Hotline Hysteria!


If you’re following the debate over illegal immigration, you’re aware of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s new hotline in which anyone can call in and report suspicious activity dealing with illegal aliens – (602) 876-4154 .

As expected, the sheriff is taking a lot of heat over this new tactic as illegal immigrant rights activists demand the phone number be disconnected.

So why then are these civil liberty activist NOT demanding the same thing when it comes to hotlines dealing with turning in litterbugs (Arizona Clean and Beautiful877-3-Litter) or knuckle-headed parents driving around with their “precious ones” jumping around the car from seat to seat (Buckle-Up Baby800-505-BABY)? And, what about the long-running 88-CRIME hotline in Pima County which offers $1000 rewards to tipsters?

These hotlines have been up and running for quite awhile and yet no one is bursting a vein over the right to discard that McDonald’s bag out their car window or little Mikey’s right’ to dance around the backseat of an overloaded car screaming down the I-10.

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