Hazleton one of toughest places for illegal aliens

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 I just read the below posting on a forum:  (My comments are below it)


On July 13, 2006, the City of Hazleton made history.
City Council passed an ordinance that intends to make Hazleton one of
the toughest places in the country for illegal aliens by fining
landlords who rent to and companies who knowingly hire illegal aliens.
After suffering through several high-profile crimes involving illegal
aliens, we’ve sent a clear message that we’ve had enough. Hazleton is
working to take back our streets, our neighborhood, and our community.
But there are those who are trying to stop us.
Several groups have come forward to say Hazleton doesn’t have the right
to protect itself.
They’ve said that suing Hazleton will prevent other elected officials
across America from enacting similar laws in their own towns.
Some in those groups have also boasted they will take us to court and
bankrupt the City of Hazleton, both to punish us for enacting this
ordinance and to send a signal to other communities across the United
We’re not going to be bullied.
That is why we created the City of Hazleton’s Legal Defense Fund.
We believe our ordinance is legal. We believe it will stand up to
judicial scrutiny. And we are willing to take the fight to save our city to
the highest courts in America.
We need your help.
Your contribution will help us win this fight.
To help, send a check or money order to: City of Hazleton Legal Defense
Fund, c/o Mayor Lou Barletta, City Hall, 40 N. Church St., Hazleton, PA
Or donate online to Small Town Defenders using a safe and secure online
donation form provided through an industry leader in the online
fundraising world, Clickandpledge. com.
ClickandPledge. com is a SECURE SITE.
Take a stand and join the fight for Hazleton.

If they stop Hazleton, they may stop your community next.
Become a Small Town Defender.


AZPG remarks:  I believe that a city, a community, a family and especially this nation has a right to protect itself from illegal activities.  Allowing illegals to enter and then to remain in our secure nation is crazy!  Allowing people to aid in the illegal activities of another – NO!  There are penalties to criminal actions!  Conservatives should believe in accountability and consequences to their actions and lack of actions! Right?

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