Hermes Supporter Busted Using Harry Mitchell Tactic

This press release just sent in from the Fulton Brock campaign.  This is reminiscent of the time Harry Mitchell was caught tearing down Republican candidate Gary Richardson’s signs several election cycles ago.

Ed Hermes Supporter Caught Tearing Down Campaign Signs in Tempe
Campaign’s Failure To Rebuke Shows Immaturity; Conduct Not Ready To Govern

TEMPE, ARIZONA. OCTOBER 23, 2008.  Detective Tim Miller of the Maricopa County Attorney’s office caught a young woman tearing down campaign signs in Tempe. She is listed as a member of the Ed Hermes for Supervisor group on

Detective Miller recounted the episode in an official memorandum to Lieutenant Danny Wilkinson.  The memorandum reads, in part: “Sir, on this date (10/17/2008) at about 1045 hours, I was in the area of Rural and Baseline Road in Tempe.  While waiting at the light, Eastbound on Baseline, I watched a young white female remove a campaign sign from the Southeast corner of Baseline and Rural.  The female then carried the campaign signs over to the Northwest corner and into the Jack In The Box parking lot.  She placed the signs, along with several others into the trunk of a newer model Honda, with Arizona license plate #*$@#!.

At this point I contacted the subject and identified myself.  When asked what she was doing, she told me she was collecting unauthorized campaign signs.  When asked why they were not authorized, she explained they were privately funded and were not paid for by the person’s political party.  When asked her name, she identified herself as Lori Lieberman.  Lori told me the University Young Democrats had instructed them to collect the unauthorized signs.  When asked what they were going to do with the signs, Lori told me she did not know.

While talking with Lori, I made a call to the Tempe Police Department. After waiting on hold with the Tempe dispatch for about 10-minutes, I asked Lori to remove the signs from her trunk and to place them back out by the street.”

The Fulton Brock for County Supervisor campaign has had many of its signs vandalized and stolen as well.

In August, vandals targeted 11 of Supervisor Fulton Brock’s signs less than 24 hours after an investigative report on a local blog revealed that Brock opponent Ed Hermes missed four court appointments, ignored multiple court summons and racked up five traffic offences in a 12 month period.  (See Sonoran Alliance post.)

The Brock campaign filed a police report with the Chandler Police Department and was assigned a case number, 08-103176.

Vandalizing or stealing political signs is a crime.   ARS 16-1019 provides penalties of up to four months in jail and a $750 fine for tampering with a political sign.

“This type of behavior if it is occurring is not only juvenile, it is illegal.  Hermes’ failure to denounce such apparent immaturity and irresponsibility, whether it involves our signs or anyone else’s, is yet another example among many why he does not have the experience, judgment or maturity to be one of five people responsible for a $2.3 billion budget,” Brock for Supervisor Spokesperson Jason Rose said.

Hermes, 24, has never had a mortgage, lives in his parent’s house and starred in a panty raid reality show.

Conversely, Brock has been endorsed by The Arizona Republic, as well as a bi-partisan group of community leaders including noted Valley businessmen and former gubernatorial nominees Eddie Basha and Paul Johnson, civil rights leader Marvin Perry and the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association.

Brock’s district covers Tempe, Chandler, Sun Lakes, Ahwatukee, and parts of Gilbert, Scottsdale and Mesa.

Prior to Brock being elected to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors The Arizona Republic described the county as essentially bankrupt.

Today, Maricopa County has been described by Governing Magazine as the “Best Run County in America.”  It’s the largest county in the U.S. that is debt free.


  1. So they’re attacking Hermes for someone else taking down illegal signs that had nothing to do with the county supervisor race?

    Just when I thought Fulton Brock couldn’t get more pathetic.

  2. Educated Voter says

    I think it is important to have all the facts before making false accusations. First of all, Hermes’ facebook group implies no true connection to the campaign. Second, just because the Brock campaign calls it a fact, does not make it so. Sonoran Alliance has a bad habit of reporting without the facts, and they need to be held accountable.

  3. Glendale GOP says

    Check out Espresso Pundit. The Young Democrats are doing this all over. And the group is run by Ed Ableser. Nice…

  4. “And the group is run by Ed Ableser. Nice…”

    That’s funny! I haven’t laughed so long in ages.

  5. So, if someone takes down a sign, then anyone who they support is guilty by association? What kind of logic is that? Please Candie…

  6. This headline is extremely mis-leading and totally different than the actual issue at hand.

  7. Glendale GOP says

    Not by association Matt, there is now a pattern of Young Democrats who claim they were instructed to take down these signs, in direct violation of the law. The fact that the leader of the group is also the direct beneficiary of their crime says alot.

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