Hindsight is Romney

Watching the CPAC online the last few days has been amazing. Many of the speakers have reflected the mood of the Republican party which can be summed up in one word – MOBILIZING.

I was especially impressed with the speech delivered by former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, who bore a striking resemblance to Ronald Reagan.

This got me doing the 20/20 is hindsight exercise and I couldn’t help but think that Romney would have been one of the only leaders able to get the country out of this mess. After all, he stepped into several crisis in the past only to stabilize and correct the problem – Winter Olympics.

Although I was a Mike Huckabee guy here in Arizona, if I had to make the decision again, I would choose Mitt Romney. And despite the jabs between both candidates, Huckabee would have best filled in the role of Vice President. (And yes, I watch his show religiously every weekend.)

2012 could not be here soon enough!


  1. Some will remember that Huckabee is the clown (still is one too) that did all he could to hurt Romney during the primaries and deny him the nomination, leaving us with McCain. I’m still not sure that Romney, or any other GOPer, could have won the big prize last year, but of the field, Romney was the best.

  2. Time For a Change says

    Those of us who supported Romney were amazed that with the economy collapsing, people were so focused on McCain, Hillary Clinton, Obama and Huckabee, whose skills and experience do not come close to Romney’s in this area. It is good to hear people coming around.

  3. With the economy collapsing, Romney would have dominated in debates and messaging because of his experience. Obama would have trumpeted the Change message but it wouldn’t have been as effective as Romney’s experience message. Instead, we were left with McCain and his experience that played right into Obama’s message.

  4. The lesson to be learned here is that every state should only allow Republicans to vote in Republican primaries. McCain was a result of letting non-Republicans meddle in our primaries.

  5. A message of experience wouldn’t have sunk Obama, even if it had been Romney. Clinton tried that attack and look what happened. Not to say Clinton’s and Romney’s experience is the same. It’s not, but the message would have played similarly.

    Also, changing the status of the winner-take-all primary states would have helped slow McCain and boost Romney. I agree, though, Huckabee was the spoiler out of the three. Still, I think Huckabee’s base from the last cycle will be successful in the next one.

    Maybe Romney will have to settle for Palin’s veep pick…

  6. James Davidson says

    It’s spilt milk. Nonetheless, we can thank Governor Huckabee and Governor Crist for Senator McCain’s nomination. Senator McCain was a horrible candidate. President Obama mopped the floor with him in the debates. He looked unsteady and ridiculous when he “suspended” his campaign.

  7. McCain was force fed to the party. We know who was responsible here in AZ.

    Thanks for the socialist we ended up wtih. Appreciated the “He’s the only one who can win” mantra. Any more suggestions guys?

    Fortunately, at the state level we didn’t pay any heed to the people who tried to tell us what to do…and the budget mess is getting dealt with….finally…by people with the courage to do what is right. THAT’S due to not listening to people who try to tell us who is not “representative of the overall electorate”. You know who you are.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Sorry, no 20/20 hindsight … bottom line is the Republicans didn’t field a candidate who could win – and overcome the last 3 years of GWB.

  9. Romney is indeed a hope for the future. The grumblings of this thought were fairly strong during the last days of the campaign even among people who respect and admire Sen. McCain, but realized this time around it was not what we needed.

    However, I’m not sure any candidate could have survived the media onslaught and voter backlash. So, maybe it is a good thing that Romney made his way to the front line of the stage but was not the nominee, allowing him to have 4 years to show his worth in a challenge to the liberal left’s slide to socialism.

    Bring it on Mitt!

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Mitt is as authentic as Astro Turf. A pretty face with little true grit.

  11. Antifederalist says

    Sorry, Shane, I’ll respectfully disagree. NO ONE who was a governor of a state as blue as Massachusetts could POSSIBLY be a true, small-government conservative. The fact that he’s flip-flopped on his positions tells me that he’s not only not a true believer, but he’s also lead an unexamined life. Thanks, but I’ll pass on having that kind of individual as my leader.

    Veritas is right. Romney reeks of insincerity.

    I also agree with JoeB. Every state in the union should adopt a caucus type of nomination process. ONLY the party should choose the party’s nominees, and I’ve said this before: it should be done without a single penny of taxpayer support.

  12. ThinkRight says

    Mitt is the man!

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