Health care bill creates ‘Obamacare University’

by Diane Cohen
Goldwater Institute

The program is unassumingly titled the “United States Public Health Sciences Track,” and it’s among the many items hidden inside the massive, 2,000-page health care reform package adopted earlier this year. But it is anything but innocent. Instead, it is a first-of-its kind, federally funded and federally administered civilian medical school that grants advanced degrees (post-graduate, post-doctoral and technology) in medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy, among others.
It will be run by Obama administration officials, namely, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, who will determine the number of students who can enroll, and the Surgeon General, who will decide how to admit students, to recruit instructors and to write the curricula, among other tasks. Administration officials will act like college deans with the Surgeon General in charge of operations and the HHS Secretary in charge of funding.
Like the grants and contract sections of the health care reform law that require the use of race-based criteria for awarding federal money to hospitals and schools for medical training programs, the Surgeon General is required to create race-based selection procedures for admitting students into what I’ve named “Obamacare University.”
The more we know about the health care reform bill, the more unconstitutional and problematic it gets. The establishment of Obamacare U and its race-based provisions reinforce the importance of the Goldwater Institute’s efforts to strike down this law.
Diane Cohen is an attorney with the Goldwater Institute Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.


  1. Like THAT degree is going to be worth anything – anything medically that is, politically it’ll be the only way to get a plum lazy-assed bureaucrat job.

  2. The previous claim by the GI that the bill will force medical schools to use race based admission policies has turned out to be completely untrue. In the same vein the claims in this email are wrong. It allows the surgeon general to set up tracks in already existing institutions to focus on public health and disaster response. Students who go into this track and receive tuition remissions will be required to serve in the U.S. Public Health Service for a specific period to help develop this ideas into practice.

  3. Just as I said. Bureaucratic lazy-assed government jobs.

  4. Uhm no wanumba. For each one year of tuition the medical professional has to agree to two years of service as a Commissioned Corps officers. These are significantly lower paid positions than what a doctor can make in private practice.

    Diane Cohen isn’t doing a very good job informing people of what is in the bill since she is not 0 for 2.

  5. Have you ever had the privilege of being actually treated by a government-hire physician? We have. US Embassy State Department doctors, United Nations doctors, cheap contract doctors favored by public education schools – just the sort of government institutional service delivery invisioned by this legislation.

    How hard is it to diagnose a textbook concussion that an EMT Basic could identify easily? How about diagnosing an ear infection as malaria? AND the favored approach of government medicine : hire more nurses who aren’t trained to diagnose.

    As a rule, these doctors and nurses stink. They settle for a steady low pay instead of risking the competitive rigor of free market. The consumer gets less qualified doctors, more pain, more aggravation, more disability, more misdiagnosis.

  6. Wanumba – first of all, health care is not a free market. This is basic economics but I doubt you would even try to understand so I am not going to bother. I would point out that many countries with socialized medicine have equal outcomes to ours at half the cost.

    Anyway, so first these are cushy high paying jobs and now you are saying they are low paying jobs for idiots. Which is it? Look, you know nothing about what is being proposed and have no idea what these doctors and nurses will be doing and its obvious .

  7. Have you not noticed that ObamaCare is evicerating the private medical profession to force private medical insurers out of business and private doctors out of their practices? So then with ObamaCare the law, where does everyone HAVE to go? Salaried government employment.
    Union teachers are long jealous that doctors make more money than they do, so they vote Democrat to FIX that injustice to their covetous greedy state of being. Doctors have to be cut down to size and earn salaries like teachers do. No private enterprise, no private innovation, no rewards for hustle and a job well done.

    It’s a plum job to be on the goevrnment payroll. It’s ALREADY a higher paying job in many towns, which will be more pronounced when unemployment is at 20% – and we’re chugging on our way there thanks to greedy, controlling, overspending Democrats taxing the crap out of every breathing person and functioning business in this country.
    The Democrats have NO intention of letting up on the burden, so they WANT to remake the economy into a statist, rigid non-responsive bureaucracy. They showed today plainly what they want by fleeing town to let the tax cuts expire.

    It takes more than a decade of training to become a doctor, FAR more than for a teacher or most other professions. Doctors are motivated, entreprenurial people who take on very hard work, a high level of diligence, debt and delayed gratitifed to become doctors. With ObamaCare, it won’t be worth the effort. Quotas meets decline in applications = health care debacle.

    Thanks Democrats! Destroying the world’s finest health care system.

  8. I was looking up the facts on the healthy bill. My son-in-law was in the army for 9 year, has been over sea 3 times. He has PTSD bad. He was young man, a leader, husband, father and love being a soldier. Came home and the army did not help him deal with his PTSD, was late in the mornings, will he is not like he was that is the (Government) now no insurance for his family. Can’t work because, the government social sectary has him on mental disability. For the 9 years for him and his family scarifies for being in the army he get is insurance at the VA, hospital. (Government) So I’m looking to see what is out there for my daughter and her 3 kids. She works all the time and the 2 kids are in school but he has to watch the 2 year old. That is a big adjustment. My husband and I help as much a we can. Just would like to know more about the health care bill. If you can tell me anything please email me. Thank you all for your help. I do not have much time

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