme left.

  9. Gee Todd, if you don’t think Sinema is extreme left, where would you put Marx and Che in the scale?

  10. GOP Boomer Gal says


    USA is unique and superior; that’s why lefties are considered lefties in our country.

  11. Che is extreme left I guess. Sinema is not anyway near Che and do think she is shows how wacked out your compass is.

  12. Well, in the alternative universe where Tara Roesler is a Democrat and the Arizona Republica(n) is a far left rag, then I guess Sinema = Che.

  13. “Che is extreme left I guess. Sinema is not anyway near Che and do think she is shows how wacked out your compass is.”

    Do think it shows you don’t know Kyrsten very well.

  14. David K.,
    When Sinema starts advocating an armed class struggle leading to a dictatorship of the proletariat you might have a point but that isn’t the case so at this point you are just making things up.

  15. Casual Observer says

    As a self-proclaimed socialist, perhaps the opportunity has not been sufficiently offered to see just how far left Sinema can/would go. Given regionalized and historical differences of 1940’s Latin America and 21st century America, she is pretty far left based on the issues, era, and opportunity.

  16. Casual Observer,
    I think Sinema claims to be a former socialist so that seems like an important clarification to your post. Regardless, if the leftist label have so vast a definition that it is meaningless, it seems extremely sloppy to use it. Truth be told, Sinema is no different than many standard Democrats in other regions of the country and is probably slightly more to the right than many elected politicians in Europe.

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