Grassroots & Tea Partiers Ponder Life After Pullen

Facing the potential loss of Randy Pullen as Arizona Republican State Party Chairman, conservative and tea party leaders have begun discussion over who should succeed the man who gave them a seat at the table over the last four years.  So far, only three names have come up as potential replacements and each is a devoted McCain follower – Marty Hermanson, Vernon Parker, and Phil Townsend.  Oddly, in spite of their common allegiance to Team McCain, each is being urged forward by a different faction within that group, but none of them have any ties to any part of the conservative/tea party alliance that kept Pullen in office.  Parker has strong ties to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a popular voice within both movements, but he is tightly tied to Nathan Sproul who remains anathema to the same groups.  As such, none of the three has any real support within the conservative grassroots and a conservative consensus candidate is being looked for.  Two names that have come up early and often are Don Goldwater and Senate President Russell Pearce.  Each has a statewide network of support, has conservative bona fides, and could garner the endorsement of most of the big names from the right-wing of the party.  What is clear from the early conversations is that a candidate will be agreed upon and rallied around early, so that the conservative vote is not split, and the Republican Party in Arizona will remain under conservative leadership.


  1. Love Russell, but as President of the Senate he already has a lot on his plate. Cannot support anyone in the McCain camp, too much of the same old crap. I can and will support Don if he choses to run.

  2. JumpingThruHoops says

    I can get behind Vernon Parker as a compromise. I too love Russell, but feel the weight of his plate.

  3. Marty Hermanson a McCain follower? I doubt it. Where was that information gathered at?

  4. Won't be Russell says

    It won’t be Russell as he, like Pullen, lost his election as a State Committeeman.

  5. Won’t be Russell,

    I hope that’s not true. But if it is, I’m even more angry with the McCain faction of the State Republican Party. I do think that Russell Pearce could handle (or could have handled – if you’re right) the pressure of being the State Party Chairman.

    If you’re right, then it’s now time to draft Don Goldwater or Randy Graf for the job.

  6. Goodyear GOP says

    As I understand it, it is not a complicated thing for either Pullen or Pearce to be appointed as a State Committeeman, their lack of election notwithstanding. In fact, Pullen could actually appoint Pearce if we wanted. If so, Chairman Pearce sounds awesome to me.

  7. Goodyear-

    I hope that you’re right. I don’t know the rules. Maybe, we’ll have another election to Arizona Republican Party Chairman going straight to the courts like 4 years ago.

    Down with Lisa James!

  8. And I didn’t mean that last part of my comment to mean that I’m down with Lisa James. I mean that I want Lisa James & the other liberal money RINO elites to be brought down.

    Those lib RINO elites have no business running a political party when they don’t even agree with its platform.

  9. BREAKING! John Munger is back in the hunt as is Yavapai County Chairman, Malcolm Barrett.

  10. RINO HUNTER says

    I understand that in Maricopa County, elected officials cannot be Party officers. Is that also true of State Officers? I ask because that would have pre-cluded Russell Pearce from being a State Party Officer. I haven’t read the AZ GOP Bylaws yet. I will by Noon!

  11. BarnStormer7 says

    Russell Pearce will not have the time to be Senate President and state party chairman.

    Let’s remember that the chairman has to be financially set because all the trips to the RNC and other places come out of his pocket (the party has no great pool of money and has not in many years).

    It is unlikely that any chairman coming in will be able for break out the pots of larger donation money that is controlled by the McCain-Kyl-Shaddegg-Flake network and the various local “big name” lobby & consulting groups. They don’t want candidates who are outside their cookie cutter mold.

    Don Goldwater is too far right and cannot raise money. He has a great last name, but it lacks the muscle to push this together.

    Hermanson has one large piece of baggage – he now oversees a county that has become the first that Independents now out-number R or D registrations. What kind of success story is that? He might try to lay claim to ousting Rebecca Rios, the most attractive Dem on the other side, but that was really due to the Tea Party and others. Hermanson has Chris Derose waiting in wings to take over Brett Mecum’s $60K a year job. Derose got tossed out of the last state convention for trying to vote proxies that were not signed over to him.

    Parker presents an interesting scenario. He was really dist’d by the great dysfunctional LD 11 crowd in the CD3 who has the most money and best family name wins all race. He would have a hard time bringing in money, too, because the state party is really an office that tries to fulfill a huge agenda blocked by a bunch of “private parties” holding the coffee and cookie times secretely to vote “their candidates” – and screw what the voters want in a primary. Frankly, if I were Parker, I’d walk.

    We’d be just as well off electing Phil Gordon to lead the place at this rate – at least we know he will honestly and openingly be out to destroy us all, not the cancer from within and guessing where the next tumor of name callers is coming from.

  12. Elmer Bringleson says

    Could someone tell me
    What was different about the way the Haney crowd did in Bob Fanin when he was State Party Chairman? You live by the rules you play!

  13. Elmer:

    Fear not!

    Once more, the “Open Borders” & cheap labor crowd will be in charge!

    Bob Fanin, Mac Magruder and Glenn Hamer can form a new triumvirate!

    McKyl has come through!

  14. Prediction – Randy Pullen is re-elected by a landslide.

  15. Not sure if McCain’s health will hold up for the duration of his final term. Not wishing ill health on him, but just don’t see him as one of those persons who keeps rolling through his eighties or nineties. His imprisonment probably shortens his life. Expect that before long, he’ll slow down and won’t be able to push his “re-make us in the minority image again” power(less) grab. Sooner than you think, he may be on the sidelines and irrelevant. But regardless, power swings both ways. And the conservatives will merely regroup, recruit great PCs and conquer again. It’s harder to hold onto the crown than to win it back. Among younger Republicans in the state, there are more conservatives than than liberals.

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