Hold The Line Pamela!

And yet another ad comes out beating up on Senator Pamela Gorman over her steadfast refusal to raise taxes on the voters of Arizona.

This one was put out by the Arizona Manufacturers Council who represents not the voters but, manufacturers.

I’m getting a little angry at those special interests who seem to think all they need to do is push Pamela Gorman around because she’s a woman. Why the hell not target Senator Ron Gould?

This especially irritates me because I represent the TAXPAYERS of Arizona. You know, the ones who have to pay for all this mess during the current recession.

These guys need to learn fast that they’re barking up the wrong tree. When all is said and done and we are a year down the road, the true heroes of this budget crisis which will turn into a budget collapse, will be those who voted against it.


  1. Trish Groe says

    Well said!

  2. These folks just don’t know Gorman, she will not cave!

  3. MaricopaGOP says

    At the risk of offending the Honorables Groe and Gould, this is a lot of hockey puck.

    To start with, the Manufacturers – probably aided and abetted by the JK protege GH – are not helping the situation. Supporters of the budget attacking those against the budget is just as wrong as those who oppose the budget attacking those who support it. Calling those who voted for it weak, cavers, etc. is just as bad as this ad.

    As to the budget, this is the most conservative budget since the advent of the Jane-Janet-Janice liberal period on the ninth floor. This budget package is unanimously rated as a tax cut by reputable organizations who have a track record of protecting taxpayers like Americans for Tax Reform, Free Enterprise Club, Americans for Prosperity, Pachyderm Coalition, etc.

    A PERMANENT tax CUT of 750 million to over a Billion a year in the two most onerous taxes (income and property), all of the spending cuts in the 2009 fix and the 2010 proposal, the elimination of tenure in K-12, cutting state government FTEs by a minimum of 5%, a huge step towards a FAIR tax, establishing the framework for the first effort to cut the fraud and abuse in the system. All of this in return for the referral to the voters (taxpayers) for their consideration of a guaranteed temporary sales tax capped at 2.2 billion.

    Of interest to me, is your statement that you have somehow been elected to represent the taxpayers of Arizona. I missed that line on the last ballot. I am a taxpayer and your position does not represent me. Are you getting like AARP or the AEA?

    This reminds me of the vote a quarter century ago when the Pro-Life advocates in the legislature killed a bill that was the strongest Pro-Life piece of legislation in the country because it was not pure enough and we have spent the intervening years fighting over bill after bill to pass the protections that were recklessly thrown away.

    Let’s see what happens from the new five-sided negotiations where the Democrats and the Mushrooms will work in cooperation with the Governor. Expect a more conservative budget? I think not.

    You are right about one thing, we will evaluate a year from now the impact of the NO votes from the conservative members of the legislature who demanded purity in the political process.

  4. nightcrawler says

    Holding the line will do just one thing… make the GOP look like inept buffoons. We can not get out of our own way. Not passing the budget will have huge ramifications state-wide. Ask Dean Martin. A year from now, those who could have avoided such a calamity will be held into account.

    Gould who comes from the political hinterlands can probably survive the wrath of his constituents who either don’t care or don’t vote. Gorman on the other hand, has much more to lose.

    I don’t believe for a moment she is being targeted just because she is a woman. DSW that is a reach more becoming a liberal. The gender card, if you will. You are much more sophisticated than that.

    Oh and by the way, I also pay taxes.

  5. What a ridiculous redneck moment. says

    Hey yoyo Legislators!!!!

    Read your Arizona Constitution lately?

    Guess not.

    Vote a big whopping tax increase to balance the budget, and then the voters will finally figure out that the propositions are stupid.

    What you are doing instead is killing the Republican Party!!!

    So, once again, we get self serving Grovers instead of real leaders.

    I dare you to strip the tax code of all credits- make true flat taxes, and raise enough revenue to pay for what the voters wanted, right or wrong. Cut what else you can, but driving this bus into the ditch will just kill the party.

    Dang fools.

  6. I don’t understand why Republicans aren’t mad at Governor Brewer instead of these Republicans who are doing what we asked them to do. Republicans don’t raise taxes, especially in a recession.
    I know, I know. The voters are going to reject the tax increase. If we know that, then don’t waste money and cut the budget NOW.

  7. MaricopaGOP says

    Dang fools (easier than your other moniker), what about a billion dollars reduction in income and property taxes per year forever makes this a tax increase?

    And it is amazing that people – who did not even know what taxes do to the economy when Grover Norquist was personally asked by Ronald Reagan to fight for America’s taxpayers – seem to think that all of the combined knowledge in government budgets resides in their own brains.

    Grover Norquist did NOT write this budget, he did not lobby for this budget, he merely scored the total package as a tax cut for Arizonans. Scoring budgets like this has been his expertise for two generations and he has shown exceptional competence in that job.

    PS: To Shane, While I agree that the campaign by the Manufacturers is ill-conceived, unless you know something that no one else knows, they are also TAXPAYERS. In fact, I would wager that most of them pay more taxes than you and I combined, both in tax rate and total dollars. Most manufacturers are small businesses owned by – – – people who pay both personal AND corporate taxes!

    They sure have the same First Amendment rights that we do – and the same ability as you and I to use that right to advocate a position that others might not favor.

  8. Keep driving the bus into the ditch, GOPer’s. See you at election time. Buh-Bye.

  9. Sarka Scarpulla says

    I also forgot that I voted for you. What part of the ballot was that?

    Speak for your kool aid drinkers Shane, not for all Arizonans.

    Delusions of grandeur are often the first sign of the fall.

  10. MaricopaGOP,

    Let’s remember that corporations and thus, manufacturers do NOT pay taxes. They simply pass it on to the consumer through higher prices.

  11. Gormon won’t be around to reap any benefits. When polls show 65% think she should vote that’s a bad sign for her. She’ll loose in her next election and then can sit at home happy she stood for something.

    I too find it ironic that those that throw the most vitriol are shocked when it comes back to them.

  12. The Coughlin-led machine of consultants and insider, special interest lobbyists are putting Rahm Emanuel’s words into action “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” They are using the budget crisis to increase taxes on Arizona’s working families (and voters) by $3 billion (which they never mention in their videos) while cutting corporate taxes (tax cuts that are EXTREMELY unlikely to ever take effect).

    Ironically, this whole tax argument is NOT directly related to the budget. The budget is on the Governor’s desk. It’s only Governor Brewer (who has NO authority to put ANYTHING on the ballot according to the Constitution) who has said “I won’t sign the budget, unless you pass this tax increase referral.” Why didn’t she start a signature campaign to put it on the ballot herself if that’s what she believed people wanted and was right for Arizona? Hmmmm…

    Why isn’t the heat on the GOVERNOR to sign the Republican budget bills Gorman voted for that includes the property tax repeal BECAUSE of Gorman’s insistence (that tax-hiking Jan Brewer has already vetoed). And seriously … would there be ANY talk of ANY tax cuts, but for Gorman’s unwillingness to fold under immense pressure and bullying from the tax-hiking special interests? Of course not. Burns and the rest of them rolled over in a heartbeat and foolishly conceded the tax issue from the start. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    Gorman has been consistent. She has stood firm. She said she won’t vote for the $3 billion tax increase. She won’t put it on the ballot, where no doubt millions will be spent urging passage. If these videos are any indication, Gorman looks more “right” every day. And these guys aren’t helping their cause by beating on a strong woman. She doesn’t concede. She fights back. If they had just put her complete PERSONAL income tax phaseout on the referral (instead of their corporate welfare), they’d probably have it passed by now.

    Other Republicans … Gould, Carolyn Allen, Jim Waring … have not yet provided any “Yes” vote on this tax hike referral. Why target Gorman exclusively and not any of them (or the Governor to sign the budget)? Because Gorman has stood up loudly and proudly and traveled to DC and used her contacts to draw attention to the foolish idea to increase taxes on working families by $3 billion in the midst of a recession. She won’t shut up about it and the good ole boys network doesn’t like it.

    To suggest this budget is “conservative” is spin-meistering to the Nth degree. That is laughable. Even the conservatives that voted for the budget bills (of which the $3 billion tax increase referral is NOT) have held their noses voting for it. Not enough spending cuts. Will result in billions of dollars of deficits in 2010. And does ANYONE believe those corporate tax cuts will take effect in light of those deficits with a demonstrated unwillingness to really cut spending. All the Democrats and a handful of Republicans (who already support the tax increase) is all it will take to undue and illusory tax cuts via a simple amendment that will pass in months, not years.

    Gorman is a profile in courage. And these knuckleheads make her look better and better every step they take in fighting her. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. How would you like to be a woman married to one of these neanderthalic bullies?

  13. I want to go back to my earlier point about manuafactuers paying taxes.

    It is true that corporations don’t pay taxes in a defacto sense while paying in a dejure sense. Their consumers ultimately pay the price OR, they simply cut back in other areas (payroll likely being the biggest expense and thus, employees.)

    Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that the tax burden on business => consumers is too much. In fact, we should be cutting taxes in this area so that we can attract some of those California businesses to Arizona. The unemployment rate in Yuma is over 20%. Let’s get our neighbors to relocate across the border.

    That said, the problem is SPENDING. Who do you think put us in this position? If we really want to bring the state budget under control, we need to cut back just like every individual in this state is having to do. Don’t shift the cost of government to the taxpayer by raising taxes. Cut back and get the Napolitano legacy under control.

    To coin a phrase from the Clinton era, “It’s the Spending Stupid!”

  14. BFoj,

    I agree with you on this. This whole budget fiasco is not Brewer vs. Gorman, it’s about Republicans trying to get their house in order after getting their butts kicked for being fiscally irresponsible over the last 8-9 years. For the most part, those Republicans in the legislature know what happened at the federal level in 2006 and 2008. They witnessed the GOP get their heads handed to them because they went on a national spending spree without any money in the bank. Every other financial bubble has burst with the exception of government. If we are going to get our economy back on track, we need to burst the bubble on government spending. Otherwise, we’re setting ourselves up for an even worse outcome!

  15. MaricopaGOP says


    It is the spending, but it is also the revenue. We are not the federal government and we cannot print money or estblish a 9 trillion or even 9 billion debt. If we reduce the revenue to the monolith called the government, the spending has to come down. California is the prime example of the side benefit of the referral of a sales tax proposition on the ballot. When that failed, all the legislators who would not vote to make the necessary cuts using the excuse that people want higher taxes instead of program cuts had no place to hide. RESULT: CUTS CUTS CUTS

    Let me point out once again that the OVERWHELMING percentage of employers are small businesses and that includes manufacturers. For you to paint manufacturers with the single brush that they are large corporations that merely pass on the taxes to their customers is absolutely wrong in theory and in practice!

    Most of the manufacturers are not even C-Corp, but S-Corp, Partnerships and sole proprietors/family businesses. Their tax burden directly impacts their ability to hire others, and may be the deciding factor in whether they can stay in business in this world economy.

    I am amazed that you try to defend the refusal of conservative legislators to voe for the largest tax reduction package in the history of the state with such a weak and ill-informed argument.

    With your background, you should be acutely aware of the effects of the outcome when Pro-Lifers killed a strong Pro-Life bill as not being pure enough two generations ago. This is budget package is a direct analogy.

  16. Talk about killing the conservative message:

    “And these knuckleheads make her look better and better every step they take in fighting her. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. How would you like to be a woman married to one of these neanderthalic bullies?”

    Thanks for showing your propensity for having NO ability to argue the position without resorting to Obams/Pelosi/Reid personal attacks. My natural tendency is to respond in kind, but I am content to live in the knowledge that the FACTS support my position and I do not have to resort to such tactics.

    A $750+ Million tax reduction for as long as my grandchildren will live beats the heck out of whatever will come out of these five-party negotiations. It even beats the heck out of a 2.2 billion capped three year maximum sales tax increase.

    Don’t ever pick third grade math on “Are you smarter than a fifth grader”. You will be gone.

  17. MaricopaGOP should identify him/er self, the commnets are great and make some very good points.

  18. If Gorman and Gould can’t show unity with the GOP then they should go with the party they belong to, the Libertarian party, they are a new breed of RINO.

  19. I think the video is right on. Why not support a tax cut for people and businesses right now? The economy is in the tank, let’s get it going again. And who the heck wants to pay more in property taxes? Sen. Gorman, I think, is just being stubborn and silly by not supporting this budget. She painted herself into a corner and now she thinks she can’t get out. No one really cares that much about her, really, do they. As a solid conservative Republican, she should support this bill but she’s afraid of future political endeavors. I really think Constantin is giving her bad advice. He’s a smart guy, but wrong on this one.

  20. Again, don’t get me wrong. The tax cut provisions of the bill are great and should be signed into law. My problem is that the growth of government and government spending has exceeded reasonable expectations. Under Napolitano, government programs swelled as a means to reward those who helped in her election/reelecion (All Day-K). Times were fairly good so hardly anyone was paying attention to the rate of government spending. With the dramatic downturn of the economy, and over a year of declining tax revenues, the bill cannot be paid. For months, I’ve been screaming and arguing on this blog that Governor Brewer has been taking the budget in the wrong direction. It’s like that SNK skit with Steve Martin where the guys is trying to explain that if a person doesn’t have the money, you don’t keep spending. Does this mean that cutting back on programs is going to cause some “pain?” Absolutley. But if we dont get this state budget back on a reasonable trajectory, it’s gonna be a lot worse.

    Now it sounds like you (MaricopaGOP) think this should go to the voters because you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the voters will overwhelmingly say “NO” to the question. And that will ultimately give cover to leadership to make the cuts – a voter mandate. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that reasoning.

    I’m not that convinced that the voters WILL vote against a tax increase. Especially given that the AEA, AFSCME and unions will drop millions of dollars into a campaign to scare the hell out of the voters. I know some state legislators (Pearce) believe that the voters will say no but I’d rather not take that risk. If the voters did say yes, it would perpetuate the continued growth of government and compound our budgetary woes. I also don’t believe for a second that Governor Brewer is hoping that the voters say no to higher taxes so she can turn around and lead an effort on cutting.

    Incidentally, I do own three businesses and if my expenses were to increase, I would turn around and transfer the costs to my customers. But I would run the risk of losing customers by jacking the price up on them.

    Ultimately, the Governor should sign this bill and readjust the spending to accomodate dynamic and declining tax revenues.

  21. DSW: congratulations for spelling “losing” correctly. Most KonservaKooks can’t do that. Must be a home schooling thang. Losing is just what the Republicans will do in legislative races across the state because of their inability to govern responsibly.

  22. MaricopaGOP says


    I cannot guarantee the voters would fail to pass the sales tax. Lets look at the worst case and best case scenarios. But first, I want to highlight your touch of realism.

    “But I would run the risk of losing customers by jacking the price up on them.” That means jobs lost, taxes lost, government program increases, etc. Your statement seems so innocent until you place those possibilities on every small business owner in the state.

    This package is written in a way where the governor does not get her referral until the Equalization Tax repeal and the reduction in the QTR is already in place and the resumption of those taxes would institute a Prop 108. Those two tax cuts add up to $330 million a year – PERMANENT. After only seven years of FOREVER, the total tax reductions is #2.25 Billion.

    The Sales Tax, if passed, would be restricted by the voters to only three years and capped at $2.2 Billion. That means the sales tax hit on Arizonans is guaranteed to be offset just with the ET Repeal and QTR reduction.

    In addition, this package includes 1.2 Billion in 2009 and 2010 reductions in expenditure reductions, plus a total of $400-$500 million in income and property tax cuts, the elimination of teacher tenure, the reduction of over 2,000 state FTEs, fraud reduction, etc, etc.

    If the taxpayers fail to pass the referendum and all the cuts take place, it is a $5.5 Billion tax cut by 2015.

    My question is are you really optimistic at the outcome of the now fully joined five-way talks? We know that if what we have now does not get implemented, there are enough Republicans to once again join with the Democrats and roll leadership. They will put in the sales tax referral to get the governors signature and the tax cuts will not be there.

    At that time, will you be applauding those who refused for a package that included the tax cuts? Blaming the governor may make some feel good – and she definitely deserves a LOT of blame for her Coughlin sales tax demand.

    However, babies that were killed over the last quarter century because Pro-Life advocates refused to vote for an imperfect plan that protected 90% of the aborted babies for many many years. I believe the same holds true in the fiscal arena for those who slammed this window closed.

  23. There is a difference between representing one’s district and representing conservatives. Electeds go against their district for one reason: they are courting another, larger district. Like Congress.

    Well, MaricopaGOP, I am puzzled by your last paragraph, as it’s a wife-beater question. There are paradoxes in politics, for sure, but I don’t think your statement about abortion is about one of them. Would prolifers support a law that outlawed abortion for one particular race? It would certainly save some babies’ lives, but is that the kind of incrementalism and absurdity you think prolifers should embrace? Are you saying it’s like Schindlers’ list…you can’t save them all.

  24. MaricopaGOP, Amen brother/sister! Nothing I can add, but I back you all the way!

    I have to say, as much as I hate that term…Charlie may be onto something with the concept of a new breed of RINO.

    Janelle, you are spot on. This is killing the conservative message. PERMANENT tax cuts versus temporary increase. So we have to let the Dems define us…again?

    Why do we even care if we have the majority AND 9th Floor? We are hellbent on self-destruction.

  25. -The Entire Republican Party Platform-

    Me want tax cut. Tax cut make everything good. Give me tax cut.

  26. Remember Gorman supported a life long Democrat in LD 6 for the AZ House in 2008 against a good conservative Carl Seel. It’s time for Gorman to GO.

  27. eeeewww, Carl Seel? He may be good. He may be a conservative. But he’s a baffling idiot. Can I say that here?

  28. Sarka Scarpulla says

    MaricopaGOP your argument only makes sense if tax cuts are the only possible way to solve our shared crisis. If my bills exceed my income, I don’t grant myself a pay cut. I look at both sides of the ledger.

    While we need to control spending (and I agree a cap may be the best way) that is dependent on controlling health care, AHCCCS, in the long run, unemployment benefits in the short term and education a nd incarceration costs ad infinitum.

    At both the federal and local levels, GOP led tax cuts have proven ineffective in preventing the very scenario we find ourselves in. Furthering similar tax cuts, just to ensure Pinnacle West can continue to pay a $2.00 dividend, is asinine. Arizona needs true tax reform, a structure that endures cyclical trends, the ebbs and flows of a regional economy based on growth, retail sales, services and tourism.

    We need to find solutions that incorporate and benefit all Arizonans, not just the vested few. Provide that, and we prosper. Adherence to tired dogma, subject to approval by Beltway demagogues, will lead to deeper problems.

  29. Taaaax cut. Give me taaax cut.

  30. MaricopaGOP says

    SS: We do need real reform and the Governor’s staff have clearly been told that she is responsible for the problems in the bureaucracy if she does nothing to root out the fraud, abuse, mismanagement and inefficiencies – and to this date she has done NOTHING in those areas.

    Wolfy: Look back at the bill they voted against before you get too wrapped up in some sort of weird hyperbole. What we now have in law to protect the unborn is what they opposed because it did not totally outlaw abortion. Dang Fools!

    This is exactly the same, except it has to do with money. Gorman and Gould will not vote for a package that amounts to a 5 billion dollar net tax cut – a tax cut that amounts to larger every year in perpetuity because one small part of the package contains a referral to the ballot of a POSSIBLE temporary sales tax increase that is capped at 2.2 billion – if it passes.

    Where I grew up, we called that cutting off your nose to spite your face. Or to quote another poster, Dang Fools!

  31. Proud Republican says

    I do remember that Pam Gorman supported some open border democrat, Tony Bouie, during the 08 primary. Bouie was a democrat until 5 days before he filed. Gorman made auto dial calls attacking Seel, Why did she do that? Why can’t she get along with a republican governor and republican members of the legislature? Maybe she is more of a libertarian then a republican or conservative. as someone said above, maybe she is a new breed of RINO.

  32. To those who believe that Pam Gorman is a conservative hero, I urge you to read the following article from the Republic:


    Looks like the end result will be a more generous referral and no permanent income taxes. Spending will probably go up as well.

    Great job, Senator Gorman! Let’s all give her a hero’s welcome at the LD 6 meeting tomorrow!

    Sen. Gorman is as useful on the budget to conservatives as Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (oh yeah, that’s right, they both voted the same way).

    Agree with all those who believe that Gorman should be held accountable for the results of her refusal to support the budget package.

  33. Princess Pammy wants to be Congresswoman Pammy. She will do whatever she thinks will help her toward this end.

  34. Senator Pamela Gorman has sent out a response to all this: SENATOR PAMELA GORMAN RESPONDS….

  35. I skimmed her 10,000+ word response. I stopped when I read she thinks the sale tax increase referral to the ballot will pass.

    I don’t care how conservative or liberal you are. If you, today, think a tax increase at the ballot box will pass there is really something wrong with you.

  36. Gorman IS Arizona’s Sarah Palin and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

  37. What was Gorman thinking? Does this women have some sort of mental problem ? Did she hate her mother and therefore hates the governor? If the Republicans have to shut down government becasue of spoiled child Gorman, then she should be re-called, she is destroying the GOP.

  38. MaricopaGOP says

    Look at the Arizona Guardian article this morning and tell me you like what the alternative is, df.

    **** MaricopaGOP, I sure hope “df” doesn’t mean what I think it does! ****

    “Democrats have a price for their support of Gov. Jan Brewer’s budget plan, and it‘s not just about the sales tax hike.

    Shut out from budget negotiations throughout the legislative session, the minority party now finds itself with the power to make demands and perhaps craft a budget more to their liking.

    Shut down twice by members of her own party, who refused to vote for her sales-tax referral, Brewer turned to Democrats last week and met for the first time Friday with the leaders of all four caucuses.

    Democrats want the sales-tax hike to be at least 1-cent for three years. The latest iteration reduces the tax-hike to a half-cent in year three.

    Democrats also want changes to the education funding formula, which currently eliminates automatic inflation funding.

    And they want the state equalization tax to return, generating an additional $250 million in property tax revenues.”

    This seems like a great outcome. Right!

  39. The Bottom Line: 32 out of 35 Republicans in the House and 15 out of 18 Republicans in the Senate support this package.

    They include Harper, Verschoor, Huppenthal, Pearce, Pierce, Melvin, C. Gray, S. Allen, Burges, Seel, Stevens, Hendrix, Montenegro, Antenori, Gowan, Barto, Kavanaugh, Tobin, Adams, Burns.

    In addition, Americans for Tax Reform, Free Enterprise Club, Americans for Prosperity and the Pachyderm Coalition support this package. There are no recognized taxpayer organizations that oppose the package.

    Gould, Gorman, Crump and Biggs are outside their own support base. Read Russell Pearce’s letter of last week for a clear understanding of the whole package.

  40. Obviously Gorman does not trust the people with their government.

  41. Dude, who do you work for? says

    Shane (DSW), I have to tell you that I find it interesting that you work for Americans for Prosperity here in Arizona and they back the plan, yet you openly editorialize that those who oppose it are the real heroes. What gives?

    Are you wrong about this and the collection of tax policy folks at AFP have it right? Or do you think your bosses are all wet on this issue and you’ve used this rather public communications tool to let them know?

    As a follow-up, I’m not sure why you’ve elected to bring charges of sexism into the debate. I’m sure the reason they’re not running ads against Carolyn Allen or Ron Gould is because those two are absolutely nuts and completely unreachable. One on the right and one on the left. The only one you can have any hope of seeing what needs to be done is Gorman, but it is starting to look like that’s a waste of time. Her ego is feeding off of this attention and you can be sure that she LOOOOOOOOOOOVES it. But really, calling the producers of the ad sexist and accusing them of targeting Gorman because she’s a woman? That’s pathetic. Allen is a woman too, but she’s not targeted.

    You owe some folks an apology for taking the debate down that path.

    Lastly, all that talk of yours of “corporations don’t pay taxes, they just pass them on to the consumers” might seem like a clever way to discount the value of corporate tax cuts, but your bosses at AFP will be able to explain to you that by your own logic, those then become MORE individual tax cuts that Gorman is blocking.

    I think maybe its time you stopped trying to help?

  42. Highlights from 8-19-09 Emil Franzi column: The obligations of a coalition (Don’t worry DSW; unlike the insensitive producers of the video, the column achieves gender balance in calling out both Pamela Gorman and Ron Gould for incompetence and throwing their political allies under the bus.)

    “[The] current budget hang-up isn’t the fault of Grover Norquist, it’s the fault of three ego-centric Republican senators – Carolyn Allen of Scottsdale, Ron Gould of Havasu City, and Pamela Gorman of Anthem.

    Allen is a liberal Republican out of synch with her own caucus. Whether her actions are from real conviction or a reaction to her diminished status — she was one of four Republicans who passed Governor Napolitano’s budget last year — is hard to say. She’s term limited out, but this does resemble pay-back to conservatives who didn’t treat her as she wished.

    The other two have no excuse. Both are guilty of the worst form of political narcissism, screwing your allies over a point of dogma. Both originally used their Norquist pledge as a crutch, but still refuse to support the budget even after Norquist said it didn’t conflict with that pledge. Gorman perceived her dilemma and resigned her leadership post. Gould emulates Lenin and defines all issues around himself, claiming everybody else is a deviationist. Great for revolutionary zealotry, not very useful in a state senate.


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