Hope for Ruth McClung in Arizona CD-7

Ruth McClung - Candidate for Congressional District 7Watching the Massachusetts Senate race take place in which Republican Scott Brown is likely to defeat Martha Coakley in next week’s special election, is giving many of us hope for many congressional races here in Arizona.

In particular, I am excited about Ruth McClung’s attempt to unseat ultra-liberal Raul Grijalva. Many candidates like Ruth have risen out of the insurgency of the Tea Party Movement.

In a state like Massachusetts where voter registration overwhelmingly favors Democrats, the same trending could be taking place right here in our own CD-7.

A Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts next week could further fuel the populist grassroots insurgency to restore normalcy in every district across the country but I get a sense that the good people in CD-7 will be further inspired to dig in their heels, join Ruth’s campaign and prepare to unseat the most liberal Democrat in Arizona’s congressional delegation.

To support Ruth McClung, visit her website at www.Ruth4AZ.com.


  1. Wow DSW, Brown is now “likely to defeat Coakley” you must know something no one else does to make statements like that.

    The polling has been all over the place with polls having coakley down as much as 4 points and up as much as 17. I have a hard time calling that a likely anything.

    That being said, it would be soo much fun to send Grijalva packing… I cant stand that guy

  2. Johnny, Better check today’s news. Brown Up by 5 points. I know “It’s just a poll”, but in the dark dark dark blue state, just being close in the race is a sign of the times. Good old Mass. has one of th highest tax rates in the US and people there, too, can get fed up with the insanity of out-of-control politicians. Deal with it.

  3. papatood,

    ooo one point off. This still does not make DSW’s statement of a “defeat being likely” anywhere near true.

  4. I looked at her website. She presents little community work – is a come out of the woods person – and unless she can raise the money, it’s doubtful she will chase the incumbent out of office.

  5. kralmajales says

    I wouldn’t get too excited about Brown yet. But, you also have to remember that it is a special election and those have very low turnout and always benefit republicans. It would still be a big upset and something to call a victory if Brown wins, but it wouldn’t be a shock either given turnout.

    The big mistake is to take such a victory and then argue that someone could be Grijalva too. Huge mistake in projection.

  6. I agree, I think with the national mood, this race will be the surprise of our state. Keep in mind that CD-7’s demographics have been changing over the past few years- more suburban in areas like Avondale, Goodyear, Maricopa, and Buckeye which are trending more Republican, and the fact that Hispanics have been leaving the state. This would help McClung. If she can run a decent campaign and get the word out about herself, I think she’ll pull it off. If it can happen in Mass. it definitely can happen here. Especially since Grijalva has had a fairly prominent roll in the health care bill and in defending ACORN.

  7. The guy she’s running against is a real “piece of work” Co-chair of the house progressive caucus, HC doesn’t go far enough, amnesty now at any price. open border advocate, A very anti-american person and just the type who should be in your crosshairs in November

  8. I went to check out RM’s website, and she describes herself as “a real life ‘Citizen Ruth'” – which struck me as odd, so I glanced at the Wikpedia page for Citizen Ruth and there in the first sentence, it tells us Citizen Ruth is “a dumb, inebriated addict, capable of doing nearly anything to get money or drugs.” Geez, how could RM be so misguided as to pick this as her self description? Makes me wonder how dumb this “rocket scientist” !?!?

  9. Fred Baker says

    Joeli, I understand your take regarding Citizen Ruth but don’t see RM as “misguided” for picking it. At the end of the film, despite all of the pressures from both sides of the abortion debate, she does conk a guard on the head with a toilet tank cover and walk out past protesters for both sides without being detected. I’d say that indicates a powerful inner strength that nothing–not even seemingly overwhelming circumstances and conditions–could defeat in the end, which may well be RM’s point.

    Admittedly, a whole lot of readers might not quite grasp her meaning….

  10. Grijalva…..start packin’ you bastard!

    You are about to get your butt kicked by Ruth.

    Thank God there is a real candidate in the race against him!!!

    Go Ruth!!!

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