Hayworth vs. McCain; NBC’s Todd: One of Hottest Races in Country

Hayworth vs. McCain


Top NBC Political Reporter Calls Hayworth V. McCain One to Watch

Phoenix, AZ- February 1, 2010, Conservative J.D. Hayworth has not yet officially announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat occupied for the past 24 years by John McCain, but already national commentators are referring to the contest as one of the top races to watch nationally. On MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, late last week NBC Political Reporter Chuck Todd refers to J.D. Hayworth’s probable run against Senator John McCain as one of the top races in the country to watch.

Raising the possibility of losing to the more conservative Hayworth, Todd said, “McCain is taking no chances and dramatically altered his voting record and rhetoric in the past three months.”

In an attempt to overcome an uninspiring record for conservatives on taxes, immigration and key social issues, Senator McCain has already begun attacking conservative former Congressman J.D. Hayworth on spending.

Interestingly, Hayworth actually has a better lifetime score from Citizens Against Government Waste, “America’s #1 Taxpayer Watchdog.” (Hayworth: 89%/McCain: 88%).

Furthermore, Senator McCain voted for the massive bank bailout bill in 2008, which was full of earmarks. And during his presidential run he proposed spending $300 billion to buy up bad mortgages, again bailing out banks and borrowers.

And in Arizona Senator McCain has supported taxpayer expenditures of over half a billion dollars for sports stadiums.


  1. Comments off on the blog about Grover? Is someone a bit paranoid?

  2. And now all the mccain people will be sure to comment that jd has no chance just confirming how scared they really are…

  3. Hayworthless says

    Does anyone outside of J.D.’s listening audience and cadre of paid consultants actaully support him running? If he wants to run, he must get the support from folks other then the typical ‘yes’ men.

    Hayworth’s message (which is what, exactly?) does not seem to resonate far beyond his hardcore radio bobbleheads.

  4. This story assumes that the CINO Hayworth actually announces – which, despite all his huffing and puffing, he strangely hasn’t done. I maintain that he won’t run, never was going to run, because to do so would only prove how shallow his actual support really is.

  5. “…Todd said, ‘McCain is taking no chances and dramatically altered his voting record and rhetoric in the past three months.'”

    What?! An MSNBC reporter trash talking about a sitting Republican? What next? Rain from clouds?!!!

    How does one “dramatically” alter one’s voting record. The votes are the votes.

    These guys take fake sides in the primary and then support the Democrat in the general. No news here.

  6. Hayworthless, Reality and Travis,

    Thanks for proving my point 🙂

  7. Pragmatic Conservative says

    If the Dem’s smell blood, I suspect we will see Napolitano. Don’t discount her out of hand she has support with some Independents.

    According to what I hear from the Jon Justice radio show,Rodney Glassman inadvertently changed his status from exploritory to a real live candidate in an interview with a liberal, national BLOG. Glassman is like Obama he needs a script or he makes foolish mistakes.

  8. I agree, it will certainly be an interesting race, but I still think that JD has no chance.

    Because he hasn’t announced, he hasn’t (legally)…

    * Raised any money
    * Gathered any signatures (my understanding is he needs about 6000) And nobody can sign for him that has already signed for McCain, Deakins, or Simcox.

    This is a lot to do in a short time. And already 22 points down?

  9. Wow, I think Jacklyn summed it all up to perfection. JD has a rocky road ahead of him, and I get the feeling it’s only going to get worse. He just not Senate material, and I think in the coming months, it will become even more apparent, if it isn’t already. I mean, he was voted as one of the biggest blowhards during his term in Congress… Not exactly the kind of man I want representing me.

  10. I agree with “hayworthless” up there… Does JD even have a core message for the 2 sane supporters that might be out there? Have the courage to stand up for what’s RIGHT “You must remember our duty, our honor, and our country” – John McCain

  11. Stanley Schiller says

    JD Jayworth obviously figured he needed a “leg up” against mccain on his campaign (illegally) but he knew that he’d have no money, no supporters, no brain… so he waited & breaks the rules. You want that kind of man running your state?! Let’s be serious.

  12. Stanley Schiller says

    *Hayworth typo. But still… NO Thank you.

  13. Hey DSW just curious can you check the ISPs from all the positive McCain or anti-JD posts. I have a feeling that most of these come from the same place.

    All these smear comments just prove my point above. If McCain peoples were so confident they would not even be saying anything. The way they acted when Simcox was in the race.

    But now McCain and his people are scared. Its obvious from the comments. Why else would all these new names be posting on the blog?

  14. Leah Loves Mccain says

    “News radio blog writer J.D. Hayworth is many things – a political (sh*t)talk(er) radio host (sell-out) with a nightly radio show (with low ratings); a (blowhard) conservative news radio host(ess) who tackles the tough issues (like what’s for lunch); a political consultant; and a (de-)motivational speaker, (anti) public policy advocate. – http://www.jdhayworth.com/

    VOTE MCCAIN 2010

  15. “A Rasmussen Reports survey this month showed McCain holding a 53 percent to 31 percent lead over Hayworth in a primary matchup.”

    What is it they say? Oh yeah, the proof’s in the pudding.

    JD might want to toss the towel in already. I mean, I’m sure Arizonans remember that JD was such a popular and powerful congressman (note the sarcasm) that as an incumbent, he lost in a no-fail Republican district in 2006…

  16. Did you know that when he was in Congress, JD was part of the problem in regards to our sinking economy? He had a propensity for voting for massive spending and massive deficits… Not exactly the conservative he claims to be, if you ask me.

  17. JD should just quit while he’s ahead, so to speak. I mean, he lost in a fail-proof Republican district in 2006… How in the world does he think he’ll beat McCain, someone who’s statically proven that he is a true conservative?

  18. johnny: Nothing I said proves your point.

    My point was about the liberal media.

    Your blind hatred doesn’t allow you to even think clearly. As I said previously, I like JD. I don’t let all the nutjob comments in support of JD color my opinion about him.

    Finally, all this talk about taking over the Republican Party is detrimental to the Republican Party in Arizona and the nation.

    You Libertines are guided by the same moral bearings as the Wacko Liberals and are just as helpful to our state and nation as they are.

    Soon you will be gathered in your nudest camps wearing nothing but a gun and ammo belt mumbling about RHINOs and your version of the constitution. Snap out of it!!

  19. CoyotePack says

    Articles such as these is what gives politics a bad reputation. Reporters and political “insiders” make very general, false or exagerated comments or predictions to get people to chatter. And the American people are left trying to sort through the garbage to get to the truth. The truth is that McCain is a true patriot who loves this country. And until J.D. actually does anything to officially join the election race, all of this “chatter” is silly.

  20. Jonny, it is clear that you are in the business of fueling the fire, rather then fueling the facts. There is no need to be scared if one is a McCain supporter. I just get off on sites like these where guys like you think that a politician like JD is worthy…

  21. See MOMCEO you are proving the point. Why even feel the need to attack JD, if he isnt worthy he wont come close to mccain and you can ignore him.

    The fact that you felt the need to respond to me and get another jab in at JD just shows you guys are scared. If you look at my posts I dont engage in the attacks on McCain that most people on here do. I think he is a good guy overall and means well and is doing what he thinks is right for Arizona and the country. I just do not agree with him. He has had plenty of time in Washington, almost 30 years now, and its time for him to retire.

  22. I never attacked JD, I simply stated he was not worthy… McCain on the other hand has proven to me and my family that he cares about what we care about and for that, we will continue to support him.

  23. I guess if I felt strongly about amnesty, cap and trade, closing Gitmo, not drilling for oil in Alaska, bailing out banks, etc. etc., I would continue supporting McCain too. If you don’t support those things, then join us in voting for someone who will fight for what we believe.

  24. MOMCEO what is it that you care about??
    Is it all the things in comment #23? Then by all means vote for mccain.

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