Grassroots Level of Arizona Republican Party Reminds Legislative Leadership of GOP Priorities

Arizona Republican Party

Legislative Leadership Elections on November 7th Must Reflect Republican Values

PHOENIX – Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey issued the following statement after leaders of the Maricopa, Pinal, Gila and Navajo County Republican party committees recently passed resolutions reminding Republican officeholders to elect leaders who support key Republican principles.

“While our recent efforts statewide have been focused entirely on electing Republicans to office, it is readily apparent that the grassroots level of our Republican Party also strongly desires to ensure that our legislators, once elected, also choose leaders who will uphold Republican principles. As Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, I understand and am giving voice to the sentiments expressed by our county committees. Our Republican legislators should consider the significant contribution that Republicans at the grassroots level make to our party in tomorrow’s leadership elections. The grassroots of our party — including thousands of precinct committeemen, volunteers, and donors — are the core strength of our organization. For us to be successful as a whole all of our members must remain dedicated to upholding our platform, maintaining our integrity, and recognizing the expressed desires of the people we represent. We, who are entrusted with public office, must never lose sight of the fact that we serve those who elected us, and not vice versa.”



  1. Ladies and gentlemen, the worst Chairman in Arizona history! Tom, after being asleep at the switch in redistricting, failing to do even the most basic duties of a state party on the grassroots level, and not being able to raise enough money to keep the lights on and water running, I am fascinated by your thoughts on duty.

    The only Republican the AZGOP has helped this year is Dick Morris. Don’t go away mad Tom, just go away.

    • Spoken like a true RINO.

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says

      Me thinks that you may be hitting Tom a bit hard on the redisrtricting. The Governor is the one who had the hammer and refused to use it until it was too late, no courage there]. As a matter of fact there were plenty of people who sat on their hands and watched while the ghost of the mustachioed Jannet Napolitano worked us over. I was told by one of my House Reps. that “They had a plan and are waiting to spring it”, but I never saw one materialize.
      The fiasco of a convention was as bad as anything that I have ever witnessed, all who were involved should be embarrassed and more than one head should have rolled.
      It has been historically correct that the State Party was financially challenged, at least the past resent history and I did see Tom working the fund raising circuit from day one. I was always led to believe that our two Senators, who are always awash in money, do not assist [some say intentionally hinder] fund raising. They do very little in assisting in fund raising, thus I believe they have suffered a lack of grass roots PC support. Power struggles are so inconvenient.
      Now I am not endorsing Tom at this point, I want to see who steps up first, but all of our problems should not be rested on Tom’s shoulders, me thinks.

  2. Giovanni Machiavelli says

    Five counties now representing over 70% of the Republican grassroots and the state party are now behind a leadership change. Can you say tsunami? Only arrogant fools ignore the will of the people.

    • Christie in 2016 says

      Giovanni – The Maricopa County doesn’t represent the grassrotes or the PC base. In fact it was a joke how the county meeting went down. Our current leadership was put on trial but not given the opportunity to present their side. It wasn’t a trial, it was facism at it’s finest.

      The county leadership has zero pull in my LD or any other LD from what the PC’s i talk to say.

      Morrisey’s days are numbered as well.

  3. Jill Arizona says

    After this year’s GOP State Convention, I will never again donate to the AZ GOP. Morrissey must go!

  4. Jill, don’t worry no one else will either if this guy is re-elected. So things won’t change much.

  5. Seriously, here is what we need to do. We need to pass a constitutional amendment to make the legislature meet from 7:00 P.M. till 11:00 P.M. , on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from January 15th till December 15th. That will allow normal people who don’t do politics for living to server. I am a liberal democrat. If implemented, I am figuring that the makeup of the legislature will change from 60–40 to 80–20 in favor of the Republicans.
    The difference is that moderate republicans, and moderate democrats, who have real jobs, will end up serving in the legislature. That will put an end to a lot of the trash bills that the current legislature (who don’t have real jobs) put up, and never get passed (because, the governor does’t dare sign them into law).

    We need change, and the best change that I can see is to allow more people to run for public office and server, and the easiest way to do that is to move the legislative sessions to nights, enabling those of us with good day jobs and common sense to serve.

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says

      You mentioned moderate Democrats. That shows arrogance on your part. There ain’t no such thing as a moderate democrat, you know it and so does the rest of the country.
      By the way, I thought we just did have change….again.

    • Jobs in Phoenix, maybe. What about those who hold jobs in Tucson, Sierra Vista, etc? How would that work for them?

  6. Pierce and Tobin must go! With a little help from them maybe Ortiz and Antenori might have been elected. But no, they used campaign funds at their disposal against Republicans in the primary who might not vote for them.

    • Christie in 2016 says

      Didn’t we pull off 3-4 house and senate wins in dem leaning districts where these $’s were spent? I love Antenori but he had no chance if the voter turnout was decent.

      At least Pierce and Tobin DID something about it. Raised the money and spent it on MANY candidates. Unlike what the state or county party did…for anyone not named Russell Pearce.

      • As usual, Christie, you missed the point. Pierce and Tobin only gave money to candidates they thought would vote for them.

  7. RussellPearceWatch says

    Ortiz was not electable (too much baggage) and Antenori not electable (Democrat district). Why waste good money on either of them? It would have been throwing money away. And the state Republican party had to be bailed out by the RNC $32,000. No one in State or County can raise much money. Ask Pearce. He knows how hard it has been lately to raise money.

    • Ortiz lost by less than a thousand votes. The Libertarian candidate got almost two thousand votes. This race could have gone Republican if Pierce had put some money into it and sent out some helpful messages.

      Antenori’s race was more problematic since he lost by a more substantial margin mostly because he was being targeted by outside groups with a lot of money in addition to the registration difference. Even so, if Pierce had done one mail piece promoting Antenori and another attacking his opponent as well as put out some negative robo calls on the Democrat, it might have made a difference. Even if it didn’t cause Antenori to win, it would have caused multiple times that amount of money to be sucked into the race from Democrat PACs which they would not be able to spend against other GOP candidates. Spending the money in this race would have been appropriate; spending it on a Republican primary was definitely not.

      Pierce was using the GOP Caucus PAC money to run for Senate President – not to get Republican senate candidates elected.

      • So you are actually advocating for negative campaigning? Classy.

        • Negative campaigning works. Plus there is nothing wrong with pointing out deficiencies a person has for being a good public servant. Negative does not have to be slimy. Accurate statements about an opposition candidate’s record or views on political or policy issues is legitimate. Attacks on character are within bounds if they cast doubt on the person’s integrity or basic character that impact suitability for office and trust constituents would have in the person. Accurately portraying an opposition candidate – even in a dramatic way in order to make the point – is a way of giving voters additional information to help them make a sound decision.

          Nasty, misleading, personal attacks and lies are not legitimate or classy, but that is not what I was calling for.

          Sometimes part of the message is telling what is wrong with the other guy as well as saying what is right about your guy.

    • Congrats to new Senate President Andy Biggs. AMF Steve Pierce. You will not be missed as senate president. Pierce’s SVF spent $75K against Republican John Fillmore in LD16 in the primary to oust him in favor of carpetbagger Rich Crandall (see ). Crandall has confided to friends he now lives in Sandy, UT).[Attorney General Horne please note]. That money should have been used as it was originally intended, to support Republican candidates against Dems in general elections.

  8. Looks like the House member ignored the will of the grassroots and elected Tobin. The Senate did elect Biggs but many senators still voted for Pierce. It’s clear they don’t care about anything except the next election. Let’s help them to stop worrying. With FIVE counties and even the State Party Chair making the grassroots will known, it’s time for consequences in the next election.

    The five counties are Pinal, Maricopa, Navajo, Gila and Santa Cruz!

    • I know it’s a secret ballot, but can we get names based on publicly stated positions of the representatives?

    • Christie in 2016 says

      what a crock. the counties made their own private intentions known. The MCRP does NOT represent the LD’s in Maricopa. Just look at who voted no on this silly resolution and look at who questioned it. This was a joke of a resolution without giving the defendents even an option to speak.

      Bottom line, Haney doesn’t represent the party as a whole in Maricopa nor does HE represent the majority of PC’s.

      • Haney was overwhelmingly elected by the Maricopa County PC’s to do exactly that, represent them. Maricopa County was just one of FIVE counties to support this kind of resolution. The State Party chair, again, ELECTED to represent all of Arizona, also supports the grassroots.

        Here is a start from the senate vote. Now we know who listens to the grassroots and who doesn’t

        Biggs: Melvin, Griffin, Murphy, Ward, Shooter, Yee, Burges, Crandell

        Pierce: McComish, Driggs, Yarbrough, Reagan, Barto, Worsley, Crandall

        • What a surprise. The Mormon amnesty for illegals cabal of Worsley, Crandall and Driggs wanted Pierce. I wonder why?

  9. We have the Senate names and we are waiting for the House.

    • Giovanni Machiavelli says

      The house names are known.

      • Giovanni Machiavelli says

        Smith: Kwasman, Seel, Montenegro, Gowan, Stevens

        Tobin: The spineless horde

        Since the Pinal Committee press release said they met in the whole and the PCs passed their resolution to support Smith unanimously, I wonder how Pratt and Shope go back and face them now and ask for their support in 2014?

        • Did Smith only get 6 votes? Are there others who won’t say how they voted to prevent Tobin backlash?

          Spineless Republican elected officials are often more responsible for problems than even Democrats.

  10. Tom Morrissey issued this press release? Morrissey issues what the “former” AZGOP Director of Operations tells him to issue.

    Actions speak louder than words. Note the May 12 AZGOP State Convention fiasco featuring crooked ballots to elect Nathan Sproul candidates for National Delegate. We learned what our nanny AZGOP staff really thinks of grassroots Arizona conservatives last May 12. The winning candidate for our next AZGOP Chairman will have to swear to clean house.

    How about it Graham? Do you promise to clean house and restore the integrity lost by this gang of incompetents?

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