Guns, Bars & A Blast from the Past

Mark DesimoneRemember this Democrat? This is Mark DeSimone, former Democratic state legislator from legislative district 11 who resigned after being busted for a domestic violence dispute with his wife. Well he’s back in the news again. This time as an example of what’s supposedly wrong with Arizona’s latest law upholding the 2nd Amendment.

Apparently, DeSimone doesn’t like the new law which allows law-abiding citizens to wear their firearm into a bar. DeSimone owns the Hidden House Cocktail Lounge in Phoenix and has posted signs that will NOT allow patrons to carry their firearms into his lounge.

According to the story posted by the Associated Press,

“I hate to have to put them up,” Mark DeSimone, owner of the Hidden House Cocktail Lounge in central Phoenix, said of the signs. “It looks scary. It looks to somebody like, should I go in this place because they obviously have a problem with people bringing weapons in.”

DeSimone has signs banning guns next to his liquor license and outside the bar.

He said every bar owner should be concerned about the possible consequences of allowing anyone into a bar with a gun.

“You don’t want people to even have a stick,” he said. “When I take steak knives out (for customers), I look for the ones that don’t have pointy ends.”

We simply find it deliciously ironic to see someone like DeSimone worry about someone else drinking too much and acting crazy.



  1. Mark DeSimone says

    I thought Arizona law was just fine the way it has been long before you moved here from Jersey. It was always an Arizona tradition that you don’t bring a gun into a bar. And just for the record, how many bars do you own?

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Hey Mark… you said it right “Arizona tradition” and a fine one. It just didn’t need to be a law.

    Besides, and you know this already, the law is for restaurants that also happen to serve mixed drinks – not the neighborhood watering hole.

    You’re just being a pin-head.

  3. VV should read the law again since he clearly does not understand who it applies to.

  4. Annie Hoyle says

    “You don’t want people to even have a stick,” he said. “When I take steak knives out (for customers), I look for the ones that don’t have pointy ends.”

    I can’t stop laughing!

  5. Antifederalist says

    While ironic that DeSimone wants to keep guns out of the hands of potentially drunken patrons, he’s WELL within his rights, as a business owner, to do so. The Second Amendment is not meant to prevent private individuals from running their businesses as they see fit. If a private property owner chooses not to allow firearms on his property, that’s entirely legal. In fact, the Second Amendment isn’t even an issue here. The Second Amendment is a restraint on GOVERNMENT from disarming the citizenry so they’ll have no ability to resist. This is an example of a property owner placing a condition on his services. There’s no government involvement here.

  6. Shane, your post makes it sound like this bad law was passed to stick it to a Democrat rather than somehow “protect” the Second Amendment rights. I know bar owners who don’t like the law or posting the necessary signage to protect their business from gun fetishists. They haven’t done anything to hurt their partners, will that story ever make your ever devolving blog?

  7. If anything DeSimone knows first hand why firearms and an alcohol filled environment might not mix.

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