Have the Democrats developed a solar powered car?

     The latest hit piece mailer against Frank Antenori sent by the Arizona Democratic Party misstates that Antenori wants higher gas prices. Their supporting evidence is his lack of enthusiasm for government mandates to prop up high-cost solar power. Have they developed a special technique to refine gasoline from photovoltaic cells?

Click on this image to view the full size mailer.

     It is interesting to watch the party hacks in Phoenix and their union allies target Antenori. I would have thought they would have tried to pick off the slightly more conservative David Gowan. They do not seem to have said a peep about David. Antenori is so reasonable that both the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen endorsed him. Now the liberals in Phoenix are working against the endorsements from the liberals in Tucson. Maybe the liberals in Phoenix thought Frank was the weaker candidate because he came in behind Gowan in the primary. The Phoenix crowd may have also believed that Antenori was more vulnerable because as a traditional funded candidate he will not receive any matching funds. That is true but as Antenori proved in the primary his campaign is not about money. He appears to have strong support within the district and a motivated team of volunteers.

     Question of the day: If tax credits for school choice take money away from public education then what do tax credits for solar power do? They also take away money that could be spent on education. I guess some tax credits are more equal than others.


  1. I don’t know, but maybe they mean that by finding alternative energy sources this will lower the demand for oil which would reduce the price. Isn’t that how supply and demand is suppose to work?

  2. I don’t know, maybe this state’s lousy business climate and dysfunctional tax policy has already caused nine solar energy companies to leave Arizona. Dalessandro wants to continue to drive solar energy companies out of Arizona. She also wants to increase gasoline taxes which she has stated quite clearly.

  3. Todd it is my understanding that few power plants use crude oil. Any way, why not go nuclear and then we would have lots of American produced, zero-carbon, clean energy?

    Solar is expensive and does not actually produce that much power. Please explain how the use of an inefficient source of power like solar will reduce crude oil usage.

  4. Glendale GOP says

    Great question of the day Josey!

  5. Crank,

    Instead of spewing human waste, why not back your statement with a link?

    I don’t believe a word you said!

  6. You’ll believe it if Dalessandro gets elected your gasoline tax and property tax are increased. Both of which she has said she’ll do.

  7. I think your full of BS. Back your facts.

  8. The Dems have shot their wad at Frank Antenori and are now throwing the empty gun at him. They have spent in the six figure range to attack Antenori and prop up their flawed liberal candidate. Unions have ponied up another similar amount.

    The last acts of a desperate Democrat.

  9. frank rocks says

    Frank is a hero he will win

  10. Still up in the air as to whether Gowan or Antenori take first place but Dalessandro on track to be out of the running by 5K votes.

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