Harry Mitchell Takes $5000 from NARAL

Thanks to Harry Mitchell Watch for this heads up.

The latest 48-Hour Disclosure report filed with the Federal Election Commission reveals that Harry Mitchell just accepted $5,000 from the National Abortion Rights Action League.

Folks, these people are as evil as they come. They are dedicated to the death, destruction and dismemberment of the most innocent and vulnerable members of our society – the unborn – at the same time they exploit their mothers.

And here’s what they say about Harry Mitchell on their website:

Rep. Harry Mitchell (D)

U.S. House of Representatives, Arizona district 05

Please vote for Harry Mitchell in the upcoming elections!

  • Representative Mitchell is fully pro-choice and received a 100% rating from NARAL in 2007.
  • On Representative Mitchell’s campaign website, he states: “Congressman Mitchell believes that every woman should have access to comprehensive health care.  This includes access to family planning and fundamental medical care, such as breast and cervical cancer screening.
  • Congressman Mitchell also believes that every person has a fundamental right to decide when and whether to have children, and supports a woman’s right to choose.  Mitchell believes that medical decisions, both reproductive and otherwise, should be made between families and their doctors – it is not the role of government to interfere with these decisions.
  • Mitchell believes it is important that we work together to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in the United State through supporting medically-accurate sex education for our kids, taking steps to prevent teen pregnancy and providing access to pre-natal care for all women.
  • It is also important that we help countries around the world do the same thing.  That’s why Congressman Mitchell does not support the “global gag rule,” which cuts funding for family planning providers in developing countries.”
  • Representative Mitchell is being challenged by anti-choice Maricopa County Treasurer Dave Schweikert who was endorsed by the Arizona Right to Life.
  • Representative Mitchell was a co-sponsor of both the Freedom of Choice Act and the Prevention First Act.

Now that the election is 12 days away, I ask what are YOU going to do about this?

David Schweikert’s campaign needs volunteers to walk, phone and get the word out about his pro-life position.

Don’t let the liberal pro-abortion Democrats steal this election! Get involved today!

Contact David Schweikert’s campaign headquarters at (480) 946-1125 or visit his website at www.David08.com.


  1. “Don’t let the liberal pro-abortion Democrats steal this election!”

    How, exactly, are pro-abortion Democrats “stealing” this election (specifically CD5)?

    I wasn’t aware being part of the political process and donating money is now tantamount to “stealing”.

  2. George of the Desert says

    In order to obtain NARAL’s endorsement, you have to be pretty extreme on abortion. As an organization, both they and Planned Parenthood are loathe to endorse or financially support candidates that do not follow virtually all of their policy positions. For example, a candidate that opposes even partial birth abortion may not get an endorsement from NARAL despite his or her support for abortion in other circumstances. CD 5 voters must ask themselves if they want a Congressman as committed to NARAL’s extreme policies as Mitchell apparently must be.

  3. As someone who’s both a political and financial supporter of NARAL — I’ve been pro-choice since the 1960s (http://www.apogeemag.com/prosepoetry/melissa.html), I am thrilled that my money is going to support a candidate like Harry Mitchell.

  4. Queen of Hearts says

    Richard Grayson,
    That is one messed up story! TMI (too much information)!

  5. Are you planning to blog more on this topic. I would like to learn more.

  6. This is the way things should be, get off what we are on now


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