Hayworth embraced by Prescott!

Here’s a brief video clip from the introduction and reception that JD Hayworth received from the citizens of Prescott this last Tuesday evening.


  1. Sanity Rules says

    how lucky it was for the sports anchor to have all the clowns in prescott gathered in one place at the same time!!!??????

    JD for Clown President !!!!!

  2. How does the previous comment enhance this discussion? Name calling is something liberals do when they cannot defend their candidate’s actions. Makes me think the same thing is happening here.

  3. Miss Mary The Midget says

    Looking at the video I counted 143 people in the room. Discount the known staff, family & friends ,the total drops to 106. Wow, no wonder JD was so upset. Jason Rose jumped all over his people for posting this video.

  4. The quality of the opposition is extremely informative.

  5. wanumba, yes it is. 😉

  6. J.D. should put “Sanity Rules” & “The Midget” on his payroll!

    I can’t think of a more useful duo to ‘flush’ the worn out “Spector-West” John!

  7. MMTM:

    You are truly ignorant. The room JD spoke in held 420 people (capacity). Every seat was taken and people were standing at the back. If you don’t believe me call The Prescott Adult Center and ask them about the event. The director was present. Yes, I’m calling you out on this because you are an idiot. There were six people with the campaign present at the event who were not in camera shot. This place went crazy for JD Hayworth.

    Compare that to McCain in Payson on Saturday:

    McCain in Payson

  8. McCain has to be quaking after seeing J.D. at the Havasu Lincoln Day Dinner. Over 250 people ( a lot of whom actively supported McCain for president) we spellbound hearing J.D. The McCain staffer had trouble getting people to take his bumper stickers. Some did to be polite. Mohave County is very conservative. We also work hard and our candidates have a way of winning. By the way, when McCain invited precinct committeemen from all of Mohave County to meet privately with him, 25 showed up. Not all of them supported him. Not a good sign if you want to be re-elected.

  9. As long as JD continues to get pieces on the NATIONAL news like he did on NBC tonight this race is guaranteed to be competitive.

  10. Plus didn’t I just see a story on the news this evening about McCain talking with a group of veterans this weekend and there were probably about 30 people in the audience.

  11. That was a warm welcome for JD in Prescott which he deserves! Although it is unfortunate for both sides of this race that McCain supporters feel the need to behave exactly as did Obama supporters in 2008 by manufacturing transparently wild lies.

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