He Hears You Amerika (and doesn’t like it)

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag(at)whitehouse(dot)gov. www.whitehouse.gov/blog/Facts-Are-Stubborn-Things/

he's listening to you Indeed, facts are stubborn things Mr. President.  However, here’s my question; If few if any in the Congress bothered to read this bill beforehand, and Mr. Obama has only been “briefed” as to its provisions, how can he call well researched facts reported by various groups who ARE reading the bill “disinformation” and “rumors”?

It seems Mr. Obama’s biggest mistake was not to ram this legislation through as he did the Stimulus debacle.  By providing the delay needed, whether they know it or not, the Blue Dog Democrats provided enough time for interested parties to begin actually reading the Trojan Horse called “Health Care Reform”.

Another curious thing that has been avoided is this question:  If 80 something percent of the population has good health care insurance but less than 20 or so percent are less than covered (although that isn’t the case in Arizona and we’ll ask that in a minute), how is this a “national crisis”?  And what does SEIU or ACORN have to do with this public debate?  (whoops, that’s yet another question for later)

Ok, so much to digest.  But here’s the most disturbing line of that entire White House quote I opened with: “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to…” [Big Brother and the Thought Police]

That should disturb you … a lot in fact.

Attorneys have pointed out that the White House “is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act”.  This simply means that they never have to tell you if someone has snitched you out to Big Brother!

It gets worse.  Legal opinions suggest that any emails collected by this means may be addressed by the Presidential Records Act.  This Act requires the White House to preserve and maintain its records for permanent storage in a government database. (you can read more at the Washington Examiner link below)


Bottom Line: A secret and permanent database of dissidents(or Americans exercising their First Amendment Rights) will be around for the balance of this administration and those to come.

Decision Time … as they say in the marriage vows;  If there’s anyone here that feels this administration’s actions should not be allowed to stand, let them speak now … or forever hold their piece.


  1. Lea Gilchinsky says

    Pres BHO must be pinching himself every night before going to bed in the WH, for fooling so many trusting Americans. We must unite and send him and the Mrs. back to Chicago where they belong.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    How about back to the land of his birth 😉

  3. False Hope -- Please keep the Change says

    I think you mean “peace.”

    But I would like to forever hold my piece, in spite of laws trying to make that ever more difficult.

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    Hmmm… which is it? Since the word “hold” proceeds it I was inclined to us “piece” since that’s what you can “hold”.

    On the other hand, ‘keep the peace’ seems related to ‘hold your peace’ so perhaps that is correct?

    Is there a non-activist English major in the house?

    False Hope, I too am thinking of ‘holding my piece’. ;-o

  5. VV, are you a “birther?”

  6. Good. After this country falls, maybe there will be a record of all the Patriots who tried to stop this train wreck. I will be among them, as I turned myself in to the Thought Police.

  7. Larry Ward says

    I think we should all speak up and turn everyone in. They want a list, lets give him a list. The next best thing to looking him in the eye.

  8. No way the Obama administration would bother to see this info as useful on opponents. Even if they were to stay within the letter of the law, they have so much more effective ways of doing this, that they would not bother. Internet data-mining, FBI, etc. Why rely on amateurs when you have pros? They will probably use it to figure out where their supporters are, and what arguments are floating around, but that is not much to worry about.

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Kenny Jacobs, are you a looser? 😉 Its so like the left to profile people, birther?

    Just another example of their racism and lack of true tolerance I suppose.

    ted, other repressive regimes have been paranoid when their directives are challenged by the population. Iran is just an extreme example, but in this case with this administration, it sure looks a lot like the Nixon paranoia in its early stages.

  10. Kenny Jacobs says

    VV, are you going to answer the question? One more question, did you just call me a racist or do you just insult people when you don’t understand the question?

    Additionally, it is at the very least poor taste to make gun jokes when writing about the President of the United States.

    So, are you a person who doubts the citizenship of Barack Obama, a birther, per your quip:

    # Veritas Vincit Says:
    August 7th, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    How about back to the land of his birth 😉


  11. Veritas Vincit says

    no kenny, I understood you just fine, as you well understood me.

  12. It’s truly amusing to see people who justify massive secret government surveillance of US citizens turn around a get into a frenzy over a public request to send claims about the health care bills.

  13. Kenny Jacobs says

    So answer the question, VV, answer the question.

  14. Veritas Vincit says

    actually todd, those massive secret government surveillance programs haven’t struck a personal nerve as health care.

    governments do surveillance (although in Amerika these days that included police tazing spectators at sporting events for sitting in the wrong seats) … so, except for the Officer Friendly’s on roids, folks sort of still believe the fed on this count.

    it hasn’t crept into their personal lives.

    when you speak of health care, it becomes personal and invasive. when you ask folks to pay for postal type bureaucrats rationing their health care needs (as is done in the UK and Sweden), personal becomes outrage and erupts.

    given time, you’ll see more and more folks being very outraged at the extent of *secret evidence* the government can present against a defendant.

    the paranoia and denial of the fed over the national financial and economic crisis is absolutely astounding.

  15. Veritas Vincit says

    kenny, how long have you had this problem with English comprehension? Or did you not see posting #11?

  16. VV,
    I am talking about the convenient concern for Big Brother displayed in your post. I don’t remember seeing outrage about secret evidence in this forum until Obama became President – why is that?

    In the end you and your friends are going to shoot yourself in the foot with your rantings. Oh look now, Palin claims Obama wants to start “death panels” to decide who should live and die. I’m sure will see a post on that in the next day. No matter it is a complete fabrication.

    BTW, Sweden has a far superior health care system than ours.

  17. Veritas,

    “If there’s anyone here that feels this administration’s actions should not be allowed to stand, let them speak now … or forever hold their piece.”

    The only thing that makes this bluster OK in my book is that the vast majority of you birthers are rank cowards who would never do anything that might land them in jail, even it meant defending the country you disrespect by not spelling it’s name right. I do worry about the truly crazy among your lot though.

    I also know that being able to call other people racists gives you a special thrill – does it make up for those wrongs you percieve were done against you in the name of race? Yes, yes… we all know you have Latino relatives, we’re all very impressed.

    If 20% of the country were on fire but 80% was not, would we also not call that a National crisis?

  18. kralmajales says

    VV is a birther…why am I not surprised????

    Ok folks…you are make it too damned easy for me…I don’t even need to tell the moderates who read the blog what an infestation their party has become.

    I am embarassed to my god that I was ever a republican.

  19. Veritas Vincit says

    Todd? You said: “BTW, Sweden has a far superior health care system than ours.”

    I have family in Rimforsa SE and quess what Todd … their health care is not as you suggest. My young niece, with a fever of 104 had to wait 3 days before she was allowed to see a doctor. My brother’s hand has never healed correctly since his ‘Swedish’ medical treatment. Please, don’t talk about that which you don’t know of.

    My 71yo aunt llives in London too… and guess what … their health care system is absolutely awful. She had to live through 2 heart attacks before she could be scheduled for bypass surgery. She presently has a completely broken arm and they just put it in a sling and scheduled it to be “set” in 3 weeks from now.

    Too bad you guys don’t do your homework or bother to research issues carefully. If you did, you’d know something of the Tides Foundation and the ‘universal’ health care ideas they fund. You might also actually read what Ezekiel Emmanuel has written on the subject.

    Klute? anytime, this Vet is down with that.

  20. Man, VV, is there anywhere that you DON’T have family? Mexico, Sweden, etc. anytime you need a straw man for an argument, you just manage to whip out that card.

    And VV, I’m not the foreign national you believe is running the county, subverting the Constitution, and destroying your way of life…

    So either 1. you don’t actually believe the garbage that spews from your keyboard or 2. you do believe it, but you’re so safe and comfortable you don’t believe that you need to do anything direct about it.

    And, wow, how easy was it to goad you into threats of violence? Totally rational.

  21. Veritas Vincit says

    Unlike yourself Klute, my web of knowledge and family is quite large. And I’m sorry if I have an international family.

    “… are rank cowards who would never do anything that might land them in jail, even it meant defending the country you disrespect by not spelling it’s name right.”

    I spell it the way I do because I am old enough to remember when Amerika was free and I’ve defended that freedom. Have you? I took umbrage at the suggestion of cowardice when you have no knowledge of the people of which you impute.

    And, wow, how easy was it for you to assume a tone of violence in a simple statement.

  22. “Unlike yourself Klute, my web of knowledge and family is quite large. And I’m sorry if I have an international family.”

    If you knew anything about me, you’d understand how idiotic your statement is.

    “I spell it the way I do because I am old enough to remember when Amerika was free and I’ve defended that freedom. Have you?”

    And America (the proper spelling) is not free now, how exactly? Someone’s censoring your posts here on Sonoran Alliance? Preventing you from protesting in the streets? Taking your guns? Burning your church?

    None of this is happening. You’re as free as you were on January 19th, 2009. You’re seem paranoid and frightened, and not capable of understanding why you’re no longer in the driver’s seat after 12 years, why America chose someone not like you to try to fix that, and you’re not capable of taking responsibility for your own poor voting decisions that led to this mess.

    And as for defending America – would you like me to scan a picture of why I can’t fight? Would that satisfy you? I will say the Klute family has sent its men to fight in both hot and cold wars in the last 50 years – I know the importance of service.

    “I took umbrage at the suggestion of cowardice when you have no knowledge of the people of which you impute.”

    There was no suggestion – I am saying that if you really, truly believe that this country is being herded to some sort of Dead Kennedys-esque “California Uber Alles” distopia and you’re just banging away at a keyboard thinking that’s doing any good… You’re a coward.

    Now, I don’t actually think you believe that. I believe you understand the political realities and you’re just trying to gin up destructive rhetoric and I appreciate rhetoric – but yours is dishonest.

    “And, wow, how easy was it for you to assume a tone of violence in a simple statement.”

    I would appreciate it if you don’t patronize me and take responsibility for your words. What were you suggesting? We meet for tea and crumpets? Hold hands and go skipping through the park? We both know what you meant. My father always taught me to stand by my words, to make them mean something.

  23. Veritas Vincit says

    “And America (the proper spelling) is not free now how”

    in so many ways. For starters I can’t get on an airplane without the governments permission and being frisked every time I board a flight. How about the check-points well away from the border operated by ICE? Why in the h*ll should I have to stop and be inspected by the government? How about the real time radar vehicles all about our highways tracking our every move? This is freedom???

    When you sacrifice some freedom and liberty for safety and security you get neither, I’m sure you know the quote. Its also echoed in the Bible as well.

    What a government gives, it can always take away (and usually will).

    And no, as a historian I know the current disaster in Washington goes further back than this puppet in the White House (and I harbor no kind thoughts for the entire Bush clan and I am very familiar with their history at least as far back as Woodrow Wilson’s administration).

    My country I love and have/will defend; this government is of major concern to me. My grandfather rests in Arlington Cemetery, we’ve done our part too.

    If you are a Vet, which you suggest you are, then consider the path we’ve been on since Oklahoma City (much further back than that, but that’s when things seemed to accelerate). I reflect on a current quote: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” I think there are those who’ve held that view for quite some time.

  24. Veritas Vincit says

    Klute: “Someone’s censoring your posts here on Sonoran Alliance” no but they can track them anytime they wish just as they can tap into your phone conversations or conduct “sneak-n-peek” searches of your domicile without your knowledge.

    Klute: “Preventing you from protesting in the streets?” Actually yes. We must apply for a permit and even then protesters are penned up often blocks from the venue they wish to have their voices heard at.

    Klute: “Taking your guns?” They have been attempting that for over 30 years now. And legal restrictions on our right of self defense are legion. If you are a gun owner, then you already know this of course. Legislation suggesting a tax AND an ID on EACH piece of ammunition sold is an indirect means of “taking our guns” … fortunately for today, the measure in the Arizona legislature failed.

    Klute: “Burning your church?” This has happened as you well know. Maybe not to the extent it has elsewhere, but when the government requires ‘the cross’ to be taken down on Mt. Solidad in San Diego County (where its stood since before WW2), its the same thing. No one even thinks of Mt. Solidad as “government property” and the view is stunning, but opponents have found yet another way to bring the city of San Diego back into court to force the removal of the cross. So, is church burning really a huge leap from some of the things already being done to remove the Christian G_d from where He’s been in this blessed country for hundreds of years?

    Klute: “…why you’re no longer in the driver’s seat after 12 years” What are you talking about? This whole nationwide mess goes back through both R and D administrations (to about the early 1900’s actually). I have little use for ‘neocons’ or ‘progressives’ because I am quite familiar with their destinations.

    And, in fact I do believe that this country isn’t far from the totalitarian government of Orwell’s 1984. Precisely because I study history through source documents AND because I’ve watched it evolve as it has.

    I suspect you as well are familiar with what I am speaking about. Its not “R” or “D” but well beyond those simple labels. The best way to find out what has/is happening is to “follow the money” (on both sides of this cultural and political isle).

    As for a dialog? I do not suffer well the dialectic as a means of argument. And, I am well trained in confrontational politics (which the left has employed for decades). And lastly, I do not suffer well those who echo without substance. Present credible documentation and we can discuss an issue, present activist rhetoric and I will respond accordingly.

  25. VV, your strange paranoia is confusing. From now on, until I read otherwise, I assume you believe President Obama is not an American. OK?

  26. Todd said Sweden has a far superior healthcare system than ours (US). Todd, do you have any idea of what Swedes pay in taxes? I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that you don’t!! Are you willing to pay the same rates?

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