Harper files over 1,500 signatures.

State Senator Jack Harper (LD-4) has filed 1,575 signatures for his re-election campaign. His primary opponent, John Zerby, has also filed but we were not able to find a web site or details on him. The winner will face Democrat Robert Boehlke.

Senator Harper easily won both his primary and general election races in 2006. Harper has a strong and consistent record as a social and fiscal conservative and should do well given the conservative nature of district 4.


  1. Jack Harper’s slogan should be:

    “Because remember, a Republican should dictate what the Democratic party does.”

    He’s the kind of guy who probably looks at Picasso’s “Guernica” and laughs. This guy turns my emnity button to 11.

  2. District 4 Resident says

    Jack is my state senator and he does a great job of representing us, not matter what The Klute says.

    He is one of the true conservatives in the state legisture

  3. Yeah, well, you may want to send him a brief on the US Constitution, especially the “equal protection” clause.

  4. Jack Harper is a patriot who walks the walk.

    He is a principled leader who is also a good listener.

    Jack Harper has many accomplishments for his constituents under his belt and many more to come in what looks like a bright future.

    Go Jack Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

  5. Jack certainly had it right coming out early for Huckabee. Republicans would still be excited about the election with Huckabee instead of our democrat-and-a-half nominee.

    Jack certainly does walk the walk when it comes to conservative representation. Consistent and dependable. Nobody ever had to make up a cute name like “maverick” when it comes to Jack Harper. Keep truckin’ Jack!

  6. Uh, Craig, Huchkabee is not a conservative. He frikken favors giving an education to illegal alien children OUR TAX DOLLARS. And IIRC, he had a protectionist bent to some of his ideas. True, small government conservatives are both free-market and anti-tax. He raised taxes in AR. He’s another big government type, just like Bush and McLame and therefore completely unworthy of the moniker “conservative”. Huckabee did not instill fervor in the hearts of true believer conservatives in the primary, nor would he in the general.

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