Guest workers may be in violation of new minimum wage law.

border mtns.jpg      Some people say that we can never secure the border and that a guest worker program is the solution. The idea totally ignores the fact that not everyone who crosses the border is looking for legitimate work. The Arizona Daily Star has an article about a few hapless drug mules who were assaulted as they were carrying their loads north. Several of them were shot and two ended up dead. The survivors made it to a residence just south of the artsy community of Tubac and asked for help. At a location is over 16 miles inside U.S. territory bandits are shooting at campesinos carrying drugs into our country. 

     I know it has been difficult up to this point to get the Governor and AG to do much about the out of control border but perhaps Terry Goddard could open an investigation into whether any part of the new minimum wage law was violated. Certainly he should have them at least on some workplace safety violations. I only mention those crimes because it seems like drug trafficking, assault with a deadly weapon, and murder do not get much attention from our elected officials these days.

Tuesday 1-16-07, 7:25 pm


  1. And we have yet to hear the appropriate protocol for dealing with armed drug dealers by the Border Patrol or National Guard, particularly in light of the conviction of two Border Patrol agents for shooting what was believed to be an armed smuggler (non life-threatening buttocks wound). The illegal is suing the US and the Border Patrol agents are headed to jail.

  2. Nightcrawler says

    Now that is what I call an injustice. What a joke. I heard the smuggler was caught again later trying to bring more drugs across the line. Where is the outrage ! Are there any Senators and/or House Members who have the stones to do something about this.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Yes there are, but there aren’t enough of them… There used to be in the House, but there never were in the Senate…

  4. We should be sure to voice our concern with those who can actually do something about it. It is good to get the word out but we are the choir in this instance.

    A Presidential pardon is appropriate!

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    And send emails or something asking that Mel “Amnesty” Martinez isn’t appointed/elected to the “General Chairman” positon of the RNC. Not only does the position not exist in our bylaws/articles, but it will drive those of us who value secure borders nuts!

  6. Amnesty was tried, it sounded dicey at the time but we did it anyway, and it failed. Now we have 11 million (probably many more) who think if they can just hold out…. we will do it again. In another 20 years, when we have an additional 50 million, they, too will wait on the great proclamation of citizenship.

    Did you know if a child born to American parents, active military stationed overseas, is born in a non-DOD hospital that child is NOT an America citizen and must be naturalized? Yet we have hundreds of anchor-babies with greater rights!

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