Guest Opinion: Travis Grantham for Congress in CD-9

By Sgt. Flapjaw

I had the great opportunity, along with two other “The Patriot’s Corner” blogsters, to have a sit down meeting with Travis Grantham for a no holds barred Q & A.  I will come right out and say that I had been leaning toward supporting Travis but wanted to get down to more detailed and specific answers and perspectives than what one can hear while attending a larger gathering.

Travis, I am convinced, will go to Washington D. C. without the need to make “friends”.  Travis is a genuine Patriot who realizes that our country cannot survive much longer without the efforts of many individuals who are ready and willing to simply do what far too few currently are willing to do.  A career pilot with the Air Force Reserve, recently promoted to the rank of Major, and a very successful businessman, Travis could stay inArizonaand continue to contribute to the economy and our national security without running for congress.  He believes that he can help the too sparse group of real Conservatives in the ongoing efforts to save this Capitalist Free Market System that has worked so well.

The sad fact that we all know is our Government is being run by a cabal of professional talkers, lawyers, and academics who have never had a job.  To them, Marxism is the vehicle to control the population and maintain power.

If I were those Marxists or whichever Political Party member [including Republican], I would fear a new crop of fresh and invigorated Congresspersons that Travis will be part of.  I left the meeting thinking that if the new Congress were made up of true Constitutional Conservatives’ with real life experiences; I would be saying goodbye to many of the institutionalized politicians.  Federal Employees would have their employment packages aligned with private sector packages. There would be no such thing as Continuing Resolutions for the sake of continued spending.  Baseline Budgeting would end, bailouts and subsidies along with the UN and many Federal Departments will disappear.  A great beginning but so much more to do.

If you have not thought of Travis Grantham as your Congressman, or are favoring someone else, you owe it to yourself and your country to give him a look.  Try to attend an event with Travis if you can, and I believe that you will come away impressed and reassured that we can change the course of this great nation.

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  1. Sgt., thanks for your research and posting this piece on Travis Grantham. Your support of him means a lot. I have read his positions on illegal immigration:

    I have the following questions about Mr. Grantham on that issue:

    1. Does he support Arizona SB 1070 and state’s rights to deter illegal aliens with local enforcement?
    2. Does he support the “Dream Act”, or any fascimile?
    3. Given that the country is setting on 20-30 million illegal aliens right now, does he support or not support increasing the number of visas over the limits the U.S. has now?

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says

      Zoo, thanks for asking.
      Travis wants the border closed off to illegals using any and all means necessary to accomplish that task. That would include a fence, moving in the National Guard, and any other means. He supports enforcement of all of our immigration laws and that would include 1070 although I did not ask that question specifically.
      He does favor [after the borders are secured] a visa program that will monitor all non citizen legal immigrants and strict enforcement against all violators, but did not say about any quantity adjustments.
      I do not want to represent any views that I did not specifically take note of however. I came away impressed to the point to where I joined the campaign. We need all of the truley conservative “New Blood” that we can get, and make sure that the people that we support have actually accomplihed something in their lives before they make laws for us.
      The campaign email is; and facebook is; Travis Grantham for congress.
      The staff is very good at getting things done, and I am sure that you can get a satisfactory answer to any question that you have. I did. Contact them and I hope others will as well.

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