Harry Mitchell Dodges His Liberalism

Hat tip to Harry Mitchell Watch for putting up the latest political ad by conservative Republican, David Schweikert. This ad signifies that the 2010 General Election ad campaign is officially off to a start. Watch as Harry Mitchell runs from a citizen reporter wanting to know if he will follow through with his opposition to the Pelosi-Obama healthcare bill. Harry runs off and as we know, broke his promise and voted for it.


  1. Hats off to harry mitchell watch?!?! Don’t you mean hats off to schweikerts campaign for getting the video up. We all know that harry mitchell watch is run by a friend of schweikerts.

    All this proves is schweikerts is the only candidate in the race as of now. The other 2 jokes. Sadfully schweikert isn’t much to speak of. In a CD where the gop holds a plus 13 voter registration ID he loses by 10!
    I don’t care what kinda year it was for dems this is pathetic. It was a general election with better voter turnout than there will be in 10.
    This should be an easy gop seat but with candidates like schweikert it will continue to be a seat held by harry mitchell.

  2. I think you mean “the reported waited until Harry Mitchell was leaving and then rushed in with a camera”. I’d love to see the footage of this before the “OMG! IT’S HARRY MITCHELL!!!” portion.

    Incidentally, this footage was taken at the Fry’s Supermarket in Scottsdale on 90th St. and Mountain View, at the Goodwill drop-off spot (next to where I get my hair cut for you Klute-stalkers out there).

  3. C’mon Klute – Harry couldn’t spare 45 seconds to quickly respond to a question? Your “what really happened” fantasy is laughable. Harry saw a camera and quickly reached the decision that he didn’t want his words forever captured and made a beeline for the car. He didn’t even offer a lie – “Hey – sorry – no questions – I’m running late.” He ignored his questioner like he has ignored his constituents ever since Obama’s election. The fact that he didn’t even acknowledge the questioner will stick in the minds of voters. I think he’s toast.

  4. “C’mon Klute – Harry couldn’t spare 45 seconds to quickly respond to a question?”

    Because, obviously, that’s all it would have been, right? People don’t rush up to someone with a camera shouting their name just to ask a question.

    And besides, it’s out there for history, now, ain’t it? He voted for the bill… does that answer your question?

    “He ignored his questioner like he has ignored his constituents ever since Obama’s election.”

    No, hasn’t – you’re just not used to a Congressman in CD-5 not barfing back up your agenda. I live in CD-5 and he’s been responding just fine. But don’t worry – if things work out, you’ll have plenty more time to get used to it.

    “The fact that he didn’t even acknowledge the questioner will stick in the minds of voters.”

    Oh, do please run with that, because nothing resonates more with voters than 20 seconds of shaky videocam footage.

    And again, did the person just leap out of the car like a reverse Bo and Luke Duke when they saw Congressman Mitchell on their way to Yo Pauly’s*? How long was the person there – and why were they there? I’m just asking questions…

    “I think he’s toast.”

    We’ll know in 11 months!

  5. The asterik (*) – Yo Pauly’s is in the same complex where the footage was shot, and is probably the best pizza joint in Scottsdale.

  6. They’re running scared – as they should!

  7. Harry ran,

    I would love how you think he is toast? How is schweikert going to beat him? He couldn’t do it before, why will his ideas and campaigning resonate now?

    I would love to see harry out but its not going to happen as long as david schweikert is the candidate coming out of the gop primary.

  8. The GOP needs to find some new candidates….

  9. Steve Calabrese says

    Very strange, to see so many people bashing David Schweikert. Schweikert, a true conservative, also has the (too rare) ability to speak intelligently and persuasively to audiances of Democrats and Independents. He was badly crippled by a six-way primary election in 2008, and Susan Bitter-Smith sure did him no favors. Harry Mitchell, a popular former mayor, still had to outspend Schweikert dramatically (by over a million dollars!) in order to beat him.

    Hopefuly, this time around Schweikert won’t be wounded by Republican infighting. I think the Mitchell machine is scared; they know Mitchell is more vulnerable this time around; their only hope is a repeat of the 2008 election where they get to face a Schweikert once again damaged by infighting within his own party. I really don’t get it; conservative Republicans, moderate Democrats and a lot of Independents seem to actually like Schweikert – especially those who are concerned about the government healthcare takeover – but moderate Republicans seem to have a probelm with him.

    Let’s just hope the party doesn’t shoot itself in the foot again this time around. This is a great chance to get rid of Mitchell; odds are, he won’t be able to raise as much money this time around, and now he’s been shown to have no spine. A lot of Dems out there who tend towards the left on social issues but can still read a balance sheet are encouraged by Schweikert’s accounting background.

  10. Steve Calabrese,

    You really do not see why people are bashing him? He lost by 10 points in a plus 13 GOP district!!

    This is a joke! Who cares if they outspent him by a million, he lost by 10! They didnt even have to spend that cash to win. If you hold on to the Republican support in the district you should get 40% automatically. The fact that he got 3% more overall shows me he is not a viable candidate to win in CD-5 against Mitchell.

    Also you do not know he won’t get crippled by a primary. Baby Killer Susan Bitter-Smith hasn’t ruled out a run, and you know Knaperick loves running against Mitchell and losing so I would not say this is in anyway all the people you will see in a primary.

    This has a really good chance to look like 2008 all over again and it will result in another Mitchell win…

  11. The DCCC spent $1,343,203 to defeat David Schweikert in 2008. Do you seriously think they (DCCC) are going to bail Harry out again in 2010 with that kind of money?

    2010 is a totally different game.
    1st Target of voter anger = Democrats;
    2nd Target of voter anger = incumbents.

    The Independent voter has swung back dramatically to the right.

  12. Thanks for the link over. Our goal is to defeat Harry Mitchell in 2010 and restore the district to conservative values. Help us take back CD-5 by getting involved in this race!

  13. DSW,

    the money given to him by the DCCC was basically what he outspend Schweikert by… and he won by 10 points. When I look at that, I think Harry still wins by 3 or 4 points without that cash.

    So no he won’t get that much again but you have to think he gets at least half that so lets say he gets 650k. Schweikert was such a joke last time why would the NRCC be willing to give Schweikert a lot?

    I just do not see where Schweikert flips more than every 1 in every 10 voters. Especially in a midterm election year.

    Counting the Libertarian candidate 57% voting against Schweikert last time. Thats a lot of people who his message did not resonate with.

    Independents may have swung in some sense but congressional races are very individualized. Looking at Virginia, NJ does not mean what is happening in CD-5…

  14. James Davidson says

    In case you all slept through it, 2008 was a Democrat year, as was 2006. Those things happen. 2002 and 2004 were republican years.

    What do you think 2010 is shaping up to be? Probably not a Democrat year.

    More importantly, why should District 5 return Congressman Mitchell to Washington? The most important issue this year to Arizona and America — bar none — is jobs. Congressman Mitchell has done exactly nothing to foster job creation in the private sector. Zero, sip, zilch, nada. True, the Recovery Act (aka the stimulus bills) has fed money to keep public sector jobs. It has been a drop in the bucket for private sector jobs. When a member of Congress has no record of helping solve the most pressing problem confronting us, he deserves the hook off the stage and out the door.

  15. James,

    In a district that has a plus 13 GOP voter registration ID it shouldn’t matter what kinda year it is. JD lost because of untrue scandals and schweikert lost because he is a bad candidate.

    Congressional races are much more personalized than president and statewide races. Trends are a major factor but in a district that is as red as CD-5 it shouldn’t matter.

    The reason mitchell has won here has been bad candidates who either shoot themselves in the foot like JD or are bad candidates like david.

    We need some new blood in this race.

  16. johnny,

    If David Schweikert was such a bad candidate, how do you explain the fact that he won two county-wide races?

    Mitchell won in 2006 and 2008 because Democrats were energized and almost everyone of them had Harry Mitchell as their teacher.

    Harry Mitchell is not a good congressman. He has been endorsed by every radically liberal fringe group and he continues to vote for their radical liberal agenda.

    The voters won’t put up with it again. Maybe Harry needs to go back to teaching or posing for gaudy statues in downtown Tempe.

  17. James Davidson says


    I agree in part and disagree in part. Trends do matter but having good candidates also matters. In 2006, the tide ran badly against the Republicans, and the Foghorn Leghorn act had grown tiresome. Congressman Mitchell won. In 2008 the tide also ran badly against the Republicans and candidate David Schweikert did not run a good campaign in my opinion. Congressman Mitchell won.

    In 2010, with unemployment over ten percent, what can Congressman Mitchell say he has done to foster job creation in the private sector? As I wrote before, zero, zip, zilch, and nada. You can easily see the political epitaph, Congressman Mitchell lost.

  18. He won county wide races in a republican district in easy races. Just having an R next to his name wins him the race.

    As for 06 and 08 your argument is pretty weak when you think that the district breaks down as basically 40% GOP 33% indy and 27% dem.
    So if mitchell gets ALL the dems that was only half his support in 08! He still got about 65% of indys and and 10% of the gop…

    So blaming this on an energized base when you have a plus 13 voter reg edge is pretty much a joke.

  19. Sorry I said District up there, I mean County. You realize in 06 Kyl won Maricopa county by over 110k votes.

    Now I know Pederson was a joke, but lets pretend he was a good candidate, he still loses it by at least 45-50k. It is a GOP controlled county so lets get real when we talk about countywide races, those wins are not impressive.

  20. “Mitchell won in 2006 and 2008 because Democrats were energized and almost everyone of them had Harry Mitchell as their teacher.”

    I’ll agree that Democrats are probably less energized this cycle, but did Captain Trips kill off the people who had Mitchell as a teacher or something? It’s still a factor.

  21. David? Mitchell? Old news! My money is on Erick Wnuck!!!

  22. I dont think Wnuck has much of a chance if he is going to do stuff like this…

    AZ-05: Mitchell Opponent Eric Wnuck Plagiarizes Mitchell’s Consultants

    A GOP candidate who hopes to replace Rep. Harry Mitchell in Congress has come up with a not-so-smart way to campaign: plagiarize ads — verbatim — from your opponent’s own media consultants.

    Arizona newcomer Eric Wnuck is running in the AZ-05 Republican primary, and earlier today released an I’m-an-everyman-themed Web ad. It features lots of folks saying, “I’m Eric Wnuck,” and attempts to leave viewers with the impression that he’ll a strong voice for all of us in Washington.

    It’s a brilliant idea for an ad. But I liked it much better when I saw it three years ago, when it was aired by Rep. Melissa Bean, D-Ill.

    Wnuck plagiarized his new spot, but not from a random party. Nope. This bright bulb lifted material directly from Mitchell’s own advisers.

    Adelstein Liston, the firm that has produced all of Mitchell’s television spots, also produced the “I’m Melissa Bean” ad that Wnuck loved so much.

    See Wnuck’s plagiarized Web ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCDl1J-Gp_Q

    See Rep. Melissa Bean’s 2006 “I’m Melissa Bean” TV spot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPGRH75UFFY

  23. Fiscal_Hawk says

    Johnny aka Seth Scott, stop being such a child. Why arn’t you posting under your real name? It’s sad when political hacks like yourself do hit pieces on challenger campaigns 10 months out from the election. It’s even worse when you are a coward about it. Better get your big boy pants on Seth, 2010 is going to be a rough year for the D’s (When I say D’s, that means Democrats, not D-bags)

  24. Hahaha fiscal hawk,
    I posted this from a facebook post. I saw it on my “news feed” because eric wnuck was tagged in the post and I am listed as a supporter so I can see the types of things he is doing. I do not know who seth scott is so I reposted it thinking it was an actual press release from a campaign.

    This was my mistake and apologize for it.
    But make no mistake I am not seth scott.You can have SA pull up the ip addresses if you would like. DSW would have already pointed this out if it were true.

  25. Fiscal_Hawk says

    Johnny, Don’t worry, I won’t turn you into the blog authorities. Here is a slap on the wrist… you are free to go son.

  26. angryrightwinghousewife says

    @ “the Klute” setting the record straight, I am a housewife mother of three young children I filmed this footage, I was at Goodwill Harry came there for a short time, I have footage of him speaking outside with angry voters then he gets mad goes in to goodwill hides inside the Goodwill where the public was not allowed in, an hour later he comes hurriedly out the back door to a waiting car , I powered up my camera when I saw him come out so I say to those D.I.D.s posting here don’t make up things that never happened. I turned back on my camera as soon as he came out of hiding. That’s All…

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