Health Plan Threatens to Feed Your Gun-related Data into a National Database

… the gun control provisions in the stimulus bill that President Obama signed in February.  Our government will now spend between $12 and $20 BILLION to require the medical community to retroactively put our most confidential medical records into a government database … A budget resolution — to be voted on this Friday in the Senate — will be the first domino in a process that could FORCE you to buy government-approved insurance, thus making it impossible to avoid the medical database.

So… remember when your pediatrician asked your kid if you have a firearm in the home? Or when your dad was given a prescription for Zoloft because of his Alzheimer’s? Or when your wife mentioned to her gynecologist that she had regularly smoked marijuana ten years ago?

All of this would be in a centralized database.

Last week my cardiologist’s office asked me to “update” my medical records so they could be digitized and entered into a medical database.  How about you?

Should the government have this information at its fingertips available to qualify you for, or dis-qualify you from?  For example, will a conversation you had with your doctor eventually place you on the No-Fly List or worse?

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