Gubernatorial Update: Parker Wins Latest Poll

The Arizona Capitol Times just wrapped up an unofficial online poll of the potential gubernatorial candidates. In the lead with 36% of the vote – Vernon Parker – the Mayor of Paradise Valley. Coming in 2nd place, Arizona State Treasurer, Dean Martin at 28% and trailing Martin, Len Munsil and Governor Jan Brewer both with 9%. Here’s what AZ Policy Wonk has to say.


Question: “Who would you like to see as the Republican nominee for governor in 2010?”

Poll dates: Sept. 9, 2009 – Sept. 21, 2009 

Candidate Votes %
Vernon Parker 298 36.17%
Deab Martin 230 27.91%
Jan Brewer 70 8.50%
Len Munsil 70 8.50%
Jeff Flake 50 6.07%
John Shadegg 35 4.25%
Ken Bennett 27 3.28%
Mary Peters 20 2.43%
John Munger 10 1.21%
Richard Mack 9 1.09%
Robert Graham 5 0.61%
Total Votes 824  

One interesting aspect of the poll is that the Capitol Times used some creative technology to prevent a handful of supporters from hijacking the poll and voting multiple times.

I am curious though why certain names show up on the poll while others do not. Where is JD Hayworth and why is Richard Mack on the lineup? And former Governor Fife Symington (another delicious rematch between Symington and Goddard?) I also find it odd that John Shadegg would show up on a poll for Governor. One would think he is in line for John McCain’s senate seat. And what about all the other 3rd-tier candidates?

Meanwhile, Mayor Vernon Parker is scheduled to make a major announcement on Wednesday September 23rd at the next Politics on the Rocks networking event (announcement at Politico Mafioso/Facebook) preceded by an appearance on KFYI’s JD Hayworth’s show. Could it be the official kickoff of the 2010 gubernatorial campaign?

Arizona Capitol Times continues their poll asking who the Democratic nominee should be.


  1. I have just read Mr. Parker’s web site, specifically his bio.

    I’m a conservative … I’m a registered Independent.

    Would any one of the 297 people that voted for Mr. Parker please explain to me what it is in his bio that qualifies him to be Governor?

    You don’t have to be qualified to run … I just would like to know what it is that qualifies him to BE governor.

    I only see that he has a law degree (no great selling point there), and that he has worked in DC (no great selling point there).


  2. TrueConservative says

    Sounds like another press pawn in the Charles Jensen game.

  3. Why no JD Hayworth, I think he is as likely to run as Shadegg or Flake.

  4. VP for Governor says

    Uhhhh, what do you mean Vernon doesn’t have experience? He’s mayor of a city right now – that’s more executive management experience than Obama had and Obama was running for president. Why don’t you check out his bio before you leave such an ignorant comment –

  5. To Tod above: His qualifications are that he’s a McCain guy and the McCainiacs support him. In Arizona (to McCainiacs at least) those qualifications are sufficient.

    To VP for Governor: Yes, he’s a mayor…..of Paradisse Valley. Now that’s a realistic experience that will prepare one for the challenges of running the Arizona state government (not).

  6. DSW: are you saying that Vernon Parker will announce at a small gathering but not JD Hayworth’s radio show?

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Has no one noticed that this appears to have been an online poll. Could it be that Parker’s supporters got wind of this first and simply voted more than once? Or, phoned others to “vote”?

    Bottom line: this poll means nothing.

  8. You may not choose to vote for Vernon, but no one can argue that he isn’t qualified. He was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as an Assistant Secretary. He served in the first Bush administration as General Counsel to Office of Presidential Personnel and he is a Mayor.

    All that is on his bio form. He’s as qualified as any other Republican in the race.

    Politically, he has the ability to shake this race up in a big way. Goddard beats every other Republican who has been mentioned.

    Vernon Parker is a fresh face with solid credentials and the Party needs that desperately.

  9. I would ask Tod, what are the requirements? Some jobs require a college degree, some require a determined number of years of related work experience. I always hear the question proposed about whether one is qualified or not for a position, without ever hearing anyone lay out what the specific qualifications are.

  10. Keep in mind that this poll was parked on the Arizona Capitol Times website and not The politically astute of Arizona tend to visit this site. With that in mind, I believe it speaks volumes as to who this “universe” thinks should be Governor.

  11. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says

    Since Shane decided to remove his screenshot of the poll out of guilt, you can find it here:

    or here:

  12. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater,

    I’m sorry to embarass you but I do have to give you some disclosure.

    When the poll went up this morning. It was a screenshot of what appeared on the Arizona Capitol Times website. (I use a cool little utility program called “MW Snap” which anyone can download for free.) Needless to say, what you saw on Sonoran Alliance earlier was WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) as it appeared exactly on their site. I did not doctor it at all. ACT’s formatting cast the frontrunner in bold. Also the numbers that appeared on that screenshot were not final.

    I next emailed Ginger Lamb at the Arizona Capitol Times to ask for the final results. She got back to me fairly quickly and also had one of her staffers by the name of Josh Coddington contact me with those final and correct numbers. I then copied those exact numbers into an Excel spreadsheet (for formatting purposes) and then copied that format into the blog in order for it to look cosmetically appealing in addition to being correct. You can do that you know?

    I had to laugh at your next remark about being a “Vernon Parker staffer.” I am not and have never been a paid staffer of Vernon Parker. Whether that was during his time at the Department of Agriculture, as a contractor working for the Small Business Administration, at the church where he pastored, under his current company or even under his mayorship at Paradise Valley.

    You also need to know that Vernon Parker is not an official candidate for Governor. He does not even have an exploratory committee formed. You can check the Secretary of State’s website if you dont believe me. If he paid someone to be a staffer without first filing as a candidate and campaign committee, that would be against Title XVI of the Arizona Revised Statutes and a violation of the Clean Elections laws.

    I am not even a volunteer for the committee because there is NO committee.

    If the Vernon Parker wants to hire me as a political campaign consultant, I would be more than happy to entertain an offer. Heck, I’d be glad to entertain an offer from any conservative candidates! I’m just another starving political consultant!

    One other thing. The poll conducted on Arizona Capitol Times had some new technology built into it that prevented a person from voting more than once. And did you know there is another poll on Phoenix Business Journal?

    And just a reminder. This is a blog – not a newspaper where stories are supposed to be written unbiased. So we get to say whatever is on our mind under the First Amendment and if you don’t like it, you can comment (as you did), don’t read what we write, or go start your own blog somewhere else.

  13. Veritas Vincit says

    So the margin between Dean and Vernon was 8.26% and netting out the MOE you get a horse race.

    But as DSW pointed out, the poll responders were ‘insiders’ and not JohnQ Public where name recognition and fund-raising count more than insider opinion.

    This gives Dean the edge (at this point).

  14. By the way, I’ve never been to a single Politics on the Rocks or Republican Professionals event. As much as I appreciate the young energetic conservative crowds at these gatherings, I have a family to take care of and I would tend not to spend money on alcohol at these types of events. I may attend the Wednesday event and if I do will probably spend my money on a beer or coke. And I don’t own an Acura! I prefer Toyotas as in Land Cruisers! (TMI)

  15. I wouldn’t hold a lack of “experience” against him both Janet & Jan had a lot of experience and look where we’re at now.

  16. TrueConservative says

    Funny I know a few so called 30K millionaires who attend those networking events and hit on ladies and drive Buicks and Kias…Yet they sure try to leave the impression they drive fancy Beamers and Mercedes…in order to score with the ladies LOL!! They pose in pictures with politicians to make them look important but we all know they are just wannabes..don’t we?? Or am I the only one who can see right through them? The only reason why a lot of these “losers” are jumping on the Vernon bandwagon is because he is the new fresh thing and he makes them feel important, they would jump on board with any politician that would make them feel that way.

  17. Goodyear GOP says

    I voted for Martin in the poll. On my screen, Dean Martin’s name and percentages were in bold, not the guy who had the most votes. It bolded the vote I cast. Although frankly, I don’t care if DSW did vote for Parker. No one is claiming its scientific. Parker has a big PR firm generating buzz for him, so doing well in an online poll is an indication that they’re doing good work for him, nothing more.

    I think the telling number is Brewer’s. She doesn’t look to be getting any love from anybody right now.

  18. Goodyear GOP,

    That’s very interesting about your vote. I stand corrected then. Apparently, the technology was caching the IP and associating it with the vote and then formating it in bold. I have to wonder if an anonymizer would have thwarted any IP tracking?

    Incidentally, here is the latest results on the Phoenix Business Journal poll:

    Phoenix Business Journal Poll

  19. There is another Candidate for AZ Governor who wasn’t even mentioned, his name is Hugh Kealer
    Where did he rank?

  20. I’ve been to a couple of the POR events. I enjoy catching up with folks I don’t see as often as I would like and to meet new people. Yes, there are the young $30K millionaires ready to pose for whatever it is that comes their way. I see the same people at other events, doing the same thing. They know someone, have some inside connection…no matter how big or small…and perceive themselves as also being “an insider”. Lots of attitude, little aptitude. Time will tell.

    I see the similar thing in older folks at other political events and meetings. Certain personality types just like being, or being seen with, the Big Man (or Woman) On Campus. They like to be the big stick, the bully, the strong arm, the know-it-all. Always with a reason others are wrong, skeptical of anyone new or different, more destructive than anything else, ready to throw darts and call names at the drop of a hat. They are sure to lay claim to anything good in the party, by their skewed standard, and ready to skewer anyone who might pose a threat to their position of perceived power.

    I think the former are just the latter in the making.

  21. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says

    Shane, glad you decided not to approve my post with a technologically advanced fancy “WYSIWYG” screenshot of your original post. I guess it was too incriminating.

    I’m a physician, not a detective, but as a loving father of 7, I know dishonesty when I hear/read it. A lot of us have crushes… It’s part of growing up. I’m glad that your first is at least dreamy enough to be mayor of PV.

    Enjoy the beer, and if I see you there, you can have one on the Noisewaters.

  22. Horst – I had never heard of Hugh Kealer so I checked out his website. In all seriousness, if you are a friend of his tell him he needs a different photograph. The head shot makes him look very menacing which I don’t think is how he is looking to come across.

  23. Those are the republican choices… I literally can not stop laughing…


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