Harry Mitchell is NOT Eric Wnuck


For Immediate Release: December 2, 2009

Harry Mitchell is NOT Eric Wnuck

Scottsdale , AZ —Harry Mitchell flack Seth Scott has taken issue with the introductory video Eric Wnuck 2010 has posted on its website – www.ericwnuck2010.com. Imitating both the memorable “I am Spartacus” from the 1960s, and “I am Tiger Woods” from the 1990s, the ad includes a compilation of Arizonans from CD5 proclaiming they, too, are Eric Wnuck – someone who will speak for them in Congress.


“It’s flattering to be in Harry Mitchell’s crosshairs so far out from the election,” Wnuck stated. “But it’s discouraging to think that Arizonans are going to have to weather twelve months of negativity from the Democrats when there is so much work they should be doing instead.”

For his part, Wnuck said he was flattered by the attention his video had received from Harry Mitchell’s team. However, he said, there was never a time when anyone had considered inviting Harry Mitchell to appear in the video.

“Harry Mitchell is simply not Eric Wnuck,” continued Wnuck. “I believe in putting individuals before government; children before teacher unions; opportunity before bureaucracy; and work before welfare. Those are just a few of the differences that separate me from Harry Mitchell, and just a few of the reasons why voters are eagerly looking for a new voice to represent them in Congress.

“The days of career politicians like Harry Mitchell are numbered. Their year-long campaigns filled with dirty tricks and political games all so they can go back to Washington and placate the special interests while ignoring the needs of their districts will soon be behind us. No, Harry Mitchell is certainly NOT Eric Wnuck.”


  1. I don’t know if everyone else is seeing the same frame grab for the YouTube video, but it’s hilarious.

  2. Also, is today the best day to be using the phrase “I am Tiger Woods” in a press release? We would have gotten it with the Spartacus reference.

    If he had to use a second example – wouldn’t the “I am Joe the Plumber” ad from McCain’s campaign been maybe a better substitute?

  3. Seth Scott says

    I appreciate Eric’s response to my FB page posts. And I particularly appreciate that on today, of all days, he points out that his goal is to “imitate” Tiger Woods. Classic.

  4. He actually said in a press release supposedly written by him that “Harry Mitchell is not Eric Wnuck”?? So he is referring to himself in the third person already?

    Either this guy is that full of himself, he is that dumb, or the press person is that stupid to put that sentence in there and attribute it to him.

    Either way this guy is just a moron and is proving what a joke his campaign is…

    It makes you miss the days from 08 with Laura Knaperick illegally stealing Special Ks symbol and using it as her own…

  5. We need some real candidates out there in CD-5 or Mitchell is going to cruise to another win people…

  6. Seth Scott says

    Eric claims he didn’t plagiarize, but here’s the original “I’m Melissa Bean” ad from 2006:


    Judge for yourself.

  7. Eric is showing that he is a man of the people and that is undoubtedly what we need in District 5.

  8. GOP Jimmy,

    Are you the Wnuck press person who wrote the release making Eric refer to himself in the 3rd person?

    Thats cute you are here defending your mistake and your boss…

  9. Finally, someone who has the you-know-whats to tell it how it is! I’ve been to one of Wnuck’s town hall meetings and he’s actually a normal guy–not some career politician trying to swindle you out of a vote. It’s refreshing.

  10. And by the way Johnny, you seem to be a little suspect yourself with your comment to “GOP Jimmy”. What are you, checking the website every 20 minutes? Who are you working for?!

  11. I’ll tell you what…I have been to his Town Hall meeting and he is sharp. I watch countless people ask him questions and literally spend their time just trying to nail him to the wall. He not only answered these questions but you can tell when someone is being honest or just giving you some staple answer..He gets it. Dismissing him is foolish this early on and I’ll tell you something else…he understands what WE THE PEOPLE are asking our representatives for and is responding with strength and confidence. High Fives to ERIC!! Someone said this the other day and I couldn’t agree more, “I never want to see the word Career and Politician in the same sentence”. “Hackneyed Harrys” time is up and I like that Eric Wnuck willing to stand up for those of us who still believe in America and that a good days work deserves a good days pay…honest and integrity! We need a REAL PERSON to represent us and so Eric can count on me and my husband to vote for him!!!

  12. Fiscal_Hawk says

    Hey Seth, besides schilling for the D’s, and stealing campaign signs with Harry Mitchell, What else do you do for fun????
    Mitchell is done in 2010, he better get on social security asap because his income is going to run dry.

  13. Hank,

    Actually just got home and fooling on my blackberry at work. I like to check SA to kill time.

    If you check all my posts I am not a fan of any of three losers running against Mitchell. We need some real candidates.

    Maybe JD should think about CD-5 again and not running for governor.

  14. Ive been to 2 of Eric’s town halls and Im convinced he’s the man for the job. Finally, we have a down to earth guy not only willing to listen, but willing to do something about it.
    I think you’re mistaken if you think the man is full of himself. Quite the opposite.

  15. Seth Scott says

    Only the truly ignorant would describe a candidate who plagiarizes his ads as “real.”

  16. nightcrawler says

    Wnuck seems like a pretty good dude in the intro. I am ready to hear more about him and what he stands for…then come the Stepford wives and other inert beings on the screen. Intellectually insulting.

    If you are the straight shooter you say you are..just be yourself and lose the lame political window dressing. The general voting public has a limited attention span, don’t waste our time. Tell it like it is and you might get a few votes.

  17. Eric Wnuck!
    Hey! After fifty reps of the name and him at the end, we got name recognition! Not a bad accomplishment for 38 seconds.

    Hmm. Not so dumb a guy after all, despite the desparaging sniffing of the professional whingers.

  18. Harry Mitchell Watch will continue to expose Harry for the liberal he really is. All you need to do is watch what liberal interest groups are donating to his campaign. Harry does not hold the same values of the district (well maybe those of the liberal elitists at ASU indoctrinating your kids) but they are only a minority. Prepare for retirement Harry.

  19. Mitchell is a career politician, he symbolizes everything that is wrong and broken with our current government. 2010 = Retirement

  20. Fiscal_Hawk says

    Seth, it is hard to take a guy serious that has two first names. I looked at the video you were referencing to in IL, you are going out on a limb. For one, her video was terrible! Two, her’s was filled with endorsements and was a TV ad. Three, She is a democrat….. which is probably the worst of the three.

    They say lawyers bend the truth or can argue just about anything…. even aspiring law students. Don’t quite your day job.

    CD5 Republican

  21. With all this talk of “career politicans”, has Erik Wunck said that if elected, he will limit his time in office to X amount of terms, and that he will seek no other office after he limits himself out?

  22. I like how “CD5 Republican” tries to insult Seth, but can’t even spell. If you’re going to try to insult someone, at least learn how to spell. Is this the best you can do? Slinging insults on a blog post without running the grammar/spell check. Soooo sad. Let’s change the topic on this discussion. How about which of these is best for the citizens of Arizona? Wheaties or Lucky Charms? You decide. Please don’t get involved if you can’t spell. Also, if you can’t spell, you should probably be the first in line supporting more educational funding for schools in Arizona.

  23. And some of you wonder why the GOP can’t get out of the starting gate??? is this the best candidate you have to offer?

  24. I’ve been reading this blog for years, and the comments made by the supporters here are all oddly similar.

  25. Slinging insults on a blog post without running the grammar/spell check. Soooo sad. Please don’t get involved if you can’t spell. Also, if you can’t spell, you should probably be the first in line supporting more educational funding for schools in Arizona.
    First thing I’d do is delete all the grammar/spell checkers, unplug the computers and toss them out of schools.
    The computer crutch gives the illusion of spelling competency when it isn’t there.
    It makes crappy language teachers look better than they are by hiding grammar/spelling incompetencies amongst their students which they were TASKED to actually TEACH.
    Think of the MONEY schools would SAVE by not investing in expensive gimmicks.
    Grammar/spell checkers enable blog posters to project an illusion of rhetorical competen … well, no sense in repeating the obvious to such a savvy audience.

  26. Breaking news! Gatorade, Buick and Nike have just dropped their sponsorships of Tiger Woods and are moving their support to Eric Wnuck!

    Uh-oh! Harry Mitchell has announced he will try to block this by joining with Nancy Pelosi to try to kill all the Gatorade, Buick and Nike jobs before they have a chance to support Wnuck. For good measure, Mitchell is redoubling his efforts to make sure the $480 billion in Medicare money is cut for good, making sure anyone who even retired from working for those companies can’t even get health care, much less support Wnuck. “Muuuahahahahaha!!!” said Mitchell, before flying off on the back of Pelosi’s broom.

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