Harry Mitchell to Dr. Chris Salvino: Won’t Speculate on Vote, ‘Unproductive’

Dr. Chris Salvino

For Immediate Release: Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rep. Mitchell responds to Dr. Salvino: Mitchell Won’t “Speculate” on ObamaCare Vote, called “Unproductive”

Dr. Salvino: “Harry Needs to find his backbone”

Tempe, AZ – In unbelievable fashion, Rep. Harry Mitchell through his spokesman is now saying that he can’t “speculate” on ObamaCare because it would be “unproductive.” Mitchell has already voted for ObamaCare once before.

In an article that appeared yesterday in the Yellow Sheet Report, Mitchell’s spokesman dances around the questions:.

Salvino, a trauma surgeon, demanded Mitchell “tell his constituents what he is going to do about it.” So far, that demand has not been met, as Adam Bozzi, spokesman for Mitchell, said there is not an understanding of what process or rules would be used to handle the health care reform package – which is also still under construction. “He’s not going to speculate on it,” said Bozzi, referring to Mitchell. “There’s a new rumor everyday…It’s unproductive to speculate.” Mitchell is of the opinion that “we need reform” to curb health care costs, said Bozzi.

“Harry already voted yes once, but now he says he can’t speculate. It’s preposterous and disingenuous of him. Harry needs to find his backbone and level with the people of Arizona. I will say it again, where does he stand? Will he oppose ObamaCare, we deserve to know. And if he is serious about the need to curb health care costs I would invite him to endorse my HELP Plan,” said Dr. Chris Salvino.

Some of the Salvino Health Expense Lowering Plan (HELP Plan) highlights:

  • $500 federal tax deduction.
  • No government mandate to purchase insurance.
  • No penalty on businesses who do not provide coverage for employees.
  • Access to cheaper prescription drugs.
  • More flexibility of the types of health plans for individuals as well as those in group plans.
  • Streamlines national medical records that will lead to less errors and faster service.

Dr. Chris Salvino is seeking the Republican nomination for Congress from Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. He is currently a trauma surgeon working at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix and is a retired Lt. Colonel and F-16 flight surgeon.


  1. don't vote for either says

    Salvino is no great alternative to Mitchell. He’s a fraud.


  2. Smearbuster says

    Smearbuster Says:
    Dave’s fellows have reprised his 2008 campaign scheme. Dave how low can you go? Call Schweikert’s office and tell him to stop the lying smears.

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