Greg Patterson’s predictions are sometimes way off the mark

By WithAnOpinion

Greg Patterson of The Espresso Pundit is one of Arizona’s most talented bloggers. His posts are fun to read and his analysis is usually insightful. He likes to make big predictions, and sometimes his predictions are correct, a fact he doesn’t hesitate to remind his readers of.

However, sometimes Patterson’s predictions are dramatically wrong. In fact, sometimes Patterson’s predictions end up being so far off the mark that readers might conclude Patterson drank a little to much espresso before sitting down to write.

One Patterson prediction gone bad regarded box office returns for the blockbuster film Avatar. Patterson offered a political analysis of why audiences would shun the movie because of its liberal, anti-American undertones.

Patterson posted on his blog: “Sure, the buzz and novelty will bring Avatar $200 million but since the movie cost $500 million to produce and market it’s going to have to actually have an enjoyable plot to move into the black…Maybe I’m wrong and Avatar will make $2 billion, but I don’t think so…”

So how far off the mark was Patterson’s Avatar prediction? In just 27 days since its opening, the movie has brought in a mind-boggling $1.4 billion dollars.

Not only that, it crossed the $1 billion mark more quickly than any film in history. It’s currently the fifth highest-grossing film of all time domestically, and still rising.

Patterson’s prediction may well turn out to be wrong by a factor of ten or twenty. Oops.

Patterson deserves credit for making bold predictions, and his blog remains a must-read for Arizona political junkies. Readers just need to keep in mind that Greg Patterson’s predictions are sometimes way off the mark.


  1. Of all things to attack Greg on for his wrong predictions you pick the Avatar movie…

    Not sure why this is being written now, he does things like this all the time. It makes the blog worth reading.

  2. I know why it’s being written now and why the headline read as it did…

  3. Only one blog predicted some people would throw up due to an oddity of the special effects and no one predicted some people would get morose and suicidal after watching AVATAR.
    But, AVATAR is a fictional movie, none of it matters, even the ticket sales. No one died in AVATAR, despite the mega battle scenes and illusion of destruction. All the blood was fake, not even 3-D. But thousands and thousands of real people have died in Haiti. What’s phony disaster when the real thing is at our door?
    WHo cares if someon gets it wrong regarding fantasy? How’re the real life calls going?

  4. Who cares about a Left Coast production of any ilk? Let those who wish to fantasize do so.

    If we all liked the same things it would sure be a boring world, wouldn’t it?

    Agree with Mr. Patterson or not, at least he has the intestinal fortitude to put his thoughts in front of folks and to sign his name to them…..

  5. ………………..
    Hollywood Says:
    January 15th, 2010 at 7:56 am
    at least he has the intestinal fortitude to put his thoughts in front of folks and to sign his name to them…..
    If one runs his or own blog, then naturally, using one’s name is approporiate and expected, unless one is say, zombie, who would be evicerated by the “War is Not the ANSWER/Give Peace a Chance” crowd in San Fransciso/Berkeley in order to shut zombie’s fact-finding and inconvenient photo essays down.
    Now one can’t really run for political OFFICE under a pseudonymn. That’d be ridiculous. But blog comments sections? It is the comments and ideas that merit the attention, not the persons.
    Nothing to do with any fortitude or lack of it.
    One blog commentator had his name, home address, phone number, license plate of his car thrown on a comments thread simply because he out debated another commentator and that one got pissed and wanted to hurt him personally. An evening on-line debate! In the commments section? The guy had to drop his work, his life to rush to change all his personal PRIVATE contact to protect his home life. How pathetic nasty obsessive does one have to be to lash out like that?
    One blogger had a commentator threaten him thru his KIDS becuase she didn’t agree with the blogger’s political opinions.
    It’s not “intestinal fortuitude” it’s being prudent.

  6. Well, if his predictions are only “sometimes off the mark” then it sounds like he’s above average. I do think he’s way off about the BOS culpability, but that’s ok.

  7. Sweet bro I agree!! also I found a place where you can watch it online which is way nice.

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