Hayworth Endorsed by Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

JD Hayworth for US Senate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 22, 2010


PHOENIX, Ariz. February 22, 2010. The organization representing the officers of the largest law enforcement agency in Arizona announced their support of JD Hayworth today in his bid to unseat Senator John McCain. The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) also announced today that they are making the maximum contribution allowed by law to Hayworth’s campaign.

“We are proud to stand behind JD. He stood behind our officers during his time in Congress and during his time as a broadcaster,” said Mark Spencer, President of PLEA. PLEA represents more than 2500 sworn officers of the Phoenix Police Department. “We look forward to his continued community service through his support of front-line public safety personnel.”

Hayworth, who is mounting a conservative challenge to the moderate McCain, is moved by the endorsement.

“Few endorsements mean as much to me as the folks who are on the front lines of keeping our communities safe. I am honored that Phoenix cops think that much of me,” said Hayworth. “The fact that they are supporting my campaign financially makes it that much more special.”

Vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, pro-law enforcement issues and illegal immigration, McCain has resorted to attacking Hayworth on spending, despite Hayworth having a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste, among other organizations.

McCain also voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks which included $150 billion in earmarks, proposed a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and, according to the Heritage Foundation, sponsored an amnesty bill that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.


  1. Wow, surprised the cops would buck the system. They must smell blood in the water.

  2. Miss Mary The Midget says

    IN CASE YOU MISSED THIS POST FROM SEVERAL DAYS AGO>>>>>>>>>>>>> BTW FOP is the States largest not PLEA

    Miss Mary The Midget Says:
    February 21st, 2010 at 9:18 am
    JD’S Big announcment tomorrow is:

    PLEA endorses JD

    A day late and a dollar short!!

    The much larger ( 2000 members vs 6500 members) and widely recognized FOP had the following to say yesterday:

    Arizona FOP Endorses Senator McCain
    Saturday, 20 Feb 2010

    The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police is announcing their endorsement for Senator John McCain in 2010.

    “Senator John McCain is a leader of integrity, character and courage whose record of supporting Arizonas law enforcement community is unmatched,” said Arizona Fraternal Order of Police President Bryan Soller.

    “Like our members, Sen. McCain sees issues from the perspective of someone who has been on the front lines. He is the leader we need to keep our nation and communities safe. On behalf of our more than 6,500 members statewide, the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police is proud to support Sen. John McCain for re-election to the United States Senate.”

    “Arizona’s law enforcement officers have committed their lives to a cause greater than their own self-interest, and I am deeply honored by their support,” said Sen. John McCain. “I have always been committed to ensuring our law enforcement professionals, who sacrifice so much for so many, have the resources and support to complete their vital mission of protecting and serving our communities. I look forward to our continued work together to keep Arizona safe and secure.”

    The Arizona F.O.P. represents more than 6,500 member officers in the state.

  3. Miss Mary The Midget says

    Yesterday PLEA Board endorsed Mac Daddy!!


    Jake Jacobsen
    President 2000-2007
    Board of Trustees 1995-2000

    Terry Sills
    President 1997-1999
    Vice President 1993-1997
    Board of Trustees 1985-1993

    Michelle Monaco
    Vice President 2003-2007
    Board of Trustees 1993-2003

    Bobby Palma
    Board of Trustees 2006-2008

    Steve Rackley
    Chairman of the Board 2005-2007
    Board of Trustees 1999-2007

    Bruce Stallman
    Board of Trustees 2003-2007

    So, once again JD Blowworth is nullified, day after day after day.

  4. Not surprised the McCain people are going after JD’s wife, especially since Cindy McCain is soooo perfect. Must be tough for the McCain staffer “Miss Mary The Midget” to work for such a perfect family.

  5. Midget – Your obnoxious post name is only hurting your arguments.

    I hope other McCain supporters will join me in condemning the poster’s name.

  6. He can’t help it, he is a McCain staffer. They all drink the same water. Actually, they are afraid they will join Obama’s vast unemployment line.

  7. Republican Lady says

    Miss midget, how appropriate the name as your mind is so small! I certainly admire John McCain’s service to his country but I don’t admire the tactics being used in this election against JD. I don’t believe anyone has mentioned the transgressions of John’s wife or daughter as they are not in politics. Well, neither is JD’s family.

  8. Repubublican Lady: It has been mentioned before and you just did it again.

    DeAnn: You don’t know that it’s a staffer. To keep saying everyone you disagree with is a McCain staffer is just weird.

  9. Miss Mary has got the facts for McCain support. Bam. I wouldn’t get too excited about J.D. Hayworth. He’s a real bum, and I think even people in Arizona that disagree with McCain will go with the incumbent.

  10. Oh man, so what does that make? Three endorsements for JD and 1,209 for McCain. Wonder who’s going to win…

  11. Travis:

    With hardly anyone knocking down the doors to volunteer for “The John” there’s little left but ‘hacks’ and staffers along with special interest lobbyists to pick up the slack!

    Let’s see who they turn to for employment after August!

  12. This endorsement does not change my vote. I could not stomach JD in office, he just does not have the moral and ethical capacity it takes to move mountains like McCain does!

  13. Stephen Kohut says

    If MelissaRoondle uses McCain as the standard bearer for morals and ethics, she much love Nixon, Rostenkowski, Blagoyavich, Spitzer, Woods, Clinton, ….

  14. Miss mental midget sounds like some wack job on disability with nothing better to do than rant about his savior. He doesn’t consider JD a threat so why doesn’t he go back to his couch.

    McCain is spending millions of dollars and running around like crazy for a reason. People are fed up with him and his kind. JD enjoys the support of the conservative base who are out working for him as volunteers. McCain only has mercenaries.

    When JD wins the seat back for republicans. it will send a message to the others on the congressional delegation.

  15. Miss Mary The Midget says

    Hi Everyone, Please don’t make fun of my name. My name is really Mary ,I’m 4’9″ tall all my friends call me Miss Mary The Midget.

  16. Um, so the rank and file police are going for JD Hayworth, but the Bosses are going for McCain?

    Interesting. Does this mean “fed up with union mismanagement and the politicians who enable them?”

    Most of the comments are “nothing to see, move on.”

    Interesting, too.

  17. Wrong again bucko….it is not the rank and file against the bosses. The folks on the list are past and present elected rank and file representatives who disagree with the publicity hound antics of the current PLEA President and the endorsement of Hayworth.

    They wanted it to be known that the endorsement does not speak for the membership as a whole. PLEA is the Phoenix Police Union whereas the FOP is a state and nationwide organization of law enforcement members.

    The current PLEA leadership has become very mixed in the support/do not support area. They are also supportive of the food tax for the City of Phoenix.

  18. McCain is FAR above JD when it comes to Morals and Ethics. I have watched and read more about JD in the past month then I even care to. Needing knowledge to base my vote I hit all the sites, the ones who support JD and the ones who suppor McCain and all the ones in the middle. The funny thing is, I really think the McCain bashing that goes on is about own personal benefit for JD, not for actual real reason. Anyway, if you want to add and subtract like I did, go ahead, you will find McCain far ahead in the moral dept then so many many many many others out there, and JD—well, he is kinda a joke in the moral dept…you know it and so do I!

  19. …………………..
    MelissaRoondle Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 8:20 pm
    McCain is FAR above JD when it comes to Morals and Ethics. and JD—well, he is kinda a joke in the moral dept…you know it and so do I!

    Actually, I don’t know it. There really hasn’t been a post yet that explains where everyone gets these assertations, pro and con.

    How about a concrete list of McCain morals and ethics, and a list of Hayworth morals and ethics.

    McCain has the Keating Five, which was about MONEY and buying influence, and the McCain-Feingold which was about putting restrictions on free speech – speech which was originally meant by our Founding Fathers to protect POLITICAL speech, not Hustler Magazine speech. So thanks to McCain, we got the likes of Hustler preserved but not political speech. The only one who seems to have been the big winner in gettign his message out with McCain-Fiengold is billionaire George Soros, NOT the “little guy.” And evidently the Supreme Court agreed this was unfair.

    Then McCain’s wife goes off and posuers that gays somehow are being denied “free speech” because everyone’s heard their speech about gay marriage and walked off, uninterested. Duct tape. Puleeeze!
    ANy gays been thrown in prison by the government for caterwaulering about gay marriage? None? So Madame McCain puts duct tape over her mouth herself to PRETEND oppression. WHo’s she talking … or NOT talking to? Is she undermining or supporting hubby’s election?

    Hayworth we don’t know much about, being new to AZ and all. (McCain has been a more prominent national figure).

    So, with the mind that there are FIVE – count ’em FIVE – up for grabs AZ votes in our ONE household, how about a reasonable explanation?

    This is a serious question, so we’re looking for serious responses.

  20. wanumba…

    I’m not being snippy but are you serious? “Hayworth we don’t know much about?”

    The TV sportscaster, O-Line looking dude who never met a camera he didn’t like…found a chance to get a bigger gig and did…then flittered it away with his self-indulgent arrogance while trimming his girth along the way? The guy who used his deprecating wit and egocentricity to parlay personal agendas in others into a belief that he might have skills way above the reality? The guy who earned the nickname Foghorn Leghorn for his physical and personality traits so like that cartoon character?

    If you are talking about JD Hayworth…that is the guy most folks know him as, just ask all those voters who chose a Dem over him.

  21. I’ll choose a Dem over McCain any day of the week.

  22. Let’s see:
    J.D. has never met a camera he didn’t like. McCain has never met a democrat he didn’t like. Hmmm. I’ll take the camera.

  23. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) have unanimously endorsed their candidate, John McCain. F.O.P represents over 6,500 police officers in Arizona and unlike the Phoenix Police Department, the same city that raised taxes on food by 2%, they represent greater Arizona. McCain’s commitment to law enforcement is clear and crisp, to give our officers the tools necessary to enforce our common laws. PLEA and 8 Sheriffs have also endorsed McCain. The greater Arizonan police force is clearly in favor of John.

  24. Ann,

    Also, JD Hayworth looks like the supervillian “Sgt. Hatred” from “The Venture Bros.”


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