Harry, You’ve Got to Stop Using Veterans

With less than a week to go, Harry Mitchell continues to pretend he is a conservative. He parades examples of “sample populations” in his ads in order to trick voters into returning him as a Pelosi drone to the U.S. House of Representatives. All politicians lie to some extent, but to misuse and misstate facts is beyond belief. First, Harry let’s be clear, you cannot support the military men and women serving on the frontlines without supporting their mission. You don’t support the mission. You never have. Even when you were a member of the Arizona legislature, you voted against the military mission: i.e. the war on Islamic terrorism whose central theater is Iraq. Saul Alinsky taught you well; speak like the middle class so you can win them over and destroy them. And now, you are attempting to use the same tactics to win over the military so you can lead them to a shameful defeat by surrendering. But the worst part is to pick up the factual misstatements about the number of suicides of returning military. How shameful! Here is a quote from one of the articles published by Nancy Reyes on Blogger News Networks which throws cold water on your lies. Despite the headlines, the Army must be doing something right, because the rate of suicide is actually lower–yes, I said lower–than that of a comparable civilian population. Yes, you heard me right, I said the suicide rate is lower in the Army than in a similar civilian population.” (www.bloggernews.net/19471) Without any real legislative accomplishments to distinguish his brief time in Congress, Mitchell has to make stuff up. Harry, how dare you claim to be responsible for reducing suicide rates through your mere signature on a bill! You have not supported the military where it counts. I trust that they will return the favor and vote you out of office on November 4th.


  1. Ken Jacobs says

    H.R. 5740. If you can’t mention that bill or are ignorant of it, then you shouldn’t be commenting on Rep. Mitchell’s record with military families. But you do get points for bluster.

  2. Tucosn Vice says

    Actually, you CAN support the troops without supporting their mission. I can tell you that when I was sent to the middle east, I did not agree with the mission and if I’d had a say, we never would have gone. I went though because I am an American witha responsiblity to my brothers and sisters in arms to support them. I did so honorably and I will do so again.

    I assume though, like so many that can’t wait to send the fighting men and women of this country into battle, that you have no experience in the military yourself, and missed an important lesson it teaches: that service military service is honorable, and disagreeing with the mission is perfectly Ok.

    FYI- Whatever end this war meets, it will not be a “victory.” Who do you think is going to sit down and sign the peace accord? Do you honestly believe they will one day throw their hands up and surrender? As long as we are there, they will fight us. When we leave, they will have won. You clearly don’t understand this war.

    Also, this is a war on terrorism, not Islamic terrorism. Try not to make your disdain for them so obvious.

    Please stop claiming that Republicans don’t distort the truth and lie.

    Please don’t pretend that you speak for the military. If you had a better understanding of the war or really cared for the men and women stuck in it, you would have written a letter to your congressman demanding an end to this war.

    Lastly, I resent the notion that I can’t serve honorably and that I don’t support U.S. servicemembers simply because I disagree with our mission. I have served honorably and will continue to. In the very near future I will have to kiss my wife goodbye again and participate in a war that I disagree with and she will understand why, just like she understood why i volunteered for this next deployment. Not because I agree with the war, but because I have friends there who need me. I must go to support them.

    PLEASE don’t mock my military service or my reasons for going over there to protect you. YO

  3. Tucosn Vice says

    typos typos typos sorry

  4. kralmajales says

    The big issue here that kicks your fannies is that Mitchell got the endorsement of the VFW…yep…want to attack them???? Come on…do it! Attack our veterans you pitiful boobs!

    Please keep spending money on whoever it is that is challenging Mitchell. It is another lost cause like Bee is…and it draws money away from the Lord-Shaddegg race.

  5. 24 votes last session Mitchell voted YES 22 times. Making him the biggest spender in the history of the world!

  6. Tucosn Vice says

    Pitiful Boobs! Glorious!

  7. azlipsticklady, there’s this thing called “paragraphs”. It would really help you to advance your whackjobbery if you’d separate your thoughts in a way that people would actually be able to follow them.

    Just saying.

  8. Queen of Hearts says

    That’s it? That’s all you’ve got, Donna? Does it make your head hurt trying to figure out all of those crazy letters so close together? Poor dear. Did you ride the litle bus?

  9. Tucson Vice says

    And…..wow. Taking shots at special education students? I guess it was only a matter of time.

  10. The BNN articles is baloney. As N Johnson in the comments to the article point out, adjusting for race makes the figures worse. Also, the Author seems to think all those committing suicide in the army are men when the Post articles points out the suicide rate among women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan was much higher than those not.

    Just because something backs up your views doesn’t make it true. You people really need to investigate your sources claims a little better.

  11. Queen of Hearts says

    No Tucson Vice, not all special education students. Just Donna.

  12. Where was Shadegg when all those stories about Walter Reed hospital and its deplorable conditions came out? The deplorable conditions were allowed to fester under Shadegg’s watch. He likes to remind us he was in Washington for 16 years looking out for OUR interest. Pray tell, what was he doing those 16 years?

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