Harry Mitchell – No Show for Citizens in CD-5

Thank you to all the fine people who showed up today at the office of Democratic Congressman Harry Mitchell in Scottsdale to protest the Obama Healthcare Takeover.

The video is now going up at our YouTube account but in the meantime, here are two sample clips:

If anyone else shot footage of the event today, please post your link in the comments.


  1. kralmajales says

    hahahahahah awful defensive they are now about asking “and who told you to come down here”…”no insurance company”. Hysterical.

    Also, “I don’t trust him”????????!!!!???? And the kicker was his crap about govt when this DUDE is on MEDICARE!!!!!!!

  2. There is an interesting story on “On the Media,” our local New York National Public Radio station, WNYC, saying that the playbook for these protests and the organization mostly behind it is the famous book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, which I vaguely recall reading excerpts from back in the early ’70s. Alinsky, for those who don’t know, was the leader of the community organizing model. He had no hesitation about the left embarrassing public officials and disrupting meetings.

    Apparently some of today’s conservative organizers are admitting they have used Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as a playbook in the tea parties and now in this health care issue.

    You can hear the story on the onthemedia.org website if interested.

  3. Hey Kral:

    As someone who holds up the U.S.Postal Service as a model of cost control efficiency, you don’t have too much room to criticize others!

  4. Donutwarrior says

    Fascinating how lefties decry the tactics they’ve used for years, far more disruprively and occasionally violently. But the real story is, so what, this Obamacare plan is collapsing under its own contradictions and Obamas inability to sell it. When you have no answer attack the messenger. These people know 2+2=4, and since seniors use the bulk of healthcare costs cutting spending means limiting their care. Or it means wildly exploding spending by the government in the absence of cuts. This plan is a total loser and most people know it judging by the polls. No amount of attacking the people by the nitwits running the government is going to save it. And it is disgusting our government would stoop to such a thing. Watch out lefties, people are mad as hell and they are not going to take it.

  5. kralmajales says

    What the hell are the mad at? They aren’t paying more in taxes. They won’t. They might actually be covered after they have lost their JOBS because of Eight years of the party you are PRAISING. What this is appearing to be is hypocritical rich old people that are ON my F’ing dime…telling every bit of us that they don’t want to pay for the same possibility for others.


  6. kralmajales says

    How many of you are on Medicare…if you are you have no right…no right…to talk.

  7. kralmajales says

    Ok…im not sorry to say this but the last woman is completely stupid. She says abortion and euthanasia????? She is an utter fool. An idiot. There is NOTHING in this health plan about that…NOTHING.

    What a joke…

  8. kralmajales says


    You admit on another page that you are 65. Are you, perhaps, retired and on Medicare? If you are…why don’t you shut the hell up and go try and find someone in the private sector to cover your old man ailments. You won’t find anyone…and if you do, you won’t afford it. And guess what…you are on the dole buddy…on the very dole you decry.

    Come on…get with program…you are likely either ON one…or soon to be.

  9. nightcrawler says


    Rapid fire posts, someone has had a bad hair day. I personally don’t condone the yelling and screaming. The Dems would do the same thing about the war during the Bush years. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    One thing you to be aware of is that these folks are not GOP party activists. The majority of these folks are new to politics. I’m not singing the party line, I know it to be true. So the real issue is a ground swell backlash at what appears to be the shadow of big brother lurking above. It isn’t all about the health care, it is about a way of life. This movement is real and has legs, don’t underestimate it.

  10. Does anyone know how the Town Hall meeting with John Shadegg went?
    I arrived at 11 am and there was no room in the inn, just standing space outside.
    So I left and got a haircut instead.
    What did I miss?

  11. I agree…someone had a bad hair day. LOL

    I spoke with many fellow “mobsters” who were there today, and there were Democrats and Independents in the crowd, not just Republicans.

    This rally, in my humble opinion, was America at its BEST, and I was privileged and proud to be among the others.

    Nightcrawler is correct…it isn’t all about healthcare, but a way of life.

    Everyone has a right to speak, especially our elderly who have paid into the system since 1965, and who we all know will be hurt the most by Obamacare. Their medical care will be severely rationed or denied to pay for everyone else, there is no other way around this.

    For the cynics, I invite you to look at countries with socialized medicine…the healthcare is always rationed for the elderly. It works fine if you are young and healthy, but God help you if you develop a chronic illness and/or are elderly.

    I have firsthand experience with socialized medicine in Europe, and believe me, the US does not want to go there. We have had to fly a few relatives from Europe here to the States for surgery because they would have gotten more ill and perhaps died while on the waiting list.

    Also, our seniors not only have Medicare, but a choice of private plans to help fill the gaps that Medicare does not cover, namely the popular Medicare Advantage plan which Obama has already said he wants to eliminate. So, to repeat, our seniors will be hurt the most by Obama’s plan.

    Many people that were there today were not only worried about their healthcare, but also the freedom of choice of their children, grandchildren, and worried their elderly parents healthcare will be rationed.

    We all have a right to speak, and we can agree to disagree, but we should show respect, especially to our elderly who have made enormous sacrifices so they and the rest of us can enjoy freedom…the same freedom that we are worried may be taken away from us if the current administration has its way.

    Horst, I too, had to leave Shadegg’s meeting because I couldn’t get inside, but I heard it was very civil, he was well prepared, he is not voting for a government takeover of healthcare, and is proposing an alternative.

  12. About Shadegg– There’s actually great footage and a raw feed compilation at Channel 3. Shocking I KNOW! Anyway, I stayed and have the sore knee to prove it… lots of good questions and as anyone who listened knows, Rep. Shadegg is honest, forthright, and actively engages the constituents. He can hit the ground running with good information. Here’s the Ch. 3 link- http://www.azfamily.com/video/3tvextra-index.html?nvid=387454

  13. Tucson Vice says


    “I’m here to support against Obamacare”

    They’re as dumb as I have always said they were!! Typos are one thing, but these people are using Palin-speak! Remarkable!!

    And for God’s sake DSW, you had the OPTION of posting that idiot!! Way to personify the stereotypes!!


  14. Tucson Vice says

    As I said, typos are one thing.

  15. Desert Rain says

    “They’re as dumb as I have always said they were!! Typos are one thing, but these people are using Palin-speak! Remarkable!!”

    Hey Tucson, have you heard the thugs from Acorn and their stupid chants when they protest? Talk about stupid….

  16. Annie Hoyle says

    Tucson Vice,
    That is why I LOVE the United States of America! Stupid people can vote too!! (I’m not referring to you, of course!)

  17. Annie Hoyle says

    Oh, and Tucson Vice, “AWSOME”!!! Classic!! Typo, right?!

  18. Annie Hoyle says

    I just saw post 14! YOU are awesome!

  19. David Frum has an interesting set of points here:


    In particular this part:
    “Even worse will be the way this fight is won: basically by convincing older Americans already covered by a government health program, Medicare, that Obama’s reform plans will reduce their coverage. In other words, we’ll have sent a powerful message to the entire political system to avoid at all hazards any tinkering with Medicare except to make it more generous for the already covered.”

  20. Tucson Vice,

    The beauty of these folks is that they were not coached and given talking points. These interviews were done completely on the spot and they were given the opportunity to say what was on their mind and heart. In fact, many of them had NEVER been at a protest in their lives. It was completely spontaneous.

    Regarding Kral’s post in #6 & 7: I did not ask these folks if they were on Medicare and YOU CANNOT honestly say they are yourself. And even if they are, I didn’t ask them to give an assessment of that government program. I’m willing to bet that they think it’s a lousy program too. Regarding the other point on protection of life issues, the bill (HR 3200) doesn’t have to specifically mention the words abortion or euthanasia but most Democratically-written bills are written in a way to avoid volatile buzz words but most policy experts know that practices such as abortion and euthanasia are implied in the spirit of the language.

  21. It was a great turnout and I was impressed with the folks who attended….young and old, middle aged, families, singles.

    The consensus was that the current system needs reform, and tort reform is a good place to start, but that noone wants a government takeover of the entire system.

    All in all, a great day shared by fellow patriots who got together and voiced their opinions in an orderly fashion.

  22. DSW,
    I don’t know about abortion but euthanasia is not implied anywhere. Please post ‘policy experts’ saying otherwise, if you in fact have that information.

  23. kralmajales says

    Every study says that even the strictest of tort reforms would save less than 1%…only 1%…and at what cost? This regulation of the market, which is what it is, would cost millions of peoples ability to collect for rightful damages when some, not all, butcher doctors harm people. And there ARE butcher doctors out there. And some make mistakes.

    So you tort reformers believe that when a loved one is on their operating table and they make a mistake that your loved one should not be compensated for pain, suffering, compensatory damages, and even punished if their behavior recklessly harmed them?

    Hmmmmm see, most of you tort reformers again are buying the insurance companies rhetoric (who are a helluva a lot richer than YOU are) over that of truth. You are siding with the most power and rich (as the Tea party is) over those of the needy.

    What a rebellious group you are!!!!!

  24. Tucson Vice-


    The health care restructuring bill pending in the U .S. House of Representatives, backed by the Obama White House and titled “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” (H.R. 3200),
    contains provisions that will result in federally mandated coverage of abortion on demand in virtually all of America’s health plans. Once abortion is established as a federal “essential benefit,” the bill will also require “access” to elective abortion, which will require many issuers
    to establish and staff new abortion-providing sites. Moreover, state laws that impede “access” to elective abortion (such as waiting periods and parental notification requirements) may be nullified as conflicting with the purposes of the federal law. In addition, the bill will result in the massive subsidization of elective abortion with tax dollars…”

    Read more here: http://www.nrlc.org/AHC/HR3200NRLCfactsheet.pdf

    Get Serious TucsonV, get your Wildcat on as you are, like the rest of the Blue Man Crew, singing talking points. Right-to-life is not just about babies euthanized, but it is also about religious freedom. I am NOT subsidizing abortion with my tax dollars.
    It’s against my religious freedom. I see it as bad as making a black man drink from a fountain outside. Abortion is racist and abjectly Evil, with a capital E. I am already planning on bringing suit if this legislation goes through with these sweeping options and vague loop holes.

    Attorneys, we need your eyes and support. I want to block it all on based on religious freedom. But then that’s Plan B. Luckily, the POTUS Admin’s arrogant Capone Crew are stepping in it, and will mess themselves all up before we get a bill anyway. I hope…

  25. kralmajales says

    Oh…yeah…I believe the National Right to Life Campaign on this one! Right! (no pun intended).

    Where in the bill does it allow abortions to be federally funded…and on demand…as they say it.

    It is more fearmongering and more salvos against the health plan. Great way to rally the right to lifers though.

    Look…the Hyde Amendment is still law.

  26. Rosco P Coltrane says

    We The People understand that health care reform is needed, but not this type of reform being rammed down our throats.

    It’s another bill with hundreds of pages that nobody in congress has read. Just like the Patriot Act, NAFTA, Cap and Tax, and the recent stimulus bill just to name a few.

    In all cases, false or misleading Democratic or Republican talking points are not what will be enforced in the courts or by the thugs of whatever administration is in power. Should it become law, Cap and Tax will be fiercely enforced and expanded by the next Repubilcan administration just as warrantless wiretapping and torture are today.

    Here are some of the more contentious points concerning this healthcare reform bill. As always, do your own research:

    Then get creative and think of all the possible ways our federal government, no matter who’s in charge, will abuse their new power. Because if they can, they will.

    Unless We The People fight back. Which is what seems to be FINALLY happening now.

  27. Tucson Vice says


    Completely spontaneous. Right.

    And please, name one or two of these supposed policy experts that understand euthanasia to be
    implied in the language.

    Sara Palin doesn’t count as a policy expert.

  28. So this group of mouth-breathing flaws is what the GOP spontaneously vomits up in it’s wild flailings? Encouraging, to say the least.

  29. kralmajales says


    Did you know that Cap and Trade is a conservative idea? The idea of marketing polution through tradeable permits IS a conservative idea. It has been adopted because it is a market approach to make people pay for the destruction they do AND it gives companies the flexibility to find their own ways to reduce polution…and even profit from it when they do a better job than others and trade their permits.

    I bet most of you didn’t even know that, did you?

    How do I know? I was once a student of the conservative/libertarian based Center for Public Choice, Institute for Humane Studies, and the Political Economy Research Center that proferred these very ideas during Reagan and Bush one.

    Shocking that cap and trade…shocking.

    Its more proof that most of you are afraid of the boogie man, don’t read or understand the very documents you say that Senators and Congressmen don’t read, and that you would rail against ANYTHING that the President and Congress does without question.

  30. Tucson Vice says


    “Get Serious TucsonV, get your Wildcat on as you are, like the rest of the Blue Man Crew, singing talking points.”

    ^I don’t know what this means.^

    You won’t subsidize abortion but you’re more than happy to subsidize the snakehandlers on the 700 club, right?

    From my perspective, I can’t help but wonder how many victims of rape and incest might have been justifiably subsidized for abortions instead of funding the bigots, liars and simpletons tossing vipers around on the 700 club, praising glory to their imaginary friend up in the sky.

  31. Tucson Vice says



    So what?

  32. Linda Nelson says

    You forget – this guy and his employer paid for his healthcare for roughly 40 years. He’s paid for his healthcare up front and deserves to keep it. He has paid for the right to make his own healthcare choices. Unlike the illigal immigrants who will receive free healthcare through my increased taxes and I don’t get a choice!

  33. Tucson Vice,
    You are a pinhead. You haven’t got a clue about anything. You shouldn’t make fun of people who say stupid things. You live in a glass house. Big govenment means less freedom. You’ll give that up so freely because you know nothing about history. If you did you would not be so glib. Now, stop regurgitating what your college prof. told you to say and educate yourself.

  34. Alicia Gegner says

    Tucson Vice and kralmajales,

    The horrid deathcare bill mandates government access to the bank accounts of each and every one of us, with the ability to suck funds out of it. With a few keystrokes, they could impoverish us all. At the least, a government should not have this kind of control over our lives. If you want this, sign up for it, but leave me out of it. There are MUCH better ways to solve the legitimate problems we do have.

    Your inane name calling and mocking are demeaning to the conversation, and reflect badly on your own intellectual capabliities. It is better to address real issues. He who hits first or calls name admits he has run out of ideas.

  35. Better watch out. We’re the same people who protested in the 60’s, and you’d better believe we do it well!

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