Hmm, we wonder who is behind the anonymous phone calls?

idiot.GIF has the transcript of the automated phone calls going out to Republicans trying to rally folks against the State Party Chairman Randy Pullen. The caller is not identified, nor is who pays for the call. The anonymous attack is factually incorrect as it claims that Pullen is attacking Jon Kyl when the exact opposite is true. It is nothing more than a sleazy attack on the Republican Party and its chairman. Gee, we’re having a tough time trying to figure out who would have access to automated dialers, a list of voters, and a grudge. Any ideas? Anyone?
What has been very interesting is that the calls give the number for the state party headquarters so that people can call and complain about Pullen. And it almost worked. Folks at the HQ say that their phones have been ringing off the hook alright, but the calls have been in opposition to Kyl’s bill and in support of Pullen’s work representing the Arizona Republican Party’s position. Oops, that’s probably not what the cowards who put out the call had in mind. Who could possibly have made such a strategic campaign blunder? This must be their first campaign, because anybody who made these kinds of mistakes wouldn’t last long in politics, eh? They just spent their time and money on a commercial for Pullen.
So now the question is who were the calls targeting? If it was just Republican voters then someone may be breaking the law, because voter lists can’t be used for these kinds of calls. If it was just PCs, then bad news for the insurgents and good news for the Party because the PCs are supporting the Party’s position. If it was just a list of Kyl’s supporters, hoping for a sympathetic audience, then very bad news for the shadow warriors, because then Kyl’s own personal base is against the bill.Seriously though, whose dumb idea was this call anyway? Somebody out there is putting personal interests above party interests and trying to bring down the Arizona Republican Party. Could it be a Democrat? After all, these kinds of actions are music to the ears of Napolitano, Pederson, and the rest of the Democrats. If it was a Democrat, then we’ve got to hand it to them for being very smart. Let’s see if we can find out together, alright?


  1. Could we just call Nathan Sproul and get him to fess up? That would save us all a lot of trouble.

  2. PartyGuy says

    I saw a comment on another blog where a lady was upset that she “got an automated call from Senator Kyl’s office…trying to muzzle the state party chairman.”

    I can’t believe it was Kyl’s office, but this could really backfire on Kyl. The morons who made this call have actually got people thinking the call came from Kyl. Makes sense really, since Kyl is the only other name mentioned in it.

    Maybe it really is the Dems trying to drive a wedge between Kyl and the Party?

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Would it be a dead giveaway if Kyl’s people now called Clean Elections and asked for matching funds, claiming they were the real victims of the call!


  4. I know that I have been posting a lot today, but its because I hate to see Randy Pullen get bullied, and him to semi-give in.

    Randy- don’t give in. Hopefully all of us faithful can keep calling the state party and urge you not to give in on Immigration. You have every right to point out that Kyl lied to us on immigration. I am proud to call you our chairman! It takes a man of great courage to call out our elected leaders. ‘Amnesty Mel’ should be kicked out of the Republican Party!

  5. Nathan Sproul says

    I’m not trying to be anonymous. It was me. I tried to post a while ago, but apparently it didn’t go through.

    I have never seen a State Party Chairman do more to destroy our Party than Randy Pullen. It is my opinion that a lot of people find it outrageous behavior to use Party resources to attack the efforts of our Republican.

    I believe that Randy Pullen owes an apology to our elected officials he has attacked and to all Republicans for his behavior during the past week. Until he does, I am not going to stop pointing out his outrageous conduct.

    I’m off for Memorial Day. It would be nice if we could all pause on Monday and remember the sacrifice of our men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy our freedoms.

  6. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Sorry to argue with you Will (and by all means keep posting!) but Randy has never said that Kyl lied. He has simply never said it.

    He might have said that the bill is bad, a scam, a fraud, amnesty or whatever else, but he has been very careful not to directly criticize elected Republican officials here in Arizona.

    I know you might prefer that he did, but let’s remember his job and position. As Chairman he has a balancing act between looking after our politicians and looking after our party and Republicans at large.

    So far he’s doing a good job of both!

  7. Nathan Sproul uttered:

    “I’m not trying to be anonymous. It was me. I tried to post a while ago, but apparently it didn’t go through.”

    “I have never seen a State Party Chairman do more to destroy our Party than Randy Pullen. It is my opinion that a lot of people find it outrageous behavior to use Party resources to attack the efforts of our Republican.”

    “I believe that Randy Pullen owes an apology to our elected officials he has attacked and to all Republicans for his behavior during the past week. Until he does, I am not going to stop pointing out his outrageous conduct.”

    You said as much on NATIONAL TV when you went on Fox News Channel to LIE about Pullen’s actions and statements and to engage in a smear attack against him. Since Pullen was elected as party Chairman, I’ve never been more hopeful in all my years as a Republican. Pullen is a principled man who actually listens to the grassroots of the party.

    Now you’ve admitted to engagin in a automated robocall smear campaign against our State Party Chairman. That compaign is just further evidence of your efforts to sow dissension and disunity in the party in your obvious political agenda to undermine Randy Pullen.

    If anyone owes anyone an apology it is YOU who needs to apologize to Randy Pullen and to every Republican in Arizona that you have embarassed with your lies and smears against our excellent State Party Chairman. And don’t try to hide behind Memorial Day. You’ve got some apologizing to do and everyone knows that you’ll have access to the Internet all weekend. You made this mess, you need to start cleaning it up by retracting your lies and apologizing to the injured parties.

  8. (Continued from previous post)

    If you can go on national TV to smear Randy Pullen, and you can hold a “conference call” to further your smear campaign, and you can pay for automated robocalls to attack the State Party Chairman, you can use all of those resources at your disposal to try to set things right and to apologize to Pullen and every Arizona Republican for your despicable actions.

  9. Oro Valley Dad says


    I have seen a party chairman do more to destroy the party. His name is Matt Salmon and in the 2006 CD-8 Republican Primary he recorded an automated phone call in support of Steve Huffman. The only calls that Salmon should have made would have been to the NRCC to not waste party money on Republican-on-Republican attack ads and to Steve Huffman to tell him to tone down the personal attacks against a fellow Republican.

    Randy Pullen is a breath of fresh air after the weak leadership of Salmon. Pullen is doing a great job standing up for law-abiding hard working Americans and for the truth.

  10. Absolutely sick, the way Sproul tries to wrap himself in the flag and make himself look like a patriot, while he actively works for amnesty and a refusal to secure our borders.

    He talks about unity while attacking.

    He accuses others of trying to destroy the Republican Party while he actively works to destroy the Republican Party.

    He thinks we’re idiots, that we’re not going to notice all of this.

    He is wrong.

  11. PartyGuy says

    You know, I remember the Salmon calls and folks being upset. But I don’t remember that being an excuse to attack the party, attack Salmon, try to force his resignation, attempt to recall him, or take to the national airwaves accusing him of trying to destroy the party.

    From time to time our chairmen do things that we don’t agree with, but we keep on truckin’ on behalf of the party because we’re focused on the goals.

    Sproul has always been on the inside and it is quite clear that he is allergic to the outside. He flails about, striking everywhere he can in an effort to do as much damage as possible. A semi-grown-up temper tantrum if you will.

    Except the blows he is landing damage our party and our objectives. He is now doing damage to the Republican Party like the Democrats can only wish they could. Because he attacks us as a Republican, throwing around his former titles to make himself appear like a Christian conservative Republican. In truth, he is none of those anymore, if he ever was any of them.

  12. Conservative Sage says

    I find it frankly amusing watching Sproul taking on the entire Republican party, while Republican after Republican defends themselves right back, pointing out his inconsistencies, poor performance, and lack of party loyalty. It’s been made crystal clear that nobody likes him anymore. He’s doing a terrible job defending Kyl on this issue. Kyl is basically a good guy who needs to get along with other Republicans to do his job. At what point are Kyl’s people going to tell Sproul the leaky faucet to stop? He’s making Kyl look worse the more he attacks other Republicans. You’d think Sproul would wisen up and stop the vicious jabs at some point after all of his past history has been spread across the blogs.

  13. nightcrawler says

    The backdrop of these posts is the immigration bill. The real issue is that we have a dysfunctional AZ GOP party.

    Jon Kyl is a fine man who decided after to take a pragmatic approach to a very complex problem. I support him in this effort. I believe the anger aimed at him has less to do with the bill itself and more to do with a betrayal of trust. Many people spent a lot of time and money to support his re-election campaign. People took him at his word about his stance on immigration. Those folks have a legitimate beef. He needs to reach out to those people in a town hall meeting setting instead of an exclusive plated affair. There are bridges to repair.

    Randy Pullen is also a fine man. He tirelessly canvasses the state to get down into the heart and soul of the party. He works hard. In the face of congressional snubs and smear campaigns he took the helm of the party with dignity. I also support him. Certainly he will remember the 400+ state committeemen that elected him. It should of no surprise to anyone that he will remain loyal to those who have helped him in the past. This issue has brought emotion and anger that is real and needs to be expressed however unpalatable it can be. That being said, the methods used to convey this anger were crass and theatrical in a vindictive way (see Alec Baldwin and David Hasslehoff) . Those methods distorted the message and brought shame to our party.

    Nathan Sproul also believes he has the best intentions for the AZ GOP. He is loyal to the congressional delegation which again should come as no surprise to anyone. The phone calls were unnecessary and once again brought shame. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    You can’t pontificate about party loyalty while all the while plotting a coup-de-dat at the state level. Those calls were equally as destructive to our party unity.

    So where do we go from here? I far as I can see the only winners this week were the Dems. As far as I am concerned apologies need to be given all the way around.

  14. PartyGuy says

    Nightcrawler, you’re close, but you’ve got to remember that Pullen NEVER said bad things about Kyl, only about the bill. In fact, he has been effusive in his praise of Kyl the Senator.

    The AZ GOP has passed numerous resolutions which officially state the state party’s position on this matter. Pullen is doing his job and reiterating those positions. He should not have to apologize for doing his job, especially to people who are trying to manufacture comments “against Kyl” in an effort to spark anti-Pullen backlash.

  15. nightcrawler says


    I agree that Randy has the right and the responsibility to articulate the AZ GOP resolutions. I also believe that he never mentioned Jon Kyl by name.

    The issue isn’t the message but rather the presentation. It was unprofessional.

    Again, Randy certainly was not entirely to blame for the consternation.

    For the sake of the party, all three of these guys need to step up and bury the hatchet. Pride is not a negotiable currency in this transaction.

  16. Oro Valley Dad says


    You left out one thing.

    Kyl also needs to vote against the final bill if it still includes immediate legal status for tens of millions of illegal entrants. Then everyone can kiss and make-up.

  17. PartyGuy says

    Crawler, I get the impression that that is what Pullen did with his blog post today.

    You can read it here:

    It is well done!

  18. Sproul is a crook. He’s mad that he can’t continue to get blank checks from the AZ GOP office. Gosh, old GOP so great that they lost 2 House seats in DC, Kyl had to spend $14 MILLION, wHAT’S HIS NAME LOST governship RACE, gODDARD IS STILL ag. yEAH, THE OLD gop WAS great FOR az, RIGHT??

  19. Joe Baby says


    Enjoy your Monday off. I’ll be making phone calls and sending faxes and emails all weekend, including Monday. One way to honor the veterans is to support American sovereignity and the rule of law. Thanks for lighting a fire under my fanny.

  20. PartyGuy says

    Let’s honor our troops and those who defended our freedom by doing our part to preserve this great nation. Send faxes, make phone calls and do everything you can to stop this bill.

    In the meantime, Sproul and his friends can gather in his oversized back yard and grill up some tiny wieners.

  21. Partyguy:
    Your comment “Nightcrawler, you’re close, but you’ve got to remember that Pullen NEVER said bad things about Kyl, only about the bill” is a little off the mark. Maybe I haven’t heard all that Pullen has said but I do know that he diplayed a vurgal picture of Senator Kyl that was uncalled for! If for nothing else Randy Pullen does owe Senator Kyl an apology for that.

    Your last comment to Sproul and friends was uncalled for, and no I don’t even know him. But you need to grow up and stick to the issue.

  22. Shame on you Lynn. You keep going from thread to thread spreading this lie about Pullen displaying a picture of Kyl. That is a lie and you have been asked to show us the picture. You ignored my asking you to do so on the previous thread, then came over here an hour later to repeat the same lie as fact.

    “I do know that he displayed a vulgur picture of Senator Kyl that was uncalled for! If for nothing else Randy Pullen does owe Senator Kyl an apology for that.”

    You owe the apology Lynn, for lying about Pullen and you owe him one apology for every time you lied it. Especially since you’ve been told that it was a lie.

    There is an expression that says “Put up or shut up!” The shut up part seems rude, but if you’re just going to lie to us like this, then you can’t reasonably expect a very high degree of courtesy. Let’s just say “Prove it, or quit lying about it!”

  23. nightcrawler,

    Your posts are coming around as more and more of the unvarnished truth is available.

    However, it is important to look at the motivation of people’s actions. Nathan Sproul does NOT have the best interest of the Republican Party in mind when he concocts his nefarious schemes. Nathan has his pocketbook in mind. His actions in the last Governor’s race were the most dishonorable actions that I have ever witnessed. It makes his voter registration record that has been the target of Attorney General investigations across America pale by comparison.

    He should be treated as a pariah. He attempted to tarnish the good name of the opponent and succeeded in tarnishing the good name of his own candidate. Everything he touches becomes sleazy and contaminated. Now his actions have caused even more damage to Senator Kyl.

    At some time, you would think that the elected officials would get it, but he has such a strong record of being a dirty tricks attack dog that they have not caught up to the fact that his earned notoriety is well-known and therefore he is counter-productive.

  24. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK,

    Perhaps I should have said he believes he is doing what is in the best interest of the RNC.

    I have never met Nathan Sproul and only know of him through blogs like this and various linked articles. I did agree with him scolding the AZGOP about airing our dirty laundry in public view. He however then proceeded to attack the AZGOP in public and through unsolicited phone calls which were high inappropriate and I dare say hypocritical.

    Most people (particularily those involved in local/state politics) can think for themselves and will not be herded like sheep. It seems to me that quite a few people like to have their names in print and on the airwaves. Could it be that this bill was the trojan horse that many an aspiring politician and/or consultant used to market his/her own brand? I speak not only of Nathan in this regard. Opportunism is rampant around these parts.

  25. Opportunism should always be evaluated, but when people have dedicated decades of volunteer service to the Party and Arizona with no other reward than their self satisfaction that they are doing the right thing and making a difference, that should be valued and not denigrated.

    I do not know of any of the Legislative District officers who are making the sacrifices that come with the job for personal gain. I actually wish some of them would run for office, because they have a track record of consistency and integrity on issues.

    Nathan has never been a District Chairman or County Chairman, or State Chairman which are all volunteer positions and should not be confused with the patriots who serve without remuneration for even their expenses.

    As far as being herded like sheep, without blogsites like this, the background of people like Nathan would not be available to the average citizen and they could be herded because they would have no base data to oppose the garbage put out by the propaganda machines of elected officials and by the Repugnant (AZ Republic)and Spitoon (EV Tribune).

  26. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK,

    I agree with most of what you have just outlined. I do agree that the legislative district officers work hard. I have seen that first hand.

    My point is that the spin machine, be it Nathan, the RNC or at times the AZGOP, tend to “herd” people into camps and other labels. The grassroots are the hard and soul of the party. This blog, of which I am a big fan, serves the party well through its open dialogue. We are on the same page.

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