Hoorah! Marine goes ballistic in Washington

Let’s hear it for this U.S. Marine veteran, David Hederick, who read the riot act to Congressman, Brian Baird in Washington state.


(HT to the good folks at HotAir.com)


  1. SEMPER FI!!!! GOD BLESS you,
    concerned Patriot!

    Our so-called leaders…..Oblahblah and The Mob plus many Reps. and Sens. are so self-serving they seem blinded to what this Great Nation is all about. God help us! Let us join this Marine and speak out!

  2. Now I know how Chris Matthews feels…that sent a tingle up my leg!

    Piece, by piece, our Republic is being dismantled. I was with a client recently who lives in Guatemala for a few months at a time and just returned; according to my client the people of Guatemala do not believe the US will exist much longer. Their words…no more capitalism, all socialism.

  3. ProudAmericanArmyMom says

    HOOOAH to this Marine Vet. I had to stand up and cheer for him. He couldn’t have said it any better than he did ! Better yet was that he didn’t give Brian Baird the time to say anything back. Still clapping !

  4. “Better yet was that he didn’t give Brian Baird the time to say anything back.”

    Becuase God forbid there be DIALOGUE.

    More proof that conversative movmement is in the hands of a bunch of children who are driven by the fact that they are no longer getting their way.

  5. Basil St. John says

    If he’s a disabled vet, isn’t he eligible for government-provided socialized medicine?

  6. Basil St. John,
    As a disabled vet he EARNED his health care, it was given to him!

  7. Annie Hoyle says

    I love this Marine. Well said, my fellow American!

    There is just too much name calling and no listening from both sides! We all have a right to be heard.

    Regarding “DIALOGUE”; I have to wade through tons of your “dialogue” on this blog daily. Some of us just have more of a need to be heard than others! Right?!

  8. oops – I meant it was not given to him

  9. “Klute,
    There is just too much name calling and no listening from both sides! We all have a right to be heard.”

    Fine, and I’ve got no problem with. Do you really think that you’re not being heard? Conservatives are driving this debate. Where exactly are you not being heard?

    Does not winning every single election mean “WE CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT HEARD!!!”.


    “I have to wade through tons of your “dialogue” on this blog daily. Some of us just have more of a need to be heard than others! Right?!”

    Wow, Annie. Orwell wrote “Animal Farm” as an animal fable for children, yet you still managed to miss its point.

    Aw, I’m so sorry an opposite opinion has penetrated your carefully constructed Manichean virtual reality.

  10. SideShowJoe says

    I think I heard the word “healthcare”….once?

  11. Annie Hoyle says


    I don’t mind you having an opposite opinion. We ALL have a right to be heard. We don’t need to be nasty about it or name call.

  12. We need more people like this Marine Vet calling people on the carpet for not defending the constitution of this country and protecting my liberties and yours.

  13. Annie,

    So stop trying to say I, or anyone else, is trying to keep you from voicing your opinion or denying you your freedom of speech! That’s far more offensive, especially when no one’s trying to do that.

    Me typing my opinion on an open message board DOES NOT EQUAL ME TRYING TO OPPRESS YOU, so stop implying it does.

  14. Annie Hoyle says

    Nope, wasn’t trying to say that. I don’t feel oppressed. I don’t feel that my freedom of speech is being denied.

    I didn’t like “Animal Farm”… for that matter, I don’t like Orwell at all. I really am this stupid and you are so witty and right!

    It is still funny to me that the comment about “dialogue” and us acting like “children” was coming from you. That is all I really was trying to say. You are funny!

    I really loved what this Marine had to say and am so very proud of how he expressed himself! I LOVE Town Hall Meetings!

  15. Annie,

    “I didn’t like “Animal Farm”… for that matter, I don’t like Orwell at all.”

    You don’t have to like Orwell to understand the point.


    “Some of us just have more of a need to be heard than others! Right?!”

    Is clearly a riff off of “Animal Farm”‘s:

    “All Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”


    And Orwell clearly meant that quote to symbolize the corruption in the Soviet Union – where the “upper” party members gamed the system to give themselves everything at the expense of the “people” having nothing.

    You believe I don’t think an opposing viewpoint should be heard, which isn’t true, and even if I did, I’d be howling against the wind, because it’s not even remotely close to what’s happening in America today.

    “I really am this stupid and you are so witty and right!”

    It must be difficult to type while up on that cross.

    “It is still funny to me that the comment about “dialogue” and us acting like “children” was coming from you.”

    No more so than the hysterical accusations of my comments here being some sort of nefarious, Byzantine scheme of attempting to prevent your voice from being heard.

  16. And yes, dialogue – what the Marine was trying to do is loudly Lee Greenwood is way into getting the Represenative to do what he wanted him to do – i.e. “I’m a Marine with absolutel moral authority because I’m a wounded Marine!”. He could have just shortened his little outburst with: “It’s my ball and I’m taking it home!”

    No, it’s not dialogue. Yes, it is childish.

  17. Annie Hoyle says

    THBBBBBBBB! (That is a raspberry)! How’s THAT for childish! You are right again!

  18. Basil St. John says

    Catsclaw: However he became eligible for government-provided health care, he’s still getting health care from a government program and he seems to want to keep that. So why does he think that government-provided health care is such a bad idea?

  19. Klute,
    in what way have you served your country?

  20. Basil St. John: Why is it then that Mr. Kennedy immediately declared that he and his cronies would be exempt from this new amazing socialized health care??

    Hmmmm, are you aware of the benefits that our government officials get? What is good for us should be mandatory for them…your thoughts?

  21. Steve,

    Ah, so the Marine (and thus anyone who’s ever served) DOES have absolute moral authority?

    Last I checked, this isn’t “Starship Troopers”, and serving in the miliarty isn’t a requirement for citizenship, and does not elevate one who has served over another.

    For the record, I haven’t served militarily. Born with a bad heart that required surgery. Wouldn’t have served had I not been born with it. But I respect and support those who have including my father (Army, stationed over in Europe in the early ’60s) and my cousin (Navy, currently serving in OIF) and grandfathers (Czechoslovak partisans during WWII).

    Corporal Hedrick doesn’t get a pass to make stupid statements because he’s put on a uniform, anymore than Rep. Baird does.

  22. And, incidentally, Rep. Baird *is* listening to his consitutents, considering he has won relection to the House 5 times this decade:

    2000 Brian Baird 56% Trent R. Matson 114,861 41%

    2002 Brian Baird 62% Joseph Zarelli 38%

    2004 Brian Baird 62% Thomas A. Crowson 38%

    2006 Brian Baird 63% Michael Messmore 37%

    2008 Brian Baird 64% Michael Delavar 36%

    So, it would Cpl. Hedrick is out of the mainstream for WA CD-3.

    But Shhhhhh! He who screams loudest MUST have the big MO. Right?

  23. Klute,
    Get beyond moral authority…I was just curious as to what YOU have done for “your” county….not your elatives, friends etc…Why are you so offended by a citizen (who has done something for “his” country) expressing his opinions…..Now, the video ended when he was done, but did the Congessman explain his position afterward?

  24. Klute, in response to Baird’s election history….Yes…That is the history…..
    But, The times….they are a changin!

    Why are you so offended by someone having the opposite opinion? isnt that what you stand for?

    It is not mral authority…it is freedom of speech….and while we are at it….

    You seem to support the government taking over health care, etc…..Please enlighten me….What other Country has it better than we have here….and for that matter….Please show me where socialism has worked in the past.

  25. I’m not offended by him expressing his opinions. I’m offended by the fact that shouting at someone, and not willing to exchange in actual debate is being lauded as some sort of great moment in the history of discourse.

    I’m also offended by the use of the word “Nazi” on both sides – which is why I mentioned the “stupid statements” of Cpl. Hendrick and Rep. Baird. You know who uses the “tactics of the brownshirts” or “who wears a swastikia”.


    Saying otherwise is a joke – whoever says it.

    I’m sorry you feel aggrieved by an election loss. Them’s the breaks. I felt aggrieved to during ’00 and ’04. And I know you were all told there was a “permanent conservative majority” just over the horizon. Guess what? Santa Claus ain’t real either. There’s no permanent ANYTHING in American politics.

    As for Rep. Baird – times ain’t changing that much. The GOP will probably pick up some seats in 2010 – as happens 95% of the time in off year elections for incumbent president. But Rep. Baird obviously has the confidence of his district.

    While I don’t know if Baird addressed, whoever was manning the camera didn’t give us that chance to hear.

    As for Socialism… Social Security. Medicare. Pell Grants. The US interstate highway program is one of the most successful socialistic programs in the world (however, if you spend your weekends filling in potholes and erecting signs, kudos to your moxie). France has an excellent universal health plan – my grandfather resettled there after WWII and lived to age 92 in his own home, utilizing their home care services and their hospital system, and never once had a complaint (and my grandfather was a man who had a big book of grievances).

  26. Dialogue is only useful when the other person is not ignorant to the facts that this is a nation based on God and the Constitution . If you find that disagreeable leave. I am sick and tired of people who think America is a bunch of conservatives. America is about people who seek freedom not dictatorship by a socialist government.

  27. Huzzah! Bruce! Me Too!!

    (Does Motor-Mouth-Klute have controlling space priority in this blog?)?)

  28. Klute:
    Sounds like France my be the place for you also!
    On Tuesday, the Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a
    two-page amendment courtesy of Republican Tom Coburn that would
    require all Members and their staffs to enroll in any new
    government-run health plan. Yet all Democrats with the
    exceptions of acting chairman Chris Dodd, Barbara Mikulski and Ted
    Kennedy via proxy voted nay.

  29. “Yet all Democrats with the
    exceptions of acting chairman Chris Dodd, Barbara Mikulski and Ted
    Kennedy via proxy voted nay.”

    So, not “all” then. Gotcha.

    “Sounds like France my be the place for you also!”

    Nah. I’m an American.

  30. Klute:
    You seem to keep avaoiding my question “what have YOU done for this country”? You were quick to reply what your dad and grandfather did….but have not answered the question….What have YOU done to make this a better place? (Complaining on a blog does not count).

    Anyway…This blog thing has been entertaining….I hope YOU get exactly what Obama has in mind for health care….I will stick with my current plan (Oh..I work and get decent health care benefits)….I will keep my money and benefits…You can have the “Change”….

    OOOH RAH for the Marine out there being heard….And as a last note….THANK GOD for the Marines…If it were not for them, your grandfather would not have been able to relocate to France (Unless he spoke fluent German and had blonde hair and blue eyes!!!)

  31. Obama is leading us down the path of socialism. Worse is the fact that he appointed 2 admitted communists, one is the FCC czar and the other is the Green czar. This is not the change most Americans wanted. Hopefully Americans’s will wake up and not give him a 2nd term. This also applies to his people in Congress especially Nancy Pelosi and Chris Dodd.

  32. This country was founded on a few very simple principles. One of them was to be assured the right of freedom, which includes the freedom to choose.

    What I believe many people are over-looking is that by implementing such a large government run programs like a nationalized healthcare program, it is quite likely it will drive a substantial portion of private healthcare insurance providers out of business, and cause those that remain to have insanely high premiums. The majority of people will then be left with no option but the government program.

    Not only will the freedom to choose an insurance provider be limited, the people will have to RELY upon the government for it, and that is not a good position.

    I don’t recall anyone ever saying that our way of life here in America is perfect. There may possbibly be certain aspects of other forms of government that are better than ours, but does that make their system better than ours overall?.. I don’t think so.

    Sure, there are lots of things in this country that need fixing. Political corruption is prolific on BOTH sides, but trying to “change” our Amercian way is not the answer and it’s not going to change things much. Our government is already way too big & there is no real way to monitor what “they” are doing. Swapping a broken system for something new isn’t answer, especially when it’s still basically the same people running the show.

    One last thing to those that want a goverment that provides everything to them. Move away. Go to another country. Find yourself your new home, stay there, and send us a postcard once in a while. Our government was not set up, nor ever intended to be a provider. It is just supposed to be a protector. If you don’t like that, you are still free to leave.

    Do you get what I’m saying here folks, (especially you The Klute)? Implementing programs that are not in conjunction with the constitution is not the answer. We need to remedy the cause, not hide the symptoms.

  33. lightfallonme says

    catsclaw: apparently you aren’t aware of the horrendous conditions & inadequacies of va healthcare.as a 66 yr old,female,marine vet,perhaps i can shed light on your, ah, shall we say, lack of knowledge?the meds are outdated,the staff are uncaring,med expertise, as a rule, woefully substandard & archaic,&it’s not free unless you have a service connected disability.now, to housekeeping,when my brother was dying in a va hosp & in my own hospitalizations, aides routinely dumped feces & urine in the tubs, housekeeping refused to do more than a “pass through” when “cleaning”,staph/mrsa infections are rampant,nursing staff & aides routinely went from room to room wearing surgical gloves, touching patient after patient with the same gloves, spreading disease from patient after patient, protecting themselves but infecting patients.i could go on but no space to do so. that’s what we all are going to face with socialized medicine. pay attention to those who have already experienced it first hand. it is your future!

  34. lightfallonme says

    & what in the devil is a klute any way? sounds like a blowhard anus in love with the smell of its own emissions. in other words, a whole lot of hot, smelly gas & no substance.

  35. lightfallonme says

    &, while i’m at it, hooah is army, oorah is marine.

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